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  1. Hi Everyone, I am trying to figure this out. Should this adapter be straight or slightly angled? According to Ford illustrations they are straight. However, I have also seen the angled ones. Can someone provide me an inside and outside air cleaner image of this on their BOSS? Thanks
  2. Thanks for replying. I really don't want to throw names. Just wondering
  3. Can someone provide me with the carburetor tag numbers on a 72 Boss HO. I don't believe the parts book had a listing. As usual I could be wrong. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have seen a few Boss 351 distributors come on eBay. For us older guys is this live or memorex ? For the younger guys are these legit? Thanks!
  5. Hi, looking for a legit Boss351 distributor. Thanks!
  6. Hi, someone previously has supplied a link to this discussion. However, just like items in my shop they hide or disappear at a inconvenient time. Thanks!
  7. One more item. Noise travels. If this is an automatic I would first check torque converter bolts. I could share lots of engine and transmission stories I fixed but then I would reveal my age. Old
  8. Hi, yes unfortunately off comes the pan. Obviously besides a visual inspection I would remove some rod caps and take a look. Yes, it would be best to find nothing but at this stage you want an answer.
  9. Thank you Chris for providing 2 great photos.
  10. Working on my Boss which I painted back in 81. I never did install my hood bumpers on the hood lock mount bracket. Can someone send a close up side image? I cannot see the use of leveler 384669-S2. Is the threaded hood bumper retained on the top side by a nut and under the saddle with a washer and nut? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, unfortunately that is what I thought
  12. Thanks for the reply's! Could certainly be wrong, but I don't think these sites sell rolls of wire, or by the ft. I can contact them Monday. Has anyone found reproduction 90 degree solenoid rubber plug terminals besides black?
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