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  1. Hi Everyone, I am trying to figure this out. Should this adapter be straight or slightly angled? According to Ford illustrations they are straight. However, I have also seen the angled ones. Can someone provide me an inside and outside air cleaner image of this on their BOSS? Thanks
  2. Thanks for replying. I really don't want to throw names. Just wondering
  3. Can someone provide me with the carburetor tag numbers on a 72 Boss HO. I don't believe the parts book had a listing. As usual I could be wrong. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have seen a few Boss 351 distributors come on eBay. For us older guys is this live or memorex ? For the younger guys are these legit? Thanks!
  5. Hi, looking for a legit Boss351 distributor. Thanks!
  6. Hi, someone previously has supplied a link to this discussion. However, just like items in my shop they hide or disappear at a inconvenient time. Thanks!
  7. One more item. Noise travels. If this is an automatic I would first check torque converter bolts. I could share lots of engine and transmission stories I fixed but then I would reveal my age. Old
  8. Hi, yes unfortunately off comes the pan. Obviously besides a visual inspection I would remove some rod caps and take a look. Yes, it would be best to find nothing but at this stage you want an answer.
  9. Thank you Chris for providing 2 great photos.
  10. Working on my Boss which I painted back in 81. I never did install my hood bumpers on the hood lock mount bracket. Can someone send a close up side image? I cannot see the use of leveler 384669-S2. Is the threaded hood bumper retained on the top side by a nut and under the saddle with a washer and nut? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, unfortunately that is what I thought
  12. Thanks for the reply's! Could certainly be wrong, but I don't think these sites sell rolls of wire, or by the ft. I can contact them Monday. Has anyone found reproduction 90 degree solenoid rubber plug terminals besides black?
  13. Hi, Has anyone found a vendor who sells rolls of wire that was used when a harness was made? Examples, green with red tracer, red with green tracer, red with blue tracer etc. Thanks
  14. Sent an inquiry to store
  15. Thanks guys for replying. Yes, I have the Ford illustration book. Unfortunately that insert has no reference number. Rio is correct and his statement makes sense. Thanks for the video I figured that was the case. Rio are we looking at 357227?
  16. Yes, I didn't see it. It is not in the Ford illustrations book.
  17. I was looking at the replacement apron for a 71-73 and I see there is no insert in the square hole within the horse shoe shaped location. How does the bracket get mounted? Ford illustrations provide no clue
  18. Thanks for replying. Let me know
  19. Thanks, for replying. Yes, you would think that would be the case. However, the opening measures 7/16th by 11/16th scant. The leveler measures 7/8th by 1 3/8th. Just for clarification this receives the threaded hood bumper.
  20. Help! Referring to the image this cannot be right. Mounting the tee nut as shown prevents the bracket for the hood pin mount to not sit flush with radiator saddle. How does the hood levelers get mounted?
  21. Thanks guys, Midlife, does anyone reproduce these leads in various colored ends?
  22. Looking for D1ZZ-9A758-H non reproduction accelerator cable. Pin type
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