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  1. They don't fit now I need to send them Back. suck
  2. Hears what I did to my 73, I put a 514 inch 530 torque engine, Aluminum Heads very important to lighten the car, C6 transmission 11inch converter and shift kit, 3.50:1 posi traction, 10 inch wide tires, put the car on a diet got it down to 3100 pounds. ran easy upper 12s. 73 mustang are easy to lighten up just change the front bumper Crites sales fiberglass bumpers, get a fiberglass hood, Aluminum radiator, C6 transmission is lighter than FMX.
  3. I have had 2 sets of ceramic coated headers and the coating always gets messed up within a year. I don't drive much, just car shows, joy rides. I was going to get my header re coated but it cost like 250$ - 300$ to coat them then they will bubble peal again. I found some SS shorty header on Ebay for less then the price to plate the old headers. I'm going to give them a try.
  4. Put a 460 and don't look back! I love mine, Easy swap, call a store on the internet their name is Crites they sell engine mounts and information needed to do the swap. It's not cheep like header, intake, and carb on a 302. 302s are nice motors to build inexpensive 350-400 HP but with twice the money you can have a mild built 460 and get an easy 450-500 HP. My Big Block has lots of aluminum total car weight is 3000 LB, I auto crossed it at Cruisin for a cure and did just as good against all the small blocks. Also ET 1/4 mile in 12s.
  5. Chip Foose is a great custom builder and has great ideas. The Mustang MACH FOOSE is awesome and is a work of art. Chip works hard on his project too. I would love to have a MACH FOOSE only if I could work on it along with him! Mine would have a big block, more of an original interior, gotta have 15'' wide tires rear and 12' front autocross style. to each his own. Peace out.
  6. Hi I searched but did not find, I am interested in a coil over rear suspension for my 73 mach 1. But I need to see a road test on a road track. Comparisons of old school suspension up grades and then the see test with TCP setup. Pros and cons? Thanks
  7. Hi hope you had some luck finding wheels, but if you have not yet. Try the Wheel Smith, there located in Corona CA. the number is 800-854-8937. I got some steel wheels made there a few year back 15X10" for the back and 8" in the front. they will make the wheel any way you need them.
  8. Kurt, do you have any info concering the conversion of that blue Boss car? The reason I ask is because there are photos of the Boss 302 motor residing under the hood of a blue 302 car at one time, and I have an email from a Ford engineer stating that he drove the Blue car in Michigan on the proving grounds and that he believed that car was later crushed. But, I also don't remember a black spoiler on that particular car, as depicted in the photo you posted. I can see the decal changes, though. And, the exhaust cutouts are still covered in the rear valance in your posted photo ! Must be the same car? Would be neat to track some of this info down. I keep hoping someone will have photos from the 1970 Las Vegas Show at the LV Convention Center in or around August of 1970 where my car was displayed. That was the first year the LVCC was open. I see that Big Block MACH is from Huntington Beach, where my car was originally sold at Wilson Ford. Interesting. I'm looking for a Wilson Ford license plate frame. I'll look for a Wilson Ford license plate frame at the next Long Beach swap meet in nNovember.
  9. Yes, I intend to lift up the whole center section. I've thought about doing that. I need to use a deep air cleaner just to fit my engine under the hood. I feel like my MACH needs more air. It runs great but you know how it is more air more better. Mine MACH is just a 514in. big carb engine. Thanks for showing us how to chop the hood open. "Impressive"
  10. A lost Boss 302 71 mustang is it for real? A few years back well a lot of years back in the early 70s I saw the blue Boss 302. Back in the day every thing was hot rods, every parking lot was a car show. In SoCal the biggest Cruz street ever was Whittier Blvd. I remember every thing from then. I wish I had pictures. But I remember a 302 Boss 71 mustang that to this day didn't believe that it really exist. Until I read all of this about the lost 71 Boss 302s. I was a young teenager then my girlfriends older sister was dating the guy who had the boss 302. Thats all I know to this day, sister broke up with guy, and that was it. I never thought that, that car was for real until now. I thought I remembered it wrong that the car was a Boss 351 because I never saw another one ever again. Be leave me I looked for another one. I did talk to the guy about his car because I didn't think a 302 was that great at that time, I'm talking about the 70s when there was hipo 327, 350s, the occasional hemi, the most beautiful 429 SCJ. So he showed me what that engine was all about and did an awesome 4 speed burnout out of the parking lot. After that I was a be leaver in the power of the Boss.
  11. Yes ! I have. Thanks that is really cool.
  12. Wow info on the original Gone in 60 second is so righteous. But just like Dirty Harry, It was only Clint Eastwood not really Dirty Harry who said, Do you fell lucky well do you punk? So that being said. No disrespect to the move Gone in 60 seconds over facts to what Eleanor was made from a 71-72 or pieces of 73 mustangs. Eleanor was a fictional character named Eleanor a 73 mustang and somewhere in the world I saw something that said it had a 429 in it. And so on, The 2000 version of Gone in 60 seconds Eleanor was a 67 Fast back not a GT500 and GT 500s never looked like that from the factory ether. Its a movie for fun so lets have fun with it.
  13. Has any one dropped a Boss 429 in a 71-73 mustang yet?
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