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    1973 Mach 1, 351 cleveland cobra jet engine. Gold glow, ginger interior. Long tube headers. completely rebuilt engine. Forged piston, roller rockers. lifters. Comp cams. Edelbrook carb and intake. Trush mufflers stainless steele custom exhaust. Added air conditioning, SSBC disc brakes. Rebuilt transmittion. pretty much anything you can do and a BUNCH of body work, functional not cosmetic.


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    nova scotia, canada
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  1. Thanks for the info. The less you have to replace, the better. Also, it is more of a stock look.
  2. It has a mild shift kit, I was actually thinking about changing out the shifter. Mine is the original and it is a little worn and sloppy. Any suggestions?
  3. I had a set installed on my car, I highly recommend it. It stiffened the chassis up and made a real difference on the handling. .
  4. Thank you for responding so quickly. The Gear Bender was the exact one I was looking at. I am waiting to see if the exchange rate becomes more favourable before I order too many new Shiney things. ?
  5. Hello all. I haven't posted anything for a bit. My apologies that it is a question. I am considering adding a gear splitter in order to gain an overdrive. I have the original C6 transmission. The transmission was rebuilt in 2009, but then had a refresh in 2014. I attended the 50th and wanted to make sure everything went well. Any thoughts
  6. Congratulations. The car looks awesome. I am looking forward to reading about it.
  7. The FITECH unit is the one I am the most interested in. You will have to let me know how the installation goes. Did you choose to change your fuel pump as well, or are you going to use the adapter that goes in engine campartment?
  8. So I am considering switching out my carburetor for a fuel injection system. I was wondering if anyone has done that.
  9. This will be the second time I have changed the distributor cap, so three in total overy 6 years. She is a fair weather ride too, so not a lot of miles on the speedometer. I was thinking of changing to a direct injection system so I will need to research something more reliable.
  10. That turned out to the problem. We replaced the control module , reset the timing ( this took a couple of tries) a know it is running. I have to say that I am not really impressed with M.S.D. I have had to change the distributor cap once already.
  11. I have the M.S.D. distributor and ignition coil, but nothing else.
  12. Hello all. I haven't posted in awhile. But here it goes. I have a 1973 with a 351 Cleveland. The engine was pulled and rebuilt 6 years ago and has ran well. Now she won't start. I changed the distributor cab and the ignition coil. It is an MSD. distributor and ignition coil. I have the distributor out because there is an electronic controller that is being replaced.. I want to know if anyone has had a similar problem. The car has been down for almost two weeks and it is doing me a little crazy. :-/:-/
  13. We are leaving North Carolina tomorrow. Heading for Ontario then home. Got to take a spin on the track today. yeehaw!!!!! Thank you
  14. It was nice to put a face to a car. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. There was one of our club members from Nova Scotia running the track yesterday and he was having the time of his life. Steve Prewitt just emailed me we are good to go........ :rolleyes::rolleyes: looking forward to seeing everyone!! I was able to see mustang68's car, but unfortunately you weren't with your car. I actually spent most of the time checking out vendors and the swap meet. Also, some friends from our club had there car on the track, so we spent the morning in the pit area with them. Very cool. Your car is stunning, excellent job.
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