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  1. 1972 Mustang Sprint coupe, 302 2V auto, runs good, driver quality. $6,800
  2. I’m not home, there are photos in the ad I posted in “the parts YOU are selling “ on page 4.
  3. ive got one in the Sprint coupe parts car , don’t know the condition and I would have to sell it with the map light. You can make a offer. Worst I can say is no.
  4. So sorry for the loss of Mustang Sally, beautiful tribute. I join the other members of the Mustang community in honoring her .
  5. I have one, located outside of Nashville Tennessee
  6. I noticed them but got distracted with car talk. I was wondering why you had Michigan plates on a NC car.
  7. Welcome, nice car. Where in Tennessee? I’m outside of Nashville.
  8. Welcome, nice ride. It looks like someone converted the bumper, probably grille and stripes to 71-72 style.
  9. Beautiful car, I know those cars are rare in that condition and not inexpensive.
  10. How many made , like 8 ? I count like 4 including the green one on this site. Pretty cool 😎
  11. Does he know what happened to the original car ? Still would be great to have.
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