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  1. I always thought that Boss engines came with screw in freeze plugs. It would be easy to check if true. Nice car btw
  2. Looks awesome, red/black is a great combination 👍
  3. Been to Summit in Akron and in Georgia. Just bought something last week and it arrived on time.👍
  4. He should be good, I sold him a set off my parts car.
  5. PayPal would be great, just PM me where to send the money once you get shipping information, thx Joe
  6. I wish I could have bought that 72 Lime vert 😩so nice as is most of your cars.
  7. Marti would be nice to see but one look at the door sticker would confirm if it was a true Sprint. There are no traces of Sprint package left on this car except grill. To put it back to stock you would have to redo the entire car.
  8. Have owned a few pairs never had any “curling “ issues. Pricey but I like them in my DD.
  9. Thanks for the input, keep your eyes peeled for future classified ad.

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