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  1. Cool car. Does it still have the white vinyl top ?
  2. Did you find it in Indiana? I saw a 72 R code for sale there a few years ago. Congrats on the purchase.
  3. Beautiful car. Did the p.o. add Ram Air then take it back off ? If I’m correct RA wasn’t available on 4V cars.
  4. Nice car, did you color change it? Might be a issue if looking for stock color. Gold Glow is a popular color nowadays.
  5. I’m betting it’s the cowl , hopefully minor.
  6. You have found the Frank Cone GT, do a search for this “rare “ car. It’s been a source of comedy on this site for years.
  7. Looks like a good score, if the hood is good, they are getting hard to find. Cool license plate too.
  8. Nice ride, Sherman has some nice inventory...congratulations. Did you get a Marti report? It would be interesting to see it.
  9. I used Phoenix Graphics for my Sprint hood stripes, came out great
  10. Fingers crossed that your carb nightmare is over..thx for the update.
  11. I’m not home, there are photos in the ad I posted in “the parts YOU are selling “ on page 4.
  12. ive got one in the Sprint coupe parts car , don’t know the condition and I would have to sell it with the map light. You can make a offer. Worst I can say is no.
  13. So sorry for the loss of Mustang Sally, beautiful tribute. I join the other members of the Mustang community in honoring her .
  14. I have one, located outside of Nashville Tennessee
  15. I noticed them but got distracted with car talk. I was wondering why you had Michigan plates on a NC car.
  16. Welcome, nice car. Where in Tennessee? I’m outside of Nashville.
  17. Welcome, nice ride. It looks like someone converted the bumper, probably grille and stripes to 71-72 style.
  18. Beautiful car, I know those cars are rare in that condition and not inexpensive.
  19. How many made , like 8 ? I count like 4 including the green one on this site. Pretty cool 😎
  20. Does he know what happened to the original car ? Still would be great to have.
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