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  1. I don’t know what are today’s prices for 50’s cars but if you like you can adopt me and leave the 73 Mach knowing that it will be appreciated and taken care of. I just bought another Sprint Sportsroof from a guy in his fifties that didn’t leave it to his 19 year old son. My father was a great man but was not a muscle car guy so I had to buy my own. I would have been so happy if he left me a cool car to remember him. No matter what car you have there is someone out there that would love to have it, good luck with sale.
  2. Newly acquired need to restore back to stock.
  3. Browsing local Craigslist found new project, since I have a Sprint parts car figured I might as well use my parts. PO had this car since 1988.0
  4. Glad it made it relatively unharmed 👍All that previous experience with greeny going to come in handy. Congratulations
  5. Grew up downriver know the area very well. North of Monroe roughly puts you in Newport or Gibraltar. I have a friend that lives by the metro park. In the past I have done downriver cruise in June, next time I’ll keep a eye out for your Cougar, not many of those around. Last time I cruised downriver I saw a Sprint sportsroof, rare sight.
  6. Would it not be cheaper to widen your back rims or get two new rims with custom offset than four new wheels and tires ?
  7. Based on your post, I’m guessing you are downriver or Monroe area. Looks like a great starting point. 👍
  8. Glad she is not hurt, this is a case of more is better. Usually bigger wins, don’t know what the other vehicle was but probably looked worse. Hope insurance takes care of it appropriately.
  9. I’ve got one but not home to send pics
  10. I have a Q-jet that needs to be rebuilt, I hope it goes well. Will be interested in your experience.
  11. Welcome, car looks awesome 👏
  12. Prices seem to be on par with Mach 1, I have on rare occasions seen nice Sprints go for a little less than Nice Mach 1.
  13. I’m sure it will look great when done but I would have driven it the way it was for a while, welcome to the club.
  14. I think I got one on my parts car, just need to make sure it works. I will check this week.
  15. Sad......and the keyboard jockeys can’t tell a 71 from a 73 based on the comments section.
  16. I always thought that Boss engines came with screw in freeze plugs. It would be easy to check if true. Nice car btw
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