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  1. thanks for the info. Ive been on that Sprint site, that's how i found this site. There was a post on it. Nice vert, how did u score a 1 of 50 car? Do u know where I can get Spint seat covers?
  2. When I bought my car it had been sitting for a few years. It wont turn over when I hit the key. I replaced the starter and selonoid but still nothing. I figure its in the wiring. Any other ideas? Also when I turn the key its stiff. Not sure why.
  3. ::welcome:: from a fellow newbie in middle Tenn.
  4. Welcome....i am new member also. Looks like a solid car to start with. You have a sportsroof which is fordspeak for "fastback". The motor is a 351 2v Cleveland based on the "H" in the VIN. Hope this helps a little. What are your plans for the car?
  5. ya i dont have a good cam and my car is probably the roughest one i have seen on this site. Its not very photogenic at this point.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. Dont have many pics, need to get a dig cam or I-phone but here is a pic from when I got it. The history of the car from the P.O is he was the third owner and bought it from his in-laws who lived in east Tenn. I think he said the car was sold new in Louisville DSO. I will be ordering the Marti report soon so will have more details then. From what i can see the car looks pretty orig, dont see any mods and the well worn paint looks mostly orig too. Car is a H-code 351 2V auto. Car was parked, dont know how long. I bought it in Springfield, Tenn. let me know if your in the area. Car show must be inside, right? Maybe i can check it out.
  7. Newbie from outside of Nashville, TN. I just found this site from a posting on another board. I've got a 1972 Mustang Sprint Sportsroof that i bought a year ago that needs a total restoration. Getting ready to tear it down so I will be on here alot for info...Joe
  8. Welcome from a fellow newbie. Nice stang. I now live in TN but grew up in downriver. We used to cruise "the park" in Trenton back in the day.
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