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  1. Welcome , nice car . I’m originally from downriver and cruised (raced) Telegraph back in the 80-90’s
  2. No flying insects in AZ ? What about if you decide to wash car ?
  3. I would recommend you check out Detroit Speed in N.C., they make nice suspension parts. They don’t have parts 71-73 specific but have built several 70 Mustangs so you could probably adapt to work. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  4. Thanks for your reply- I am referring to the dealer installed units that are hung inside under the dash Only factory underdash A/C I’ve seen was in 65-66 Stangs. Good luck on your search and remember seeing your car when it was for sale, beautiful ::thumb::
  5. If the back seat was like that, what did they have in the trunk? 70’s Caddy’s had huge trunks for sure. :chin:
  6. Paid $1.45 this morning in middle Tennessee.
  7. I’m afraid if you bought the car , you might find the dead p.o. under all that trash
  8. Did you call the police and was the other driver cited ?
  9. Don’t know a lot about the difference between US and Mexican built cars but i believe 351 W and Dana rear axle are a few of them.
  10. Hate to see all your hard work on the car like that. As others have said glad you are good. Let us know what parts you need. I started to part out a Sprint coupe. It has a nice grille with sport lamps.
  11. I wondered what that car had to do with the one for sale :chin:
  12. Cool car and paint job is impressive, nowadays it would be a wrap.
  13. Anyone watch the TV show a few years ago...Last man on Earth ? It based on a virus the kills almost everyone on earth and what happens to the people that survive. Pretty crazy
  14. Are coupe and sportsroof the same ? If so I might have one .
  15. You can also see cowl from inside the car if you remove the glove box.
  16. Light pewter, that’s what I meant :whistling:
  17. WHAT COLOR IS THE WHITE? iS THAT WIMBELDON WHITE? I like it!! That car is metallic silver or silver metallic
  18. Called a few months ago for blue lambeth but they said they didn’t have any.
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