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  1. Wow—definitely family first. Best of luck and prayers for your wife and baby. The car will wait. I know this from experience, come see all my unfinished projects and then look at my kids’ race cars that are completed/ongoing race prep....and their massive pile of trophies. We’ve made a jillion memories Soap Box Derby racing all over the United States, and I wouldn’t trade any of those memories for the time I gave up on my own stuff. Prayers!
  2. Big news on my project—it’s shiny! Monday was paint day. I got up at 5:30am and called AAA because I had “car trouble”. The tow truck showed up and hauled the car to work for me. I got there early and moved everything into place and started my final prep work. Then I got the best gift I could ever ask for in this project. My co-worker Frank who runs the training center was going to help me! Frank is a fantastic painter and super highly skilled, so this was a major bonus. Frank did the tricky bits of masking, questioned a few setup issues and led me to better decisions, and made some pr
  3. Yes, I have one. Depending on the amp draw of your new accessory, if it is low I would recommend you use the yellow/black wire going to the premium sound system. It is easy to access and will provide the 12v switched source you need. Good luck!
  4. As I stripped the paint from my ‘72, I noticed issues. Some was paint, some was tape striping. The lower body blackout was not consistently comprised of paint, some of it (or maybe all of it originally) was tape. The lower body portion was all paint, but the 1/4” stripe itself was tape. Is this what everyone else has experienced? Uhhh, asking for a friend... LOL
  5. For Timachone...pictures! First, the air compressor is fixed. I bought a direct replacement pump. Not what I wanted to do ideally, but with my time constraint it got the job done so I could continue with the car project. I really wanted to upgrade the pump to something that would move a bit more air and cool better, but its working again and wasn’t a major project so it fit my needs for now. Today I re-primered the front bumper and finished sanding the fenders and the deck lid. This is the first time I have used dry guide coat during a painting project—I can’t believe how much it has
  6. Good news, bad news update. The good news is I am in the process of sanding with 500 grit and only a few panels to go. The bad news, my air compressor pump seized up today. I was able to finish spraying primer on the bumper, but only the small amount of primer I had mixed in the gun and not the full build I was after. I have less than a month until ‘booth day’ and I am losing one week to go see my parents and one week for business travel in that time. This gives me two full weekends—It is going to be close by the time I get the compressor sorted. I did order a new pump today, I really wa
  7. I did a hydraulic release bearing on my ‘69 and retained my power brakes. Make sure you size the hydraulic clutch master properly or have a bellcrank setup for the clutch or you will have a very hard pedal. The release bearing was difficult to bleed, I ended up reverse bleeding it (forced the fluid backwards) to get it going, then did a normal bleed.
  8. This is what I believe they were referring to for scotch brite. They also come in very-very fine, but I don’t have the part number handy for that one.
  9. Been a while since I updated, but work has been continuing. The trunk came into focus and I went to work. There were a few spots on one side that had pinholes, so I dropped the tank and cut the metal out and welded new in. I worked the welds and the floor so it was smooth and you couldn’t see the repair areas, then lots of cleaning and sanding ensued. Then more cleaning and sanding. Then more. Finally today I primered it all, sprayed some white/clear where it needed to be, then sprayed the area to be splatter painted with dark gray followed by splatter paint. The dark gray allowed the co
  10. I spent a bit of time last weekend replacing the fuel pressure gauge on my ‘96 Cobra. The mechanical gauge broke quite some time ago, so I am installing an electric gauge. I have everything in place except the switched power lead. Anyone with experience under the dash or hood of a SN95 working on electrical have a good hookup location for my gauge? There is a fuse box under the hood by the battery, but it seems most items are constant hot. I need switched hot, so I think I have to go under the dash.
  11. Wow, seems a well optioned car. Looks pretty cold out there for my taste, be safe!
  12. I always used a bit of gasket sealer and the gasket to hold it for the second or two of trying to stick in into place. I will have to look for these tabs and such, didn’t know they existed.
  13. If it is a ‘95, then it certainly would have been a 302W. Did the WC T5 start use in ‘95 or in ‘96? I thought ‘96 for Mustang use. Hope it all works out!
  14. The 96 GT had a 4.6 2V, not a Windsor. 1995 was the last year of the Windsor motor in Mustangs. Does the 4.6 have the same bellhousing bolt pattern as a 289/302/351? If so, I never would have expected that.
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