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  1. I’m glad you mentioned it—I had forgotten that actually. Was it sprayed on or brushed? The bottom of my hood is black now, it probably wouldn’t be correct but maybe I just protect the current blackout at the back of the hood as I jamb in the rest of it. That or I re-apply it. Pictures of a good example would be hugely helpful. UPDATE: I just found pictures of the hood underside blackout on the 429 site under Paint Info.
  2. I have a Tsunami commercial filtration and desiccant system. So it is a pretty decent air supply. I do realize I am pushing my luck painting in my driveway—I am keeping the projects small and quick...and time them when the witch that lives next door is out of town for the weekend. I also thought Wimbledon White shifted to gray, but the pictures I keep pulling up show a yellow hue. I would be elated with a gray shift.
  3. I am really struggling with this. My wife said move forward with it, but I think I just hate it.
  4. These bumpers are rigid by comparison to modern plastic bumper covers. If you hit it hard enough that it needs flex additive you have probably caused more damage than just the paint.
  5. I looked through the 429 site and the photos are just too blurry to see. What is the correct finish of the fender bolts under the hood? Painted or phosphate & oil or ?? Thank you.
  6. I found this clip inside one of the doors for my ‘72. It is a little larger than a quarter. What is it for? I am guessing the latch, but not sure where it would go there.
  7. So does my color look right? I expected a brighter/cleaner white.
  8. Sprayed the door jambs today. Looks yellow to me. Is this right? Mixed Wimbledon White, but...
  9. This is an interesting thread. On my ‘69, I have done a rack and pinion conversion. The pump is noisy when trying to turn the wheels at a standstill while hot, but cold or while rolling, everything is fine. If you rev it a bit while hot it turns without the groan. I was wondering if that was a combination of wide tires and lower viscosity of the fluid. The manufacturer told me I need to put a filter in the line as ‘there must be dirt in the fluid’. Not sure how, everything was absolutely new, but OK.
  10. After all the prep work you have done on that engine bay, don’t skip on paint. Do a proper paint job with catalyzed products. Spray can looks ok, but it isn’t very durable. Salt air goes right through if you live by an ocean as I found out. Also it is not very chemical resistant, fuel can wash it off in most situations.
  11. Finished the prep and repairs on the rear body and epoxy primered it today. Had to make a patch for the big rust spot—I really like working on California metal.
  12. If I never sand another door jamb in my life, that will be fine. I spent over 6 hours today sanding door jambs and the trunk jamb. The sad part...there is still more to do. I need to pull some of the interior and the rear quarter glass/roof rail molding trim to be able to finish the job. At least the worst is behind me. The main problem I have now is where to store parts. I’ve snuck a few things in the house, not sure how much more of that I can get away with. Maybe if I wrap them in Christmas paper and put them under the tree...From Santa, to Dave?
  13. Has anyone tried a plating kit like the Eastwood Tin Zinc electroplating kit? I am looking for an option for sprucing up my door strikers, trunk stricker, etc. Has anyone tried it and did it work, how big of parts were you able to do, i.e. would it work on things like the trunk latch, door latches, etc.
  14. I did get the troublesome taillight out. After several soaks of penetrant spray, I put a ratcheting wrench on the nut, then held the threaded area with vice grips as suggested and got them loose. Of course the threads were screwed so there was no way the nut was coming off, but by luck the slack provided allowed the clip to release from the tail light panel. Just thought a follow up would be appreciated.
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