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  1. The 96 GT had a 4.6 2V, not a Windsor. 1995 was the last year of the Windsor motor in Mustangs. Does the 4.6 have the same bellhousing bolt pattern as a 289/302/351? If so, I never would have expected that.
  2. My Dad shipped a set of Cleveland heads to me—he built wood crates exactly as described above. From Arkansas to California was $60 or $65 each crate. Not cheap, but they made it safely. He used rigid foam around them from some appliance he had bought, but I like the idea of expanding foam as described above. If I had to do it again, I think I’d just buy aftermarket aluminum.
  3. It’s been a month or two, but I am pretty sure I pulled my weather strips out from the top and inserted them from the top. I just had to work the edge over on the bottom side once it was in that far. I can’t image trying to install and remove from the bottom—there is a big chuck of rubber on the top that seems like it would make that impossible to do.
  4. WTF is wrong with the police not charging the guy! That really sucks, but I am glad to hear you were able to get some recovery on the frame through warranty. It’s pretty easy to spend $2,500 and up on a bike these days, in fact, anything under $2,500 wouldn’t.be worth owning from my perspective (I am a Mountain biker). Whoa, I got off topic.... Lay the hood on the driveway and park a wheel of your car in the middle, take a picture. Done!
  5. A lot of great work accomplished—well done. That is a lot of metal to replace! The 3.50 gears would be great with a TKO500 or 600. In my ‘69 I went with 3.70s and a TK6 and I can cruise at 80mph with the engine relaxing. If I remember correctly there are a few different OD ratios available, I went for the numerically lower ratio.
  6. Congratulations—sure wish I could be part of the meet-up. Unfortunately if I am able to travel I have lots of other things I have to make up for lost time with. Mostly seeing my aging parents. Enjoy the show, sounds like a fantastic car to represent our hobby.
  7. I must be running low on steam, not much progress this weekend. I blocked the drivers side fender, installed the door latches and strikers, then I started to do what I thought was a final block on the top side of the hood. I realized I would never be happy with it the way it was, so I sanded it down to metal and set to filling the center section about 20” from the rear edge all the way to the rear edge. Apparently someone had gone Bo Duke on the hood at one point in its past. I realize it would have been hidden by matte black (you couldn’t see it before I started...but I could feel it), but I would know it wasn’t right. After application of filler and a few coats of glaze, it is ready to re-prime. I also started sanding the front bumper and now realize that is going to be a project unto itself trying to make it look perfect. My last issue was internet surfing. I found this image (green door picture) and noticed the tire label is on the door. Mine was on the quarter jamb, not the door. What is correct? Check out the part number on my tire sticker—it doesn’t exist per the vendors catalogs of what’s available to purchase.
  8. Interesting, I spent some time looking for the foam (and was planning to order it). I would have thought the 3M strip caulk was too rigid to compress properly. Maybe let it sit in the sun a bit prior to installation on an unusually warm day?
  9. Your work and tenacity as always is amazing. I don’t think I have the same level of patience, but I am trying. Yours is a gift! I am curious about the hole in the cowl/firewall that is visible here. It appears to be in the drivers fender well, but I don’t think there is supposed to be a hole there.
  10. Not much progress this weekend. I did get the hood reinstalled and lined up. Then I worked on increasing the gap on the front bumper—it is a consistent 1/8” all the way on both sides. Then I pulled one of the fenders off and started blocking it. I need to do the other fender then I can re-prime them. I did manage to access some boxes stored up high around my lift and do some digging—there were some interesting Mustang treasures up there. I wish they were easier to get to so I could properly dig and sort. In other news, my 16 year old son earned his Brown-Black belt. He really had to earn it—he got punched square on in the face and has a black eye from some of the testing. My other son turned 18, so between Karate and birthday stuff, not much Mustang time. I’ll get it next weekend!
  11. You went this far—I think it is worth going forward. I think it looks interesting and is kind of cool to see something different than the NACA hood.
  12. Wow—hard to imagine that brazen of activity, but I guess the guy was on drugs. The red on red ‘65 convertible looks exactly like my first restoration, sold it at Barrett Jackson back in the mid-90’s.
  13. I didn’t realize they were self tapping—thanks for that info David. I sure knew they were a pain in the a... Well you know what I mean, hard to remove and to install. Never broken one though—yet, knock on wood. I had my two teenage boys help with door installation and alignment. I have never had helpers before, it was awesome. I also use a floor jack well padded at the balance point of the door, so my helpers just had to steady and shift the door while I fought with hinge bolts.
  14. I will call you to discuss. I have a big order I am putting together that should get me most everything I need, I will just get it all going at once. Thanks for the reply!
  15. Glad the stakes are high. I made a bet with my sister many years ago about who would get married first. Neither of us had prospects at the time, then she moved to Australia. A bit over a year later she and her new husband bootlegged a case of beer from Australia to settle up. Good luck!
  16. If you are talking about the rubber seal that is on the front edge of the quarter glass that seals to the door glass, I just did this a couple of weeks ago. I started out like your question saying, “hmm, how do you do this”. As an experiment I grabbed the seal on one of the windows and tugged it upwards and it quickly slid right out. Too easy I thought to myself. So I set about trying to install the new seal. Not as easy, but easier than I ever expected. I used a little Windex as lubricant in the channel. I was done with both of them in less than 15 minutes. Sorry I did not take any video or pictures. The trickiest bit was getting the part to bend and fit in at the bottom and that just took some careful maneuvering.
  17. My car is missing the plug or cover that goes in the center. Is it a rubber plug or a metal cover? If it is the metal cover, is it the same cover used in the floor pans so I can order one? I found this picture as I was researching threads for info on the proper color. That makes it look like a metal cover. The reason I ask about a rubber plug is I saw a comment on rubber plug kits that they include three of the large oval plugs and figured maybe one was for this purpose. My floor pan doesn’t appear to have screw holes, so the rubber plug made more sense too. Thanks for any help.
  18. As much new metal as you are putting in, sand blasting may be a waste of money and time anyway. Not sure what is going on with the engine bay, maybe it needs a cleanup blast. What a project! Best of luck and keep going!
  19. Don, I was looking for upholstery tonight and noticed this option was not available. Upholstery full set, Mach 1, Black with White inserts. Any chance it could be ordered? Thanks!
  20. Wow, the end result is fantastic. I love the color. I thought my car had a lot of layers of paint, you deserve some sort of award for sanding through 93 layers. Great work!
  21. For the underside, I am calling it good. It certainly is not perfect, I had a Bee land on the very back of the hood and take a hike before I noticed and rescued him and the hood. I can’t imagine trying to buff the bottom side without burning through. Just thinking about trying makes my skin crawl a bit. I spent a lot of time on my cleaning process and very carefully watch the wind forecast before painting. Our wind patterns generally are very calm early in the morning and grow through the day. For the topside/body of the car, different story—that certainly won’t get sprayed in a driveway or my garage!
  22. Be careful with cam selection. If the lift is sufficiently high and you do not change valve springs, you can get spring coil bind and have lots of bent pushrods...an no oil pressure...don’t ask how I figured that out, but I was only 19 at the time. I have to wonder why you have a bent pushrod now?
  23. Thanks Don, mine actually wasn’t originally black—it was white. It was on the hood 10 years ago when I painted the hood black. I couldn’t get the clip out then and didn’t want to break it, so I painted over it. I knew someday it would be done properly, and so it goes, I had to break it to paint the hood the correct color. The white one you posted is the exact clip. In the application of placing under hood—am I correct it is intended to hold the windshield washer hose? Thanks everyone!
  24. I looked all over the National Parts Depot website trying to find this clip. I have seen the same clip on several years of Mustangs I have owned in places like the trunk and under hood. This pictured clip happens to be off the bottom of my hood at the back. I think it was used to somehow attach the windshield washer hoses, but on my ‘69 it was used to retain a wire for the trunk lid light. This clip pictured is broken—it is missing the V-shaped or arrow shaped clips that retain it when pressed into a hole. Any idea what part number, what its technical name is, or a link to purchase?
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