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  1. Very nice work! I had considered just taking half the top cover off to access the rusty side on my car as you did, I may just do that now after seeing yours.
  2. Well, I took the picture of my '69, but have not taken the dash apart yet on the '72 to compare. I just don't want 2 cars inop at the same time. Once my '69 is running and driveable again, the '72 is going under the knife for cowl repair, body and paint. Attached is a photo of the underside of a '69 cowl from my '69 Mach. Comparing to the topside photos I see here, the firewall appears much closer on the '69 so there would be less metal to work with to replace the rusty part on the '71-73. Also, the '69 looks dead flat. So, I am now certain I am going to go the route of the HVAC fabricated part. Either that or make my own.
  3. I put a Want to Buy ad in another part of this forum for a cowl for my '72 Mach with a rusty cowl. It actually turned into a thread with some pictures. One of the other members went to a furnace duct company who fabricated a part for him he was able to use. It looked like a real nice fabrication and would certainly be enough for me to move forward. I had considered buying an earlier one (69-70) cowl and cutting to fit like you suggest. I took pictures of the bottom of my 69's cowl just to compare once the dash is apart on my 72. However, I think I am going to just go the complete fabricated route for mine. Cheaper and just as good. As for someone like Dynacorn making cowls for our cars, like you said--forgotten child in a nasty divorce. Probably isn't going to happen. Good luck on your project.
  4. What a list! I was on page 5 before I found the Diamonds are Forever car--was starting to wonder. That website sure has a big list! The Funny Car Summer photos reminded me of a pic I need to upload here--I found a body for one in Modesto a few years back.
  5. Have any interior shots? Looks like there is a ton of parts there. Hate to see it go as a parts car though.
  6. No matter what the car came with originally, I would be looking for an original AM/FM stereo. My '73 had an AM in it when I got it. The tunes were pretty pathetic until I found a factory style AM/FM to install. You certainly aren't going to hurt the value of the car by doing that.
  7. Still dealing with that disease myself--8 years with it actually. But, progress is being made and the car should run again some day soon.
  8. My opinion, send that shaker to someone with a '69! I much prefer the factory Nasa/Naca hood on the 71-73's. Besides, I need the shaker parts for my '69.
  9. Is the tank galvanized? If so, you have to remove the galvanizing from the area to be welded.
  10. I bought one for my '69, but it was too thick for the space I have, so I resold it. I am working on a 3G upgrade (installed, but the car doesn't run yet) so the fan I selected (Ford Contour dual fan) should have plenty of juice available. Guess I'm not much help, am I?
  11. Nice work! That is the exact same repair I need to do. Not to turn this thread into a discussion (too late?), but did your "hat" have a flange on the bottom of it, if so, how'd you make it with a full radius? Or did you just have tabs then but weld/seam seal the connection of the hat to the lower cowl? I have thought much about how to make the hat with a flange, but it requires buying a sheet metal stretcher.
  12. and is usually rusty too. I have been toying with the idea of just fabricating my own as well. Thanks for the reply!
  13. It certainly wasn't meant as an insult. My experience has been that people don't know what I am talking about. I had a guy here in the LA area that had a car he was parting out. I told him to save the cowl for me--he was trying to get rid of the car as quick as possible and said he would cut out the section I needed. He cut what I needed in half and threw the other half away--basically, he saved the firewall and ruined a good cowl section. So, when you initially said he wasn't sure if he had that part, it reminded me of that story. I would think a person would remember cutting out the cowl. Anyway, again, no offense intended. I haven't had time to call Don as yet.
  14. Thanks guys, I will check those out. Good suggestions. Cobra3073--regarding a parts car, the part of the cowl I need has to be cut out of the car--major structural. Your friend may not be clear on what I need. Here is an example of a full cowl section (for a '69): http://www.cjponyparts.com/product.asp?pn=COWL6 I really only need the passenger side (about half).
  15. I need a cowl section for my 72 Mustang. I really only need the passenger side, but the cowl hat on my '72 is rusted away. If you have one, let me know.
  16. With a username like 69 Rustang you may wonder why I am here, either that or you are like me and have several Mustangs. One of my cars is a '72 Mach 1 that is an ongoing project. It is my second 71-73 and has turned out to be a far bigger challenge than the first. My current dilemna is a rusted out cowl that is going to need surgery. If I could just find a donor cowl I would dive in. Anyway--great idea for a site. It looks terrific and I look forward to learning from the other members!
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