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  1. Terry we are living parallel lives. I posted the same question about a month ago. After reviewing the responses, and studying the mirror again, I decided to figure out how to paint it together. So I am using jigs and stages for painting. Stage 1 of painting is the backside/inside. Stage 2 will be the outside. You can see the mirrors on the far end of table in the attached photo—this is stage 1. It isn’t pretty, but it worked. The part nobody will ever see turned out great with careful gun work. I can post a picture of just the box layout if you think my plan isn’t completely stupid. Stage 2 will be a completely different setup, but basically the mirror heads just drop over something to stay in place, same thing for the bases.
  2. I took advantage of a break in the rain this morning and painted the bottom of the hood and trunk lid. I also painted the backside/inside of the mirrors. So far, no letter from the HOA, so I may have lucked out. A hood sitting on stands on the driveway is not a violation? I wasn’t working on it, so maybe I found a technicality LOL. I noticed the HOA driving through again on Friday, so I figured I was good to go for today’s painting session. I have a few small areas to reprime and I need to do inside the trunk, but I think I shouldn’t have any trouble from here. I need to block the fenders and reprime them, then I have a few areas on top of the hood, one on the trunk lid, and one on the rear body that need some block and prime. Last up, the front bumper. I ordered some 2K flexible filler to repair it where needed but it won’t be here for a few weeks. Also, the color is growing on me... I have quit complaining about it. Seeing a large piece like the hood done and it actually looks pretty good.
  3. I saw these door handles on eBay, they are listed for a Lincoln, but they do mention fitting a ‘73 Mustang. Odd to me that they don’t say they also fit a 71-72. Does anyone have experience with these? The price is outstanding, but...too good to be true?
  4. Overdue update here. Most of you saw this in my other thread where I whined about the color not being my favorite. It’s growing on me. Since the last update here is what is done: Rear quarters, roof, and rear body panel block sanded Door jambs and door shells sanded and seam sealed Quarters, roof, and rear body re-primered Door jambs and door shells painted Wimbledon White Doors reinstalled Bitched and moaned about Wimbledon White Fenders reinstalled to maintain hood alignment Hood removed, topside sanded and primered Fender and quarter extensions worked for better appearance and fit, then primered Trunk lid block sanded and primered More complaining about the color Wife noted the Homeowners association stopped in front of our house while hood was on saw horses in driveway—waiting for nastygram from HOA. Most certainly was initiated by the witch next door. She flew in on her broom as I was setting up to prime. Received my new VIN/door jamb sticker from Marti (today!!!) Accepted my fate—moving forward as soon as possible. Next up—paint bottom of hood and trunk lid. Might do this in the back yard.
  5. Wow, its a rollover! Err, wait, no, the pictures are just upside down. Whew! On a serious note, what if you cut the quarter panel free from the tail light panel and try to move the quarter out at the lower point of the quarter extension, but keep the top of the quarter where it is? It would rotate the quarter extension hopefully back into alignment with the trunk. Might require a porta-power, wood, patience, a welder, etc. But having thought it over, that might be my approach. Seeing the car personally may tell a different story though.
  6. Wow, that’s pretty bad! Not sure where I would start with that.
  7. The more I work on it the more it is growing on me. You all have convinced me that it is creamy. I love the pictures people posted of cars, color chips and other things as that helped put my mind at ease. That and the SWMBO said paint it...
  8. Secluff, thanks for posting the color chips. My other point of reference is I used a white epoxy primer, which is bright white. So spraying Wimbledon White on next to/over that makes the Wimbledon White look yellow in comparison. Keiths71–I opened up a fresh gallon of PPG EC520 clear, not cheap clear by any standard. And no, it hasn’t been sitting on a shelf, I picked it up a few weeks ago. It certainly didn’t change the appearance as I was surprised from the first coat of base. It doesn’t even need to be a low end clear to be yellow though—I used to work for a “different” paint company a few years back and we constantly got complaints about the high end European brand’s clear being yellow. If you re-read this you will figure out who my employer is now... ;-) Thanks all for your input!!!
  9. That is normal—paint manufacturers make toners with pigments. The toners are mixed together to make a color. Each paint manufacturer has different standards for their pigments and toners, so they don’t intermix. So to match a factory color, there may be 950 units of white, but then the last 50 units are varied quantities yellow, black, orange, blue and purple. Some of those are the tiniest of bits of the mix, like 5 units. Back in the ‘70’s and into the 80’s you could buy what was called a factory pack, which was a color mixed by the paint company in the exact color you wanted. The distributor pulled the can off the shelf and handed it to you. Those days are over, now everything is toners, formulas, scales, spectrophotometry cameras, and variant decks. Colors mixed at the shop or the paint store to the exact color you are asking for. My concern was pigment shift. Over time colors change because raw materials drift from the standard over time and that creates variants to colors. I was (and still am) concerned that Wimbledon White was a grayer, whiter color originally. However, as paint technology shifted, the paint companies had to match to something. Their sample they chose had shifted, was poorly mixed/matched, or they “calculated the match” using an algorithm. Having looked through the PPG formula references, the formula is the same for Envirobase for all years of Wimbledon White (I checked about 10 years of span). But the outpouring of comments and photos here and that I have researched on my own has convinced me that it is typically ‘creamy’, although I have seen some that weren’t, camera and lighting can show a different story. So who knows what’s right—I’m going to live with it until someone wants this car more than I do.
  10. Interesting—halfway around the world I was doing the same thing today. Your passenger door fits like my drivers door. Too loose at the top, too tight at the bottom. I settled for the best compromise fit I could establish. In the past on another project, I tried building up the edge of a door with the MIG welder. I wasn’t really happy with that approach. If I had equipment access and ability to braze, it would be easier as it is easier to work. For the fender extension—that is a pretty normal stock crappy fit. Mine looked the same, so after stripping and epoxy priming the extension, I put a very thin layer of filler and spent a lot of time making it look like it wasn’t filled. Did the same at all four corners actually. The bumper was my first project, you will find it a bit down in the posts. I haven’t sanded it and done any finishing work as yet to the bumper, but I will be doing a little filling and shaping to make it look perfect. I also put the fenders back on today and started re-adjusting the hood. I wanted a good reference with fenders before I take the hood off tomorrow to prime it and eventually paint the underside. Good luck!
  11. I’m glad you mentioned it—I had forgotten that actually. Was it sprayed on or brushed? The bottom of my hood is black now, it probably wouldn’t be correct but maybe I just protect the current blackout at the back of the hood as I jamb in the rest of it. That or I re-apply it. Pictures of a good example would be hugely helpful. UPDATE: I just found pictures of the hood underside blackout on the 429 site under Paint Info.
  12. I have a Tsunami commercial filtration and desiccant system. So it is a pretty decent air supply. I do realize I am pushing my luck painting in my driveway—I am keeping the projects small and quick...and time them when the witch that lives next door is out of town for the weekend. I also thought Wimbledon White shifted to gray, but the pictures I keep pulling up show a yellow hue. I would be elated with a gray shift.
  13. I am really struggling with this. My wife said move forward with it, but I think I just hate it.
  14. These bumpers are rigid by comparison to modern plastic bumper covers. If you hit it hard enough that it needs flex additive you have probably caused more damage than just the paint.
  15. I looked through the 429 site and the photos are just too blurry to see. What is the correct finish of the fender bolts under the hood? Painted or phosphate & oil or ?? Thank you.
  16. I found this clip inside one of the doors for my ‘72. It is a little larger than a quarter. What is it for? I am guessing the latch, but not sure where it would go there.
  17. So does my color look right? I expected a brighter/cleaner white.
  18. Sprayed the door jambs today. Looks yellow to me. Is this right? Mixed Wimbledon White, but...
  19. This is an interesting thread. On my ‘69, I have done a rack and pinion conversion. The pump is noisy when trying to turn the wheels at a standstill while hot, but cold or while rolling, everything is fine. If you rev it a bit while hot it turns without the groan. I was wondering if that was a combination of wide tires and lower viscosity of the fluid. The manufacturer told me I need to put a filter in the line as ‘there must be dirt in the fluid’. Not sure how, everything was absolutely new, but OK.
  20. After all the prep work you have done on that engine bay, don’t skip on paint. Do a proper paint job with catalyzed products. Spray can looks ok, but it isn’t very durable. Salt air goes right through if you live by an ocean as I found out. Also it is not very chemical resistant, fuel can wash it off in most situations.
  21. Finished the prep and repairs on the rear body and epoxy primered it today. Had to make a patch for the big rust spot—I really like working on California metal.
  22. If I never sand another door jamb in my life, that will be fine. I spent over 6 hours today sanding door jambs and the trunk jamb. The sad part...there is still more to do. I need to pull some of the interior and the rear quarter glass/roof rail molding trim to be able to finish the job. At least the worst is behind me. The main problem I have now is where to store parts. I’ve snuck a few things in the house, not sure how much more of that I can get away with. Maybe if I wrap them in Christmas paper and put them under the tree...From Santa, to Dave?
  23. Has anyone tried a plating kit like the Eastwood Tin Zinc electroplating kit? I am looking for an option for sprucing up my door strikers, trunk stricker, etc. Has anyone tried it and did it work, how big of parts were you able to do, i.e. would it work on things like the trunk latch, door latches, etc.
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