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  1. Interesting thread. The part about checking the timing cover plate was interesting as I have seen them in really bad condition in the past, but wouldn’t that put coolant into the oil (Something I would see)? Despite my recent post on overheating, historically I have never had overheating problems with a 351C, in fact they seem to run cool on the cars I have owned. I haven’t had time to fully figure out what is going on with my ‘69 right now, but I did confirm the thermostat is opening properly. I bought a new one anyway and drilled a small hole as instructed in this thread. My next step is to do the combustion gas leak test. If that goes OK I am going to pull the water pump to see if something is going on there. If the head gasket is leaking I told my wife I am buying either a stroker motor or I am going to swap in a late model 5.0. She just grumbled a bit, not enough to deter me. A true win-win-win scenario other than my checking account balance.
  2. I would go with the vacuum secondaries. That said, in the 80’s I had a Motorcraft carb with mechanical secondaries on my 351. It was way over carb’d, but if you modulated the throttle just right, I could feel the point where the secondaries would open—The car would bark the tires when opened at the right speed/RPM. Loved that!
  3. So I pulled the t-stat today, and it does open. But it is possible it was sticking. It had some rust/crud on it. Major radiator flush, heater core flush, and attempted block flush. Stuck it back in just to see how it ran. It heated up and the water was flowing in the radiator. I am going to do the combustion leak test next, it’s cheap. You can rent the tools and buy a bottle of the test fluid for $10 at Autozone. I figure I might as well test it. I did buy a new t-stat, so don’t blast me for being cheap. I actually thinking about throwing a new water pump on if it passes the combustion test. If It fails the combustion test, I’ve been looking at late model 5.0 swaps... I know I was thinking stroker motor, but modern muscle has an appeal. Get the torch!
  4. Should I be annoyed that the forum has marked this thread as “Hot”, of course it is—it’s overheating!
  5. Do you have to have antifreeze to do this? I am thinking of getting another t-stat, drain the system, test the old one and new one. Install whichever works, new if possible. Then fill with water to test. I don’t want to put antifreeze back in if it is going to just spit it back out. The radiator appears in good condition looking through the cap. But I want to pull it and flush everything while I am doing this. I do have distilled water, but had to use tap to get home.
  6. I have the big 24” radiator (an A/C car) with either 3 or 4 rows, can’t remember which. The radiator is older, but I purchased it and know its history. Generally the car has always run cool with that radiator. It has a shrouded electric fan, and I am fairly certain the fan and shroud are not the issue here as the problem was bad moving (Freeway) or sitting. This car was a 351W car since I swapped it in 1990.
  7. Not my ‘72, but on my ‘69. My son and I went to San Clemente to CarsNCoffee this morning. I had noticed the radiator level was going low and haven’t figured out where the coolant is going. It’s not in the oil, its not in the passenger carpet, and it wasn’t on the garage floor. We made it to San Clemente and even idled for a while once we got there, about 25 miles. On the way home, oh boy. Not half way and I pulled off the highway quickly and looked for a nice sloped lot to park on and shut it down. It puked its guts out. We cooled it, refilled and continued. We only made it halfway home from there and I was looking for another exit. Eventually, we made it home, but it was hot. I could hear the coolant boiling in the upper hose. I let it cool down and went to start it and try to figure out if it is the thermostat, the water pump, or a head gasket. I didn’t really see bubbles upon start up and idle. As it got hotter, it appeared that coolant might be flowing—I couldn’t really tell, either that or it had bubbles. Any good advice? I’ve been looking for an excuse for a stroker motor, but this is about 5 years before I was ready to do something like that.
  8. I’d rather get a GT350R if I was in the market, and I’d have to do that quick before the 350 is out of production. The Mach doesn’t do much for me.
  9. Are you doing any better? Scary what you are describing. Prayers for you.
  10. The other car was a Kia sedan. It was a goner too, but it didn’t look as bad because the damage was limited to just the front end. As for use of the phone, i strongly suspect the other driver was on their phone/texting or something to run a red without braking.
  11. Wife is doing better but having some ongoing back pain and still has a nasty bruise on her arm. We made a trip to Vegas to buy another Expedition yesterday. Let me introduce “New Doug”...my wife is going to call it “Thor” though. New Doug has 21,000 miles and a few new safety features. Insurance companies suck, tomorrow I get to argue with some insurance pencil pusher over the settlement value. Their ‘comps’ have 80K and 105K miles respectively and were priced at the same they offered us. Wish me luck.
  12. Wow, what a weird timing/coincidence. Glad to hear you got your car back. Hope you are doing great!
  13. Fortunately, our Expedition took care of my wife and she is mostly OK, but The Beast is totaled. My wife was driving home from work, only 2 blocks from home, a girl ran a red light and t-boned my wife. No brake application whatsoever. The Beast must have spun like a top as it was on its side and every wheel Is broken with significant pavement damage (Or completely busted off as the right rear). Only 26,000 miles and 6 years old (a 2014). We are really going to miss The Beast, she was a great truck. Now I am getting ready for a slugfest with some insurance representative over value. Wish us luck.
  14. Nick, my bolts were frozen too. I tried soaking them and even tried a little heat, but the heat quickly affects the urethane of the bumper so that was a no go—don’t go there. In the end, I found that NPD and CJ Pony parts both sell new bolt kits for about $25. So, I drilled them out which was quite easy to do. A good friend who is a very experienced body man stopped by the other day and asked to see my project. We were discussing the bumper and he agreed on bending it in the middle a little more. For the ends, he said if they still stick out: 1) they never fit well when new (an answer I don’t like, because I want mine to fit!) and 2) to bend in the ends, he suggested attaching weight to the bumper and drop/pound the end of the bumper into a piece of wood on the ground. It will make a mess of the urethane and any paint, but that can be fixed.
  15. After studying it further, I am going to put a bit more bend in the middle. That will draw the ends in. A small change in the middle will make a big change on the ends. I decided that it is unlikely the ends could be bent/out of shape—it has to be a shape problem elsewhere on the bumper. I realize that they didn’t fit perfectly when new, but my intent is to make it fit and look better than Ford did. I suppose I should take pictures before, during and after—but I tend to get impatient and just get to work.
  16. Sorry to hear about your marriage Mike.
  17. How about a price on a console clock surround? Not sure what else to call it—but it is for the console and has the clock in it. Someone drilled mine and put a toggle switch or something in it at one point. THX
  18. LOL, I was setting up profiles and assigning devices and paused my son’s PC, kind of by accident. It was seconds and he was out of his room asking what was going on. Now I know how to ge this attention. And the internet goes off when I want it to! Adult sites blocked starting about 30 minutes ago, not sure if that will have any impact or not. Love this!!!
  19. Mesh is up and running, it gets a huge thumbs up from my teenagers. Hopefully I don’t have to hear them bit_ _ about the wifi anymore. Thanks for the replies everyone. And by the way, setting up Eeros couldn’t be easier, well, other than paying for it up front...
  20. Dad worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices of his time for us. Thank you will never be enough. That said, a couple of funny memories. FIrst—when I was 10, Dad worked tirelessly for MONTHs to prepare our ‘31 Model A Station Wagon for a trip from Omaha to Vail Colorado for a Regional Meet. The night before departure he finished up the rear differential rebuild and installed the rear axle. Sometime in the wee hours of the night (I was long asleep) he got the car out to discover he installed the rear Banjo upside down. There were three gears in reverse, one in forward. Back to the garage to completely disassemble and reassemble. T-minus 4 hours to departure... Second—as an adult I suggested we meet in Dallas Texas for a swap meet. He drove his pickup and I flew in and he picked me up. At some point while driving around, we had exited the freeway and he wanted back on. His truck was a F-250 4x4 diesel with a chip and a massive camper in the bed. I can’t remember why, but he went through the ditch and onto the freeway! He turned out into the correct direction of flow as I looked back as the cars rapidly approaching. Then Dad stood on the go pedal and we were quickly going 75mph. I was worried the camper would fall out! That was a fun weekend with Dad. Grades—high school was a tough time for Dad and I. Grades weren’t my exact priority. Grandma didn’t help the situation by implying that Dad’s grades weren’t great either, but she would never get specific or divulge. Now as a father, I am dealing with the same thing. Getting what I deserve I suppose. Intelligence is not the issue as my Dad is extremely brilliant with a degree in Mathematics and a resume most people would be asking to hear stories about—very interesting career! And a picture of Dad!
  21. Howdy Lux! Ran across a photo of us at the Southern Calfornia Cars N Coffee a few weeks back. Good memories. I’ve been gone from the site as well to spend time with my boys, but they are now both teenagers/high schoolers. As such, I am starting to play with my cars again. I’ve actually worked on my ‘72 recently!
  22. Thanks guys—our cable modem/router is about a year old, so we are good there. Several Facebook friends also recommended a mesh system and specifically Eero. I have ordered the 3 beacon one, pricey, but everybody with one raves about it. It’s either great or you just want me to be as miserable with my internet as you are—LOL. Thanks for the suggestions!
  23. We have always struggled with getting a good wifi signal through the entire house. We do have a Netgear range extender, but it is now 9 years old and well, it sucks. I am not a great IT person, that is for sure. Can anyone recommend a quality WiFi Range extender?
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