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  1. Not really, There really is no turning back from what's already been started. Im not sure what color I'll be painting it .
  2. I just Installed fiberglass front fenders on my 72 sprint coupe that I purchased from mustangs plus. it's a lot of work . they dont really line up you have to do a lot of modifications to get them to fit. I had to drill all the mounting holes, cut out the turn signal, drill holes for the fender extentions and hood bumpers. It does lighten up the front end a bunch though.
  3. I purchased this car at an auction in 02 for dirt cheap, it had a bullet hole in the windshield and only half the front end was covered in a flame job that looked like a half blind arangatang had painted it on.The front fenders had been cut in half and rewelded due to a police chase, the entire red white and blue enterior had been repainted, and all of the wiring had been held together by ductape. Just last year I ran the numbers and I found out that its a Rare sprint coupe. I've been slowly repairing the arangatangs damages whenever I get the time. Just recently I replaced the front fenders, repainted the doorjambs , refinished the entire enterior, Installed a all new Hd radio with surround sound speakers, Resoldered all the wire connections in the engine compartment as well as repainted the entire engine compartment front end and wheelwells, Installed new guages, and stripped 7 layers of paint from the hood. I also have a reverse cam, Dvd player, touch screen navigation and a bunch of other little gadgets that Ill be installing. I like to call it The Pale Porse of Death. From what I have heard, the police chase theat it was in ended up in the driver getting shot and killed and thats why I got it so cheap. Ill be glad to post pics of my progress later. these are the before I tore it all down and cleaned and painted everything pics. 302 5.0 fmx
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