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  1. Has been a while.... again!! Rear axle fully rebuilt and installed and now finalising engine bay, exhaust and turbo install before paint. Then need to refurbish front axle and rebuild it all!
  2. More progress and the underside now primed, prepared and sealed. Next job is to refurbish the axles and get the car back to a rolling shell and get the engine and gearbox in to fabricate exhaust manifolds and intake. The Jaguar engine is supercharged with an Eaton M90 pushing 10psi, looking into and considering going for some compound boost. I know tricky and many people fail when adding a turbo to a super charger but if sized and cooled correctly it can be very effective. Lots more to come regarding the engine install. [align=center][/align]
  3. Thanks! Very excited and looking forward to seeing it progress next year!
  4. Good progress on the preparation. Engine bay and underneath being prepared, primed, sealed and protected. More in the New Year and will be able to get the engine, gearbox and axles fitted...
  5. Small update on progress... Work has commenced on the preparation and finishing of the joins to the inner wings and under the hood to tidy up the joins. It will confuse a lot of people when the engine bay looks so different!
  6. Hi Daniel, really pleased with the hood and how it works! I had a deadline when I started.... This has now passed over 2 years ago!! The end is in sight however and the goal is to be able to take the car on a driving holiday June 2017. There will be future modifications (more power) that I will want to continue playing with but the biggest hurdles have been passed. How is your project coming along? I am looking forward to seeing your car completed too!
  7. Hi, thanks! It is a custom frame attached to the hood and custom brackets attached to the radiator panel. There are a number of gas struts to support it and ease it lifting/moving. Very well balanced and weighted.
  8. Has been a slow summer for one reason or another but there has been progress and some photos below. We can now think about the build process and the mechanicals should/will all go together reasonably smoothly, biggest job now will be bodywork and interior. Famous last words!! Using the Jaguar inner wings has meant that the Mustang hood hinges do not fit or work, I had always wanted a forward hinging bonnet and with the incredible piece of kit fabricated by Scott I have now have this!!
  9. Looks great! Really compliments the back end. Always thought the original sat at the wrong angle but with the way you have it set it looks perfect!
  10. Thanks Angelo, really pleased with the look of the interior and the fit is excellent!! Scott had some trimming here and there to get the dash to fit but means it will have a fully working and modern (ish) dash. Most of the wiring is just the way Jaguar wired everything up! Although not heated there is provision for it in the loom but will not be adding heated rears. The fronts are heated and with memory function. All things going well it will have most of the Jag comforts. Great progress recently.
  11. More pics before being stripped back down to turn over and finish the welding underneath. Propshaft (driveshaft in the US I think?) has been sent away for shortening. Modified inner wing to accept Jag aribox Interior and dash fitment
  12. Thanks. Great to see all styles and interpretations, some by choice and most of mine due to being in the UK the Jag parts are easier to source and the straight six is different. Need to load some more pics, more good progress this week and coming together.
  13. Yes getting closer and more trial fitting of everything back in place now it is a rolling shell. Most of the Jag bits fit but a few modifications required where the Jag inner wings/fenders meet the original Mustang panels. A few more photos...
  14. Haha! No problem Lars, most cars here are in the US but great to see lots of people from around the world with 71-73 Mustangs! A few more photos from yesterday.
  15. Thanks again Lars, I am in the UK and luckily we can do quite a lot to modify. An original car is great and to see cars like yours in original trim is great! Since the start I have always wanted the 6 cylinder engine and am so pleased to see the Jag engine in the engine bay! I know less powerful than some choices but it is supercharged and 320+ bhp is a good starting point!! With some tuning and extras I can aim for more when on the road and finished.
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