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  1. Thanks guys, I did order a new switch for $15.00, I don't have a tilt column so it sounds like I'll need to pull the steering wheel, hope the part comes with instructions (LOL) I'm planning on just using the old key for the doors, to much of a pain to try and change to rekey them, I did that several years ago and it was a pain.
  2. When I pulled out my key the whole ignition switch came out along with several small parts, I have no clue where they go but they appear to be part of the ignition switch. Do I need to just get another ignition switch (which also mean rekeying the doors)? Any suggestions welcome.
  3. The wife and I went to Pat's wake, there was a huge turn out including the mayor and the whole police department he worked with. Everyone spoke very fondly of him, he was well respected and loved by the whole community.
  4. Welcome from Washington State, sweet ride!
  5. I wondering what made you decide to change the timing chain after it died on you, was there some type of indication the timing chain was the issue?
  6. I stopped buying magazines and newspapers years ago. We can now target our searches over the internet for what interests us, plus it's much more current information. Just as we visit this site. Everyone has their own preferences but the 71-73 Mustang has always been the cat's meow to me.
  7. Thanks, I'll give it a try, nothing to lose and the car is parked until Spring. I'd like to try and savage this one since it's been riding on the trunk for 45 years.
  8. Really great advice Greg, thanks for taking the time to go into such details, it's what makes this site so great. As far money invested in doing the repairs myself, it's primarily just my time except when I had a paint shop do it. It lasted longer than my repaint but they still came back. I may use some tough love on it and really dig those areas out and give it one last try following your instructions. I've PM'ed a local member who has a couple for sale to check those out. Thanks!
  9. Have you tried literally grinding out the entire bad spots? It could be that there is moisture inside the skin that has not been removed. It may take digging in there to remove all the affected material, then carefully rebuilding the surface. I had a similar issue on a prototype I was building. Getting tough with it fixed it in the end. I'm NOT saying this IS the problem, but if moisture is present within the skin, it could be the cause for it returning time and time again. Just a thought, others may have different ideas. Yep, grinded them down smooth, really didn't dig out any out though, that may be the solution, thanks
  10. Says it's all original car except for the pistons, but I wasn't aware 71's 429's came with MSD ignitions. LOL
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