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  1. The codes all check out from the picture he sent me. They show a 351 2v Grande, with an FMX transmission. Paint and interior codes match what the pictures show.
  2. I asked the guy for the codes on the data sticker. We will see what he has to say. I'd run a marti report just to see what it actually came with. I love deciphering what these old Mustangs originally came equipped with.
  3. See, This is what I was waiting for. I thought it weird as well that it didn't have the clock and had the instrumentation group. In 1972, ford was trumpeting the "personal" aspect of the mustang so maybe it came from the factory that way. I'm going to ask him for the codes.
  4. I'm sure it won't last long. Shame I'm so far away. Owner tells me he had a 4 barrel edelbrock put in. Claims it takes longer to warm up.
  5. Saw his '72 Grande for sale on craigslist. I might just consider it but I'm about 8 hours away. I LOVE the color. http://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/4439237411.html Claims to be a low miles grande with what looks like the instrumentation package and a rim blow horn. I'm wondering why there's no clock that I can see in the pics. Anyone up there that can check it out?
  6. Mine is riveted in there, I know that. I'm hoping I can pop that plastic "roller" on there rather than drilling out the whole thing.... Worst case, I have to take out the regulator and put a new one in.
  7. Chuck, Thanks a ton! I'll pick one of those up tonight and see if it works. I guess I just pop the plastic piece onto the nub I have left on my regulator? Joe
  8. I took my door panel off today on the passenger side to see why my window crashed to the bottom of the door. It appears that there is no plastic roller on the regulator where it goes into the channel hooked up to the window. Is there a replacement roller I can put on there, or do I have to press the old one out of the regulator and put a whole new one in there? I hope there's something quick I can do and don't have to remove the whole mechanism. Thanks, Joe
  9. I suspected as much. I wasn't going to shell out the $600 for the Buy it Now, regardless. I could get a set of NEW Mag 500's for that.
  10. Something just does not look right on those. My original wheels (based on the spare) were not slotted like those.
  11. All, I need to know all the spots on my 1973 hardtop where I can find the VIN. I know I have the plate on the dash, the sticker on the driver's door, and a stamped plate attached to the radiator support sort of behind the driver's headlight bucket. Are there any other locations? Thanks, Joe
  12. Mike, Thanks! That is great information. The hubcaps are very easy to find, as Ford used them on a bunch of cars. I'll keep my eyes open for the rims and wheels. However, my car came with F70x14 tires from the factory. Would that be the 14 x 7 wheel or a 14 x 6 wheel? After some research, it appears that you can get the rings from either mustangsunlimited or specialtywheel.com. At least those rings look like the ones in the pic above. Hi Joe you are correct the trim rings are wider. The wheels are wide as well. The wheels 14/7 they can be a little tough to find a good set.The wide trim rings will only fit these wheels. If you put a thinner ring on the gap between the hub cap is to large. I as well like the look of the hubcaps and trim rings. I wood like to find a set of 15s from a Boss 351. Good lock. Mike
  13. Those may work, but I think the originals may have been wider and had the hole for the valve more in the middle rather than just a wedge cut out. There was a set sold by motor city mustang last year and the pics are still on this site.
  14. I'm considering removing the Keystone Klassic wheels I have on my '73 and going back to the style that it came with from the factory, which is the steel wheels with trim rings and dog-dish style hubcaps. That stuff was standard with the Decor Group, and I'm weird, but I like the look. Does anybody still make a decent set of trim rings that would work with a set of 14" wheels? I can find tons of the old hubcaps on ebay, etc. Thanks! Joe
  15. Right now, the only hose leaking does not have any fittings on it, rather it's just on with hose clamps. I'm guessing that means its a return hose?
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