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  1. Can somebody recommend how to reach this flasher to replace it. I can see it is hidden in the upper part of console, between center and glove box.  Let me add that already took out the turn signal flasher,  but this one is near the center. Is better to take out the radio or the top cover?

    If you can’t reach around the glovebox, just remove the liner. Pretty simple to get it out of the way.

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    No defect, check the picture with the lighter.

    It is a flash aberration.  Did not use my $3000 Nikon DSLR,

    just an inexpensive pocket camera.

    Good observation though.



    Oh, okay great...happy for you it's not a defect!  ::thumb::

    These are all handmade one at a time...there may actually be a 'blemish' here or there but it adds character! These pieces of art are supposed to be a little on the industrial side of decor.



    It’s a great piece. The person who made them did an outstanding job. Love mine.



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  3. Thanks guys.  I got a message from the other guys insurance. They don’t think he has enough coverage to cover my car. What a surprise. They need more info from me and my insurance. Luckily part of my coverage has underinsured coverage in my policy. So I will give them a call tomorrow and see where to go from there.  The games begin already!

    Did you call the police and was the other driver cited ?

     I did call the police but they would not respond to the scene since there were no injuries.  Other driver was not cited but did tell his insurance it was his fault. They are definitely at fault. He ran a stop sign at a T intersection. I had no stop sign and my road was straight through. He has insurance but not sure if he has enough to cover my car. I will find out more tomorrow. My insurance company will cover my car then probably go after his.



    Glad you’re OK and man looking at your car hurts. Somebody would have to pick me up from the hospital or big house (Chuck/Ray).


    I just went through this with my 2017. Your insurance will cover but then sue his for the rest. Eventually his insurance will settle.


    Good luck to you.



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  4. Try this size comparison.

    It came very well packaged.

    Took 10 minutes to extricate the item.








    Lol. My grandmother used a roll of tape on every Christmas present, I commented that she must have trained someone well.



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  5. As a college administrator, this has been a real challenging time. I have faced hurricanes, tornados, etc., but this could have us down for an indefinite amount of time. I told my wife today, no matter what we do the answer will probably be wrong. We just have to err on the side of caution.

  6. I finally got it to work from a PC.

    Huh, that's odd...I'll have to check it out.  I only test on PC but you think a tab woould work also??


    I did receive it and you are on the list!  


    Anyone else?  We are getting close to the order threshold!  Go ahead and spend some of that tax return!!   :D



    I owe, so if anyone wants to share some of their tax return, let me know. [emoji12]



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  7. They finally got the 1/4 on Thursday and it wasn’t damaged like the first one. Now they can finally get down to work. When all is said and done, the car will have been off the road for 3 months. Thank goodness I have a backup vehicle.



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  8. I didn’t hear from them yesterday. I need to follow up today because while certain parts are off the car, I’d like to perform a few upgrades (ex. Sequential blinkers in the front).


    Thanks for the support.



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  9. Jeremy,

    Sorry to hear your ‘17 Mustang was damaged and the problems you’re having with the back ordered quarter panel. Is your body shop ordering through a Ford dealer? If ordered on a normal stock order there is normally a 3-4 Depot referral process before Ford stops and places a part on backorder. A lot depends on your location in Texas and what Ford considers Your “Facing” Depot (The first and main parts supplier for your dealer). Unless a brand new just released model, the majority of the depots stock most fast moving sheet metal (F 150, Mustang, etc). If back-ordered or not stocked at that location, then the stock ordered part is referred to the next 2-3 closest depots. If there is no stock at those locations then the process stops. My sources show stock on the right quarter panel (FR3Z-6327840–A) at the Sacramento HVC (High Velocity Center) and Detroit HVC. The dealer would have to upgrade the order to receive the referral process that searches all depots until the part is located. I know a lot of people hate anything that involves any interaction with a car dealer (A reputation many of them have worked hard to deserve)! But if your dealer is a reputable one, then they should do what it takes to satisfy you and not lose a sale.

    I checked my brothers 2018 Mustang and it is all steel metal except the front fenders and hood. There is an outer door skin available but with all the old school body men retiring or already gone, most of the new age parts hangers prefer the door shell. I went through that when the passenger door on my ‘18 F 150 was damaged by someone backing a trailer up. Body shop said it would be easier for them to transfer all the glass, latches etc, to a new door shell than to find one of the “New Age” body men that could handle removing and installing a new skin!

    If for some strange reason there is still a problem with tracking your quarter panel down let me know and maybe I can help you find something in your state. [emoji846]





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    Here is what I received Friday.


    Date: Fri, Feb 7, 2020 at 11:49 AM




    To: Steve











    cor 80007 fscd s42107 1-7-2020 cor 10150 fscd n92215 1-15-2020 cor 80021

    fscd s56721 1-21-2020


    cor 80022 fscd s30022 1-22-2020 cor 80029 fscd s72929 1-29-2020 cor

    80030 fscd s09530 1-30-2020


    all but second are customer orders and have been upgraded



    09:01 AM)




    Hello Mr./ Ms. DOWNEN, thank you for providing the information! Please

    note that, we do not


    have stock of the requested part number at the moment & thus, all of

    your orders remain


    backordered for now. FCSD has arranged 76pc from supplier & this is in

    transit to PRC right


    now. we expect the parts to be available for distribution by 3/2. Hope

    this information is


    of help! Best Regards!



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  10. Boy this has been a bigger deal for then I thought. Right after the new year the body shop sent a supplement that raised repairs to over 10k. Then I received a total loss notification around 1/15. After several days of fighting, they agreed to repair the car (they had priced it as a base model, rather than a premium with a Pony Package).


    Now we have a new issue. All rear passenger side quarters are on back order (I checked with other shops). I’m told it is because of the steel embargo’s with China and that very few extra parts are being made since the car is still in production. This 1/4 has been harder to come by than parts for my ‘71.


    Very frustrating.



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