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  1. Welcome from Texas. Maybe you will find another one. :)
  2. Thanks guys. Sorry I read the original post wrong, because I thought we were talking about all dash parts. This really helps me know where to look.
  3. Ton more work done this week. New floor pans, trunk floor, rear cross support, and started putting doors and fenders on to make sure it is all straight.
  4. You guys crack me up. Your ad evenly split as I am. Not sure about the urethane bumper, I have seen them go for big $$.
  5. Thanks everyone. Thought I would post two pictures so everyone can see them together. I love feedback BTW and I am not sold either direction (besides the fact I already own the chrome version and only 1 painted extension version).
  6. Thanks Jeff. I am on the fence here, but as the painter gets closer to painting the car, I will need to hop on one side. Orginally I was not going to replace the grill, but now I think I might, The next step would be to decide if I want to change the trim chrome (hood/fender extensions/bumper). The bumper is a no replace issue because I am not paying the $$ to buy a way overpriced part.
  7. Ok guys. We are making a tone of progress on the 71 and now I have started to make some changes. We decided to go with a Mach 1 clone for the style and since I had most of the parts from the parts car. I was going to leave the standard grille but now I am thinking of replacing it. Any opinions? If I do replace it would you keep the chrome fender extensions/ hood or change them to color matching? The bumper will remain chrome. Thanks for the thoughts.
  8. Welcome from East Texas! Nice vert!
  9. Welcome from east Texas. I love the ride.
  10. Let me see... Where to start. New cowl installed, both quarter panel patches installed, trunk floor removed, and new trunk floor ready for welding.
  11. Here is my only other Ford I have ever owned. We bought it right after we got married. A 2000 Mustang that turned out to be a lemon. I was towed in 3 days after I got it and that set the trend for the next 2 years.
  12. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good visit.
  13. My first car and first Mustang was the same car. At 15 I was given my dad's 71 FB. The same car I am rebuilding right now. . This picture was from my senior year in high school (Fall 1991).
  14. We almost have the donor cowl ready to be welded into the car. Should be finished with it today.
  15. While this is not the final color (or a Mustang), I am going with a shade close to this SS 442. The picture does not do it justice. It was a beautiful color.
  16. Congrats on the big day. It was. I was happy and sad (spend a ton of $$) at the same time.
  17. Moved the car to the body shop. The attached picture shows a Canadian friend driving (floors are out).
  18. Since I am moving the car to the paint shop this week, we decided it was time to register and insure the car. Began the process of completing the paperwork for both. Decided to finally change the registration from my dad's (original owner) to my name.
  19. Hi Don. Still working on the color. I spent most of the week looking at shops and will work with them to pick a color in the next couple of weeks. I will pass the color along when we pick it.
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