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  1. Nice job! Looks great! ::goodjob:: Thanks. We still have a lot of bodywork to do but this will make it easier and allow me to stop chasing rust.
  2. Worked Thursday - Saturday sanding the car to bare metal. Today we put primer on it.
  3. Got the car back in the shop after being kicked out for two months because of renovations. Ready to finish sanding and get the new floor pans on.
  4. Thanks. I found what I thought was a partial vin at the back. DA124760 I guess it could be a zero. 0A124760
  5. I am sure this is posted somewhere, but I am trying to find the casting number on a 302. I have seen it described as above the starter but I don't see it. Can someone help?
  6. Today I purchased PPG epoxy primer. Crap that stuff must have gold flakes in it.
  7. I had the same problem when I began my project last August. My dad was the original owner and so I actually asked his permission to make the changes I wanted to make (not that I needed to, but it just made me feel better). Ultimately we both decided to make the car the way "we" wanted it, rather than returning to original.
  8. Hi Paul, I bought a 40lb version from Harbour Frieght for about $100. It works pretty well, but if I was going to do more than one car, I would probably buy a better one. It says to use only a special type of soda, but it seems to work ok with normal baking soda (just clumps a little more). If time is money than it is worth the money.
  9. It snowed in Texas! No not really, I played with my new soda blaster. It works very well in removing multiple coats of primer/paint.
  10. How did you paint the letters? Looks great! I need the end of the floor pan to the firewall myself on the passenger side (and one side under the back seat). Nice Job! Been looking for an idea or someone to do it for me. I cannot fabricate parts.
  11. Today I have done nothing to my car, but over the past week I painted most of the frame (inside and out) and the engine compartment. I kept trying to get all of the sanding finished, panels replaced, etc. before moving forward. The car was "re-rusting" faster than I could move on it and so I decided to clean and paint what I had finished. This is not the final coat I put on the car, but it is close enough for everyone to get the idea.
  12. Thanks I am about 2 hours fom Houston. I have a on of pictures from the process. I will get them posted soon. Thanks. Thanks Yes they are. Thanks. Thanks. Iwhen people ask if I am going to keep it original I say "only the parts I like". The car is a family member and not for sale. Thanks That is cool. East Texas. That sounds cool.
  13. Thank you! You are quite welcome. That 302 is looking pretty good, by the way. I cannot wait to hear it roar again. Except for some minor painting or cleaning, the engine is finished. I am waiting for a body guy to get me in line to have her painted. Then I will put the engine back in.
  14. :) Not all shades, just was not for me. I am still suprised he allowed me to change it. Thank goodness. The funny thing is that I have already seen it happen (started this process in August). I was looking for a new heater box that was not sold aftermarket. An aftermarket version is about to come on the market in the next couple of months. Thanks. It appears that their status went from coming soon to "In Stock" over the weekend. I had already found one, but it is nice to see that there is another option.
  15. I know what options she had because my dad was the orginal owner and we have all of the original paperwork. We were driving her until 93 or 94 when I went off to college. I am just now at a point where I can afford a resoration process. I am going to make some changes to her that I know will not be stock. Going for the red with black stripes also. Thank you
  16. That is what my dad kept telling me. I am just not a fan of the green. Until the early 80s Texas did not have a seatbelt law and so we often rode on the warm "hump". I remember the green very well. Thank you very much!
  17. To some degree. I am going to replace the hood whith a NASA hood, adding a TAC, and a few other items. Mostly it is to my taste. The car is a family member and so not for sale. We decided early on that we would keep orginal where we could and change other things that we did not like. For example, the car was orginally green. I did not like the color and it will not be returning to green. Thank goodness. The funny thing is that I have already seen it happen (started this process in August). I was looking for a new heater box that was not sold aftermarket. An aftermarket version is about to come on the market in the next couple of months. I have already met some pretty wonderful people. It has been a pretty positive experience. Is there a support group for Mustang addiction? lol
  18. Here are some pics from various stages of the process. The car is on the trailer, being sanded, and an almost complete 302 engine.
  19. Howdy from Texas. I am in the process of restoring my dad’s 1971 fastback. He bought the car new and had it before he had me (something he would remind me of when I came home late). It is amazing how much money we have already put in to the car and how much we still have to go. It also suprises me how hard it is to find some parts. Glad places like this are out there to bring us together.
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