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  1. I don't see a heart function or anything else close to it.
  2. No, the I post would have only 9 Volts or so due to the resistor wire during the time the key is in RUN position. Another wire is the green/red wire going to the voltage regulator, but only if you have an ammeter in the dash cluster.
  3. That wire is the throttle position solenoid.
  4. Great! How many arms and legs did it take to pay for it?
  5. Look for red/yellow wires on the engine gauge feed harness (outboard most female bullet on the 4 pin plug on the headlight harness).
    Ahhh...the beauty of black and white photos. Nicely done!
  6. Toinky? TOINKY? Urban Dictionary has it as: A form of marijuana, it is used in the song "Kills" by Chief Keef
  7. Paint it black, you devil!
  8. That's not so rare: lots of convertible Mach 1's running around!
  9. Yeah, especially with 351 engines: there are two flavors: Vanilla (Windsor) and Chocolate (Cleveland). Make sure you got the right ice cream!
  10. I've not run across such a thing before, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist...
  11. I'm placing my bet on the carb: that the secondaries aren't opening due to some mechanical interference or lack of vacuum. Yes, I know carbs were swapped, but the symptoms just reek of lack of fuel. JMHO.

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