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  1. Great news to hear! I hear drinking lots of Corona beer also helps keeping one hydrated during the illness. So my bartender told me, and he's an expert at these things...
  2. If these are the green/purple wires, it doesn't matter at all which wire goes onto the two pins. Ford was very good to ensure that one couldn't screw up electrical connections: gender-oriented plugs, and when plugs didn't matter, you could go either way without harm.
  3. Where's that dang StarTrek transporter when one needs it?
  4. Shouldn't the title of this thread read "The end of Ohio?" due to the snow? Oh wait...it's only for six more months!
  5. I prefer to paint my jams with peanut butter on toast. You can follow the other's advice for painting jambs. Respectfully, the Spelling and Grammar nerd.
  6. Purple/white is brake line, the other side is typically red/yellow. Turn signals are green/white and white/blue (left, right respectively).
  7. Using a copper or brass backing plate beneath the joint helps quite a bit in controlling the weld from creating pinholes. I agree: move side to side across the seam helps. For floor pans and areas that are not visible and after tacking in place, you can lay a weld line (typically 2-3 inches) then stop and go elsewhere on the patch panel to minimize warping. There are some days when you can do no wrong; then there are days when you can do no right in welding. Ask me how I know...
  8. True, but the bighorn sheep in the AZ mountains are running up-hill...
  9. Well, I made it! Arrived Monday afternoon, movers showed up at 8AM Tuesday, and have spent the rest of the week making the house livable. Will have to get car registered, driver's license, and a AZ business license over the next couple of weeks, then work on the garage to make it usable for wire work. Plan is to start back up Jan 1.
  10. There used to be an excellent front end guy in Panama City, until his little shop got blown away in Hurricane Michael. I don't know whether he set up elsewhere, but his last name was Lamar. Google has his old address on Jenks so it appears he closed up for good.
  11. White/purple stripe is ACC fused power. Good for powering a modest stereo. I think 181 is right as well, but won't swear to it.
  12. I myself use Bic lighters to find any fuel leaks ...
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