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  1. My last name is Jacobson, not Johnson. But you can call me Mid, but don't call me late for dinner. Otherwise, great video.
  2. I use 20 amp fuses for 1 and 6 and always a 30 amp fuse for 5. #1 feeds the 4 way flasher and the cigarette lighter and horn.
  3. It's not illegal to sell or buy a VIN. It is illegal, however, to represent that VIN in any vehicle other than the one it originated. The buyer could simply put the dash pad/VIN in a display case and not violate any laws.
  4. Possibly an exhaust manifold leak? Just throwing it out...
  5. Me too! I surely would hate to be homeless and do this kind of work...
  6. Horn wire connectors are notorious for corrosion and bad resistance. About 50% of the time I have to remove the cover and clean and re-crimp the horn connectors in the engine compartment. Hope this helps.
  7. You're more than welcome. I'm glad I could contribute to a 429 71!
  8. 30+ inches of snow, followed by tornados in the spring.
  9. The only Ford Mustang proportioning valve switch with one pin was from 1967. You might be using the wrong valve, or an aftermarket valve.
  10. Not to go too far off subject, but almost every bar I go to sways after a few replacement drinks...
  11. The large wheels of today and low aspect tires seems like going back to the old wooden spooked wheels of the Model T...
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