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  1. Yes, that line is connected to the battery side of the starter solenoid, which is also connected to the positive side of the battery. You should always disconnect the battery when doing electrical work, such as connecting/disconnecting lines.
  2. Don't shortcut damage due to rust: fix it right by patching panels. I agree with Don C that flat metal with a dolly and a hammer can do a lot to fix it with minimal costs.
  3. Nope. I scavenge them from harnesses that can't be restored.
  4. Rhode Island wiring. https://www.riwire.com/
  5. Only the gauges (oil, temperature, fuel) use the pulsing power. The indicator lamp versions do not use that circuit.
  6. The red tab is what releases the pins from the connector, but doesn't do squat for your problem. I hate that connector type, as it takes a lot of effort to pull apart. There's a tool for pulling back one side of the locking tab, but you'll need two of them and then a pair of pliers to pull the connectors apart. Difficult enough on a work bench; in the car is something else again...
  7. I too, ordered from Amazon: a chicken and an egg. I'll let you know.
  8. This should be extracted and put into the Wiki.
  9. No reproductions. I have scavenged them from unrefurbishable harnesses, but I am running extremely low.
  10. You're taking really good cars away from Isostatic's ability to import them to Great Britain. On the other hand, you could probably double your money back by selling him this vehicle!
  11. NPD carries generic 90* slip-on plugs. https://www.npdlink.com/search/products?search_terms=14489-12A&top_parent=200001&year=
  12. I think you need a Boss 351 Convertible, with the Frank Cone option. There are a few listed around here...
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