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  1. You don't need relays for both sides, only low and high beams.
  2. That's a 72/73 seat belt reminder harness for your C4. Because you are not using a Ford tranny, you can disregard that plug.
  3. Somebody didn't allow me to check their shorts.
  4. Yes, that metal socket is unique to 71 and is much more reliable than the plastic version. Unfortunately, the metal ones are not reproduced and are hard to find in cores. I have to use the plastic version for 71-73 (73 has different wiring). People have said that the original bulb doesn't fit the plastic socket for some reason. I can't find an original bulb to verify, but the 1004 is a functional replacement.
  5. Sorry: they are 1004 bulbs. I'll fix it up above.
  6. They are out there, somewhere...I haven't seen a complete one in about 2-3 years. I made one for a customer and it was awful doing it: I won't cobble another one again.
  7. Try dental floss to get between the metal and the emblem and pull towards you and away from the trunk. Great stuff for cars: dental floss!
  8. OK, this has bothered me for some time. A customer asked for what I used as a socket and I gave him the Amazon/Dorman part. He said he tried it, and "it didn't fit the lens well" whatever that means. So...off I go and try bulbs. The 1157 does fit the socket and only one of the two filaments lights up, but somewhat dim (I suspect the lower level filament). I went to a couple of parts stores and sought the 94 bulb and came up with zilch. The Ford Factory Manual Section 32 front has the Mustang sportslamp for 71/72 as #96, not #94, which was used for other Ford models. Couldn't find a 96 e
  9. No. The Factory Manual states that the MUSTANG sportslamp is #96; the other Ford/Mercury models use #94.
  10. Ammeter barely moves in the best (worst?) conditions and is independent of the other gauges. You can test the gauges by removing the sending unit line at the unit (e.g. fuel, oil pressure, water temperature) and briefly grounding the plug: the gauge should peg high. If not, the most likely suspect is a bad constant voltage regulator on the back of the dash cluster. This CVR DOES NOT control the ammeter or lights. Just because it is new doesn't mean it is not suspect. I've found the input line into the CVR may have high resistance (more than the 9.5 ohms), but you should still see som
  11. Thanks. Who was it that said you can't teach an ol' dog new tricks?
  12. Just got a customer with a Boss 351 and his headlight harness has sportslamps in it. I thought only Mach 1's got the sportslamps. True or False?
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