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  1. There are two basic failure modes: if the car starts with the tach installed, then the gauge guts are bad. If the car cannot start with the tach installed, then the input transformer to the tach is bad and won't pass current to the coil. The third possibility is that your tach has been bypassed and simply doesn't see any signals.
  2. Your best bet is to use that wire that would go to the + side of the coil as a trigger for a relay, the output then would go to the + side of the coil. If you have a factory tach, though, this method will not provide the appropriate signal for the tach.
  3. Ummm...wives don't think logically; ask me how I (and millions of others) know.
  4. Aren't they responsible for Mac's Auto Parts? Yup; I've known of Mac's since 1998.
  5. Got a request from my favorite Mustang Parts vendor: he needed a 72 tach underdash with AC. Found one that didn't have a single splice nor needed one, and got it out to him within 3 hours, a record for a 7123 underdash harness. This was his 54th purchase!
  6. You bought a new wire nut for $7? Shoot, I could have saved you $2 if you had contacted me.
  7. It's sh!t like that that keeps me in business. At least it didn't have wire nuts.
  8. I appreciate everyone documenting their dumb mistakes; it keeps me from making them. As for me, I NEVER make a mistake...
  9. Remove any glass, as it will be damaged from welding and grinding splatter.
  10. If I had your amount of money, I'd throw my money away.
  11. I knew Joy back in High School. How is she these days?
  12. That CB is located at the starter solenoid or very close to it if mounted separately.
  13. Ahhh...those pictures bring back memories.
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