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  1. Before painting in the engine compartment, wrap aluminum foil around all of your wiring in the engine compartment. Remove after painting, you'll be glad you did!
  2. I am extremely short on 71/72 tail light harnesses, and I don't have a single fuel extender in stock. I can cobble the fuel extender from a 73, though.
  3. Looks to be part of the power window harness that goes from master driver's side to passenger side door. Either that or the power convertible harness.
  4. It is more on the creamy side. Chrysler uses a very similar shade of white on its more recent vehicles.
  5. The braid must be installed as the wire harness is being built; it cannot be slipped on. The long plastic tube is factory correct, although usually it is broken in half near the license plate wire or missing all-together. Rhode Island Wire will put the braiding on an existing harness, but it will run about $250 or so. I've seen a picture of all their bobbins and loom gear, and it takes up quite a bit of space. Folks who have used them have been very satisfied.
  6. Yes, turn signal flasher can input is ACC fused power, shared with radio power, wiper washer, and backup lights.
  7. Those are crappy taps for trailer hitches or external lamps. Not factory.
  8. Happy New Years to everyone! 2020 is now hindsight!
  9. A friend of mine had his 72 F100 truck all of a sudden stop running, and he had it pushed into an Autozone parking lot. I went to help him, bringing tools and a spare Petronix I I had laying around. We replaced the Petronix, as that is usually the cause, but still the car would not catch. Power going to the coil, the engine would crank but not catch. I offered that the coil was bad, and got a replacement, and the truck started right up. Your water level being down is a troubling sign. Since your engine wouldn't turn over, I would surmise that water got into the combustion chambers a
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