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  1. Don't shortcut damage due to rust: fix it right by patching panels. I agree with Don C that flat metal with a dolly and a hammer can do a lot to fix it with minimal costs.
  2. Nope. I scavenge them from harnesses that can't be restored.
  3. Rhode Island wiring. https://www.riwire.com/
  4. Only the gauges (oil, temperature, fuel) use the pulsing power. The indicator lamp versions do not use that circuit.
  5. The red tab is what releases the pins from the connector, but doesn't do squat for your problem. I hate that connector type, as it takes a lot of effort to pull apart. There's a tool for pulling back one side of the locking tab, but you'll need two of them and then a pair of pliers to pull the connectors apart. Difficult enough on a work bench; in the car is something else again...
  6. I too, ordered from Amazon: a chicken and an egg. I'll let you know.
  7. This should be extracted and put into the Wiki.
  8. No reproductions. I have scavenged them from unrefurbishable harnesses, but I am running extremely low.
  9. You're taking really good cars away from Isostatic's ability to import them to Great Britain. On the other hand, you could probably double your money back by selling him this vehicle!
  10. NPD carries generic 90* slip-on plugs. https://www.npdlink.com/search/products?search_terms=14489-12A&top_parent=200001&year=
  11. I think you need a Boss 351 Convertible, with the Frank Cone option. There are a few listed around here...
  12. Hell, just build a garage with a roof and waterproof walls. If you can't do that, buy a different house with sufficient garage space and then move. That's what I did. Yeah, it cost me a few 10's of thousands of dollars, but you ain't going to leave that money to any of us, so why not spend it?
  13. When I did my 66, it leaked like an SOB despite the proper gasket and crust washers. Turned out the housing was very warped, and I needed a very thick gasket indeed. While your 3rd member is out, check for trueness across the housing opening. And clean, clean, clean the housing!
  14. This is a very sweet headlight harness, fully restored with minimal splices. The sportslamp sockets were replaced, however. This is the early version without the seat belt wiring that goes to the transmission. $135 includes shipping within the US.
  15. The 3 gauge center cluster on 72 and 73 were only available with the tach dash cluster. In 1971, Ford offered the 3 gauge cluster with the standard dash cluster as an option, but was standard with a tach dash.
  16. Now you'll have to buy another one, ship it across the pond, and wonder all the time it is in transit whether an Atlantic storm will wash it overboard. I think your listening to static on the headphones too long has damaged your limey thinking...
  17. That's the stupidest car cover I've ever seen!
  18. Ahhh...stripping (makes an old man's heart beat faster), and even pictures of the stripper. But where is the bikini and the pole for dancing? I agree, stripping was the right thing to do. Now be sure and get it ospho'ed ASAP or epoxy primer to prevent surface rust.
  19. The harness connects to a four pin plug on the firewall area to the area behind the motor; it contains the backup lights and the bypassed neutral safety switch. Backup lights are black/red (outgoing) and white/purple (incoming power).
  20. That is the parking brake on indicator lamp; the dash cluster lamp is the proportioning valve stuck out of alignment, indicating poor braking and a problem in the system.
  21. The good EZ OFF is the HD version with lye. Read the contents closely to find it.
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