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    1971 Mach 1 with 351c 4V B&M Full Race C6 9" rear End with 4:11 gears have had this car since I was 16 and am 43 now (1st car).


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    Reno, NV.

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  1. Thanks i saw that as well but still good to have the Marti report on the car. When i changed the gears it had the factory 3:00 rear gear in it (now a 4:10) so used to scream on the highway...lol Needs a Detroit Locker bad though. Also saw the factory color was the light pewter metallic which was the color when i got it but i am sure it was repainted at some time. Also interesting we bought the car in Reseda CA (suburb of LA) but was sent to San Jose CA (Northern CA) so it at least has always been a CA car.
  2. Since i have made it a priority to get my ride back on the road i went out to the shop tonight and took some pictures of the Vin and Door Tag to share. Ordered the Marti Report on the car tonight so will be awesome to learn all about it since this is my first care i got when i turned 16. Mike
  3. Hey "without risk there is no reward" so unless you enter you have 100% chance of not winning. :) ::thumb:::D:P I figured WTH and entered. If you win the car you can do whatever you want to it, or leave it as they built it.
  4. Thanks. So what the heck gives? Look at these, $95??? http://www.mustangsetc.com/73-mustang-302-351-motor-mount-rebuilt-fits-coupe-fastback/ Youch!! That place is awesome but they don't have the cheapest prices on the planet that's for sure but i have always been able to get whatever odd piece i have been looking for from them in the past. Plus did you notice they said they are sold individually so that's an Each Price. Mike
  5. I just looked on rockauto.com and here is the trans mount info http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,1973,mustang,5.8l+351cid+v8,1132995,transmission-manual,transmission+mount,8756 and the motor mounts. http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,1973,mustang,5.8l+351cid+v8,1132995,engine,motor+mount,5552
  6. Its not an insult to have someone offer to purchase your baby it just shows you do great work and take care of it. You never have to accept but always feels good when someone offers. The other thing that can be great is use this forum and help them find a car and be part of your club, now you have a new friend that has the same interests as the rest of us. I posted a ton of cars that are West Coast CA rides some aweful and some perfect for a project. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-craigslist-adds-for-cars
  7. Well we all seem to be on the same page here and someone mentioned flywheel, on an automatic if it is one it does not use a flywheel but a flexplate and after 40+ years could be cracked and that will cause the vibration and you will never see it till the trans comes off the back of the block. If its a manual car like was already said could be numerous things, Pressure Plate might be warped, flywheel weight, Throw Out Bearing, Input Shaft Bearing, all sorts of little goodies to play with and give you headaches.
  8. Yeah that was my thread and getting alot of response as i found that highly modified 71 video on YouTube been a good one so far for sure.
  9. Yeah boy resto mod all the way looks old but underneath all new.
  10. I agree with you on that Jeff as you can tell i am not into half assing anything but your right if you measure twice and cut once and get the patch right and take your time no one will notice so will probably go that route and the the car back together.
  11. Yeah but well worth it was just looking at all of the progress and will be beautiful when completed for sure.
  12. Just saw this on YouTube and thought what would you do if you had the unlimited funds available to do whatever you wanted?
  13. You just need to yelp it or have Jeff walk you through it online or on the phone while you have your hands on it. Different Carbs have different tricks and nuances to them.
  14. Agreed Don if it is not alligned properly then it wont work. Plus lots of fun if you still have the drivers seat installed (been there done that before) use a multi meter and you can see if things are lined up correctly when you turn the key.
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