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  1. Here are some outside sunny pics . And here is a video of me taking it down the driveway before paint. Full high rise with big block motor mounts 2 Edelbrock 500s
  2. Vintage Wheel Works rims. You can order custom back spacing to fit your vehicle pretty easy through them. My rear end is narrowed 2" on each side and running a 315-35-17
  3. Thanks guys, I'm down to exhaust and wiring. I have picked up a few more projects over the past year and have been working tons of overtime. Glad to see some familiar faces still on here. Sunburst orange metallic is the color. Looks a evil red in the evenings
  4. Hi all, been a long time since I have been on here hope all is well. Here are some updated pics of my mach. Hoping to be driving her to some cruise in's and to see Mad Max at our local drive-in this year.
  5. Could you send me some part numbers? I would like to see if these would work on a 69 Ranchero I just got in. thanks
  6. Damn man that sucks!!! I'm definitely sorry to hear. If your near VA I know of a few parts cars and would be glad to help you find some parts
  7. The only thing in prime was the car. It has had no work or blocking done just one coat of a ppg primer. I have the receipts for it at the house. After soda blasting the car was power washed and scrubbed with vinegar and hot water then power washed again. Nothing has been done prep wise other then blasting to the rest of the parts. Hood is new in the box along with weather stripping, no fitting has been done to anything to get the lines straight. I work second shift if you would like to call the best time to get me is around noon. Just wanna add that I know nothing about body work so something I might say looks ok might be crappy.
  8. Here are links to start during and current pics of the car. most everything you don’t see on it are new in the box except the fenders they are still bare and need some work, not much though. http://s1143.photobucket.com/user/madwevl/library/Mach1-yellow?evt=email_share&page=1 http://s1143.photobucket.com/user/madwevl/library/Mach1-Soda%20Blasted?evt=email_share&page=1#/user/madwevl/library/Mach1-Soda%20Blasted?evt=email_share&page=1&_suid=13644910357870013757003734258588 http://s1143.photobucket.com/user/madwevl/library/Mach1-Current?evt=email_share&page=1#/user/madwevl/library/Mach1-Current?evt=email_share&page=1&_suid=136449106083307984724892249115
  9. I used 71 Lincoln 460 in mine, I have a canton oil pan. If you need pics or measurements I could get some if it helps This is my first time on here i just joined.the car had a 73 460 when i bought it but it seems as though the motor is to close to the frame 1/4 inch and the exhaust is still stock and it seems as though header install will be tight. Thanks for the quick reply great to hear from ya.. Marc Yeah, headers are a pain on a 460 haha. I had lots of problems from my hooker headers and ended up with Ford Powertrain Applications which fit alot better.
  10. Thanks guys, Thats looking like a better idea more and more.
  11. Thanks, Ive done that around here and they have all came back like a horror story of body shop prison
  12. Hi guys I’m hoping someone here can help me out. I have gotten screwed over put on hold lost friendships and thousands of dollars. Long story short the friends I’ve trusted to paint my car has put me off for over a year. A few years ago I had them paint under my hood so I could put the motor in and have been waiting ever since. Look on facebook and one of their race team mates has my exact color and paint scheme on his car. After he saw mine under the hood and liked the color I got put on hold for over a year being told they don’t have time family problems and bla bla bla you know the drill. Only to find out this car is done and looks great. I desperately need a painter I can trust near Roanoke VA. I have gotten so burnt out I’m thinking of selling the car and let someone else deal with it.
  13. looks great! Hello from Christiansburg VA, Im about 2hrs from MT Airy
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