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    1973 orig H code, special order-paint-Candy Red, power windows, tilt, ram air, loaded, bought from orig owner 63k miles, replaced interior with MACH I+custom back seats, fuel tank, owned for 10 years, sold last year to a friend.
    1973 restored conv Q code, p windows, tilt , black w/stripes, MACH I interior+custom back seats, my brothers' car.


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  1. SOLD. THANKS I was requested to open packages for pictures. 2 upper control arms 2 lower control arms 2 steering arm 1 steering joint 2 tie rod ends 2 tie rod couplers 2 coil spring saddles complete 2 coil spring bushings 2 mounts with large washers 2 sway bar ends with bushings 2 sway bar brackets w bushings These are aftermarket not OEM. SIP on some wrappers. Some parts are stamped Made in CANADA. New, just opened for pictures, only today. I purchased these 4 years ago for a convertible destroyed in the August 2016 flood.
  2. SOLD I have a complete front end kit. Upper and lower control arms, tie rod ends. Sway bar mounts, bushings, etc. orig $800 kit for $400 plus shipping. Over 20 pieces. These parts did NOT flood. All three of our mustangs went under in the flood of August. My younger brother bought back his black 73 from the insurance company. Slowly posting parts to clear out. I will get this kit out, set it out for pictures. $400 plus shipping Eric in Finally sold the Aussie heads.
  3. Other side of these hard to find heads. They'll need to be hot tanked again since sitting for years on the shelf.
  4. I posted these in 2012. Got a couple replies. Missed 1 reply from Michael in Alabama a few months later. Well I'm going to try again. Too heavy to ship. Looking for local pickup. Bare 351 cleveland 2v closed chamber Aussie heads. No cracks. $250. FWIW.... An very respected Engineer/PHD at my chemical plant calculated 107hp. increase with these heads (stock components) vs stock open chambered 2v heads - on a stock "H" engine...... And AUSSIE 2V Heads have a small 61cc wedge chamber that can handle 10.0:1 compression on pump gas . . . Pick up preferred. Baton Rouge, LA area. Will dr
  5. The 3 digit sequence number after the DSO.... stands for.... yours was the 457th vehicle (be it a car, truck, van , cab/chassis, bus, etc.) that was special ordered, for whatever reason, so far that year, through that certain DSO. Eric
  6. [/color] Are these set to go, or should the valves/springs/seats be changed? Correct Tnfastbk! Bare heads, No parts attached. Will need "hot-tanking" again, these sat on the shelf for a few years. How much does each head weigh? I'm trying to sell these close enough not to ship at this time, if no response, may consider crate/and/shipping later. FWIW.... An very respected Engineer/PHD at my chemical plant calculated 107hp. increase with these heads (stock components) vs stock open chambered 2v heads - on a stock "H" engine...... And AUSSIE 2V Heads have a small 61cc
  7. Bare 351 cleveland 2v closed chamber Aussie heads. No cracks. $250. Pick up preferred. Baton Rouge, LA area. Will drive/meet a short distance to deliver. Eric
  8. Hi All, I installed Mach1 interior in the red and black 73 convertibles. For the seat backs I used matching interior upholstery material from a supplier here in Baton Rouge. Using "3M Adhesive Spray", it held beautifully. Hot glue gun on the "folded over" inside edges. Looks better than factory plastic. I had an upholstery shop here in Baton Rouge sew a "cover" for the interior quarters, which I spray glued also. I think they also look presentable. I had another shop sew in Mach1 stripes in the standard rear convertible seats for both convertibles, to m
  9. He said nice rack. Lol Welcome from Mobile! tanks man yup....i tink evry bodee dun been wit my Clotille'... aaaaaaaaaiiieeeeeeeeeeee........brudda we shair,
  10. nope but i sho probly nowe whoo did. im just across dat lil amite rivr from dat denham spring town. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee brudda dis wil sho maek yoo homsic an dat litl man up dere dance aaaaaaaaaiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Dug Kershaw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eC24QA0la48&feature=related
  11. Tanks man Hey boudro' com pass by dat nort side o Baten Rooge an ile get us sum o' dat boudin', hog craklin, an gator sauce picaunt'. O' corse sum good shine to wash it dowwn. Jus let me nowe wen, an ile tel Clotille' to get cookin.... "Big Easy"
  12. Another cajun sleeper! A close friend of mine has this 429 convertible. Factory 429 Cobra Jet Engine, Factory Hurst 4-Speed Rare Grabber Lime Exterior NASA Ram Air Hood with Hood Locks Deluxe Green Interior, Tilt Wheel Air Conditioning, 3-Spoke Steering Wheel Factory Tach & Gauges Power Windows, Factory installed Power Seats (cougar option) AM/FM Stereo, 15" Magnum 500 Wheels His Rotisserie Restoration Marti Report One of 42 Cobra Jet Convertibles Produced One of One Built with these Options, Expensive Verifiably NO expense spared
  13. Thank you. The old Cardinals' player that ordered it told me he didn't care too much for the available 73 red/orange color. He also had a 66 candy red conv. I just joined this great forum. In the introduction section I posted pics of some of our familys' cars. We been restoring since early '80s. Again great forum, Eric
  14. I recently sold my 73 convertible. Special order paint - Candy Red. Door data sticker has a blank paint code. Six digit DSO = 3 digit DSO+ consecutive special ordered vehichles so far that year, from that particular DSO (trucks, cars, vans,etc). Ford didn't specify, on the window sticker, what particular color is ordered.
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