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  1. Go ahead and shoot Chris a picture, yours might be in better shape. I have just one on a vehicle, and need to pull it off. But if yours is good to go, please feel free. Let's get him the best one we can.
  2. I found the straight metal piece this afternoon on another vehicle.
  3. If Don doesn't have any left, I should have something out back. Don get first dibs.
  4. I have one carb with brackets left on them. The heater hose looks like the one you are looking for but the flat plate on mine is different (guessing because it is a 2v carb).
  5. I have a 73 Mach 1 coming in at the end of the month. Can check to see if they are still on that one when it comes in.
  6. Looks like I only drivers side for a Fastback and a Coupe. Fastback has a little piece missing at the top, but that fits under the metal molding over the door. That is all I have at this time. Do have another Mach 1 coming in late May.
  7. Let me take a look at what I have left on the C Pillars. I am pulling in a 73 Mach at the end of May and may have A pillars at that time.
  8. Cleaning and painting would restore this one, but you will have to sand the front if you want the paint to adhere. Light surface rust on the back side as they did not prime the backs. Glove box door/hinge is $10, so tptal of $50 for the complete dash and shipping to your location is $88.33 via Fedex.
  9. Your price is $40 plus shipping. Shoot me your zip code and let me see what the cost is to get it to you.
  10. I have two on the shelf currently. The first one is fairly rusty on the backside, but the second one is in nicer shape. Here are pictures of them. First picture is the first dash, the other pictures are of the better one.
  11. I should have a 71. Am out of town currently, will get you pictures next week. Do you need Deluxe or Standard and is there a certain color you would prefer?
  12. What year do you need (71/early 72 - no belt light above glovebox, or 72/73 with belt light)? Also standard or deluxe (with or without holes in glovebox)? Is there a specific color you are looking for? I have some on my ebay store and others out back still in cars.
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