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    1971 429 CJs: Grabber Lime, Grabber Blue, White, Dark Green Metallic (2), Pewter, Red Convertible 1972: Sprints (3), 1973: Pink Convertible (2)


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  1. Am interested in the 429 Coupe. What color is your convertible? Mine is red with a red interior. Any chance you have a Maroon 429 also?
  2. Yep, Got those. But will have to install them probably the same way you did yours!!!
  3. I need to get my Grabber Blue one done sometime. It also has argent on it like yours, but mine looks much different than your beautiful one!!!
  4. Thanks for the reminder!!! I actually have the holes poked for the four coat hooks and seat belt harnesses, just need to install them.
  5. Thanks, I hope this can help others. There are days that I don't feel like working on it, but my theory is to do one thing a day (even if it is putting four nuts on to attach something), and after 30 days, then 30 more things are done.
  6. Been a while since I last posted an update on the Grabber Lime Mach. Am working my way through the interior and now have the headliner and roof moldings in, the dash has been painted and installed, and just finished up putting the package tray and moldings back in. Will be working on the sail panels, interior quarter panels, installing the rear window and rear seats next.
  7. I am looking for a real Coupe if anyone knows one for sale. Already have a convertible and multiple Fastbacks. Thanks.
  8. I have some of those. Let me get you some pictures so you can see what the chrome looks like on them.
  9. I checked but do not have that particular piece of the trim.
  10. I may have that trim piece. Let me see which ones I have and let you know
  11. Looks like I only have this one black one left. It will need the white plastic piece under the horn pad replaced and it will need to be cleaned up also.
  12. Let me check the garage tomorrow, I thought I had one in black, but not positive.
  13. Am interested, just need to know how much money to send to you.
  14. How much to ship to 48188. I need that for my daughters car.

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