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  1. Thanks, and lot of good info here. I have a D2 on the shelf. and three C8s still on current project engines, but am hoping I don't have to rob one of those (but I could) because I would still have to find one down the road, which will be even harder. Hopefully I will get those pictures early this week so I can see if it is in good shape. I looked at the $75 C8 cover on ebay already, and other than the thin material, it looks like a bolt is seized in one hole. I am going to see if I can find a better one (missed the one from last week at $175). Mine has been welded, but would work, just would like to find a nicer one as I am not sure of the porosity of the previous repair.
  2. Thank you!! I just sent them a note to see some pictures.
  3. Am looking for a nice original or NOS 429CJ Oil Pan and Timing Cover. The timing cover is a c8 part number. The timing cover I have has been welded previously and the oil pan has quite a few large dents from the inside out (guessing a rod came loose, but didn't puncture the pan.
  4. Let me box it up and get you a price with shipping. Will send a PM.
  5. Here are a couple that I have on the shelf. They have not been cleaned up yet.
  6. Here are pictures of two of them. These are nice ones without rust and no dents on them.
  7. I have about 15 of them upstairs at the garage. Haven't listed them or the 17 fenders I have. Let me get you some pictures of the 73s.
  8. I have some, but I am in Michigan. I can ship if you would like to go that route.
  9. Has been quite a while since the last post, so wanted to share the latest progress on the build. Had new leaf springs built from Eaton Spring and they used my original lower leaf since it had the part numbers on it. Detailed and installed the 9" differential into the axle housing. Installed new brake lines and put in new rear brake hardware. Bought the emergency brake hardware and will be installing that next. Then will add drums/wheels and tires and lower the car down to torque the rear suspension correctly. Currently waiting for the engine to return from the machine shop, but did just get the transmission back from the rebuilder. Will finish the front suspension and then install the powertrain and fire it up!
  10. I have splash shields, fender extensions (164824714974), and marker lights (203229695215). Some are on my ebay store, others are still on the cars out back. A couple of questions though - On the Inner Splash shield, do you mean front or back? On the side marker lights, do you need bezels, or just the lights?
  11. I have several sets off original cars and ship world wide if interested.
  12. I actually found another pair of 71/72s upstairs at the garage today. These have nice chrome on the outside and can be blasted and painted/powder coated if your interested.
  13. Unfortunately the remaining ones out back are either chrome for 71/72 or the longer 73s. Sorry about that, I thought I had one more set of 71/72s. May want to check with Don at Ohio Mustang. He may have some used ones also.
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