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  1. Finally finished the restoration of the console and am ready to put it into the car. Ended up putting a reproduction bezel in the console as it was cheaper than having the original re-chromed. No broken areas on the console which made it nice. Once this is installed, next comes the dashboard and seats and the interior is complete. Then we move on to the undercarriage for the suspension and powertrain installation!
  2. If Midlife or 72 Mustang Sprint don't have one, let me know (they get first dibs). I should have some out back. 71/72 are the same, 73s are a little different (fuel sender wire on the 73 is part of the harness, 71/72 has a plug into the harness).
  3. That is a great price! I just paid $150 for a new reproduction center bezel where the clock goes, and that was half of what your asking just for the whole piece.
  4. Each door panel ($150) complete with the woodgrain ($50), stainless steel trim ($50), pulls ($50), and handle covers ($25) is $325 or $650/pair. Discount for being a member is $100, so the pair would be $550 and $57.16 for shipping via Fedex (cheapest).
  5. Here are pictures of the door panels in Avocado. They are in nice shape, but will need to be cleaned up. The passenger door panel does have two star cracks towards the door pull, and the drivers panel is split at the arm rest area. Both doors are straight, still have the woodgrain inserts, door pulls, stainless trim and door handle covers. They are stereo door as they have the speaker cut outs in them.
  6. Might have some Avocado ones, but no black at this time.
  7. Are you looking for standard or deluxe door panels?
  8. I'll put a tracer on this to see if we can figure out exactly where it is. When I talk to them, they don't really seem to care, but they did say they are behind due to Covid, and have been moving their carriers around to try and keep up the best they can.
  9. Bezels shipped on 12/4, were supposed to be there on 12/7, but the tracking website states it is in transit and will be arriving late. Tracking number 9405803699300783924364. December 8, 2020 In Transit, Arriving Late Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility.
  10. Sent you a pm. Will box them up tomorrow and get you a price with shipping.
  11. No dings or dents. The Mustang had been sitting in a garage for the last 25 years. They are $100 plus the ride. If you would like better pictures, just let me know.
  12. Ran down to the garage tonight and removed the bezels from the 73. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think. These haven't been cleaned yet, just pulled them off.
  13. I have a pair, but we have had a family issue last week. I will be down at the garage on Wednesday at the latest and will get the picture.
  14. Thanks for that info. I think this may actually be a 351-2v from a 72 if I remember correctly.
  15. I have this 351C air cleaner that just came off a 72. Looks like it had been recently painted, but there is some dirt in the paint. Also, the snorkel looks a little lighter blue than the main housing.
  16. I should have a pair of those on a vehicle that just came in. Let me get you a picture.
  17. Will include the hardware free of charge. $50 shipped to your location for the pair of belts/hardware.
  18. Here are a couple of pairs of shoulder belts on the shelf. Both are faded, and the small elastic band is stretched. The belts themselves are fine, but the chrome one set needs to be rechromed, but the other is a little better. Not sure if these are good enough for you or not.
  19. I have several pairs of shoulder belts, but they need to be restored as the black has faded pretty badly. Let me know if you would like pictures.
  20. Which year and style do you need? Can you post us a picture so we can help?
  21. Wow, your seats look great. Mine are not quite that nice. I think the issue for me is the comfortweave material. Being black, the color of the material threads seems to be the issue and the strings behind the top layer looks brownish. I did use Lexol on the back seats but didn't put it on the comfortweave. It may not look as bad in the sun, and I could always put new material on down the road. I may also try a little dye/paint on the comfortweave to see if I can color it a little.
  22. One per side it is, guess I will take the extras out. I think I will see if I can freshen up the original comfortweave first before I put new material on. Probably should also wait and put it outside in the sun to see what it looks like outside rather than in the garage with the florescent lights.
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