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  1. Available as of June of 2017. It's pricy but it's the only one available. I ordered a set from one of their Canadian distributors. https://www.americanautowire.com/view-product/1971-73-ford-mustang-classic-update-kit-2/ Can you confirm the tach/speedo diameter as well as the fuel, volt, temp and oil gauges.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Ill be sending him an e-mail shortly.
  3. I was looking at these gauges. the problem is that it makes the console gauges useless and I'm trying to keep the car as stock looking as possible using OEM style and size gauges. I'm not interested in modifying/creating new brackets to fit aftermarket gauges. Understood. This what I am doing. Parts are here and they look great. http://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_page.asp?itemid=2743 Looks nice. If I get desperate I may go that way. I'm currently in contact with Dakota Digital about a custom set-up using the digital VFD3-71M-CNT carcass but installing/manufacturing analog gauges similar to their VHX style gauges. The cost will be eye watering, particularly with todays currency exchange rate but I want what I want and there aren't many options out there that don't require a lot of modification on my part.
  4. Cost isn't an issue, time is (I know that sounds strange). I know that Midlife does an awesome job from what I've read here, I just don't want to lay the car up while I have the old harness ripped out, sent across the border to the US, repaired, returned to Canada and installed on the Mach1. I'd just as soon just get a new complete kit for quick installation. Thank you very much for your words of support, it's been 7 months since her passing and I'm dealing with her loss one day at a time.
  5. I was looking at these gauges. the problem is that it makes the console gauges useless and I'm trying to keep the car as stock looking as possible using OEM style and size gauges. I'm not interested in modifying/creating new brackets to fit aftermarket gauges.
  6. Good day to all. It's been many years since I last posted here but circumstances have necessitated my return. Recently my wife, Mach1 Mama, past away from Cancer leaving me her beloved '73 Q code Mach 1. Since she bought and re-built her baby (see Travails of the Trailer Queen) I've only driven the car 3 times in about 9 years, the last time was in 2013. After her passing I've done two short tips in the "Man Magnet" and discovered a few issues that need to be rectified, the first required the complete replacement of the wiring harness. I've decide to go with the kit sold by American Autowire. The second issue deals with the dash and console gauges, I'm seriously looking at Classic Instruments for replacement gauges. however I'm confused as they offer two sets that they claim will fit a '73 Mustang but they differ in dimensions. One set has 3 - 3/8" Tach and speedo and 2 - 1/8" oil, fuel, amp and temp gauges. The other set consists of 4 - 5/8" Tach and speedo and 2 - 5/8" oil, fuel, amp and temp gauges. Which set will be a direct, no modification fit? if neither of them will fit can someone direct me to where I can find direct replacement analogue style gauges that will.
  7. At the risk of being banned and going waayyy off brand and it's more of an exotic car than muscle car take a look at the '68 - '78 Lamborghini Espada. The resemblance is uncanny.
  8. As promised here are pictures of one of our club members ’71 orange coupe. It currently has 302 but it will be replaced by a 351W. I’ll post the power numbers when he gets it on an engine dyno. He will be making to trip to Charlotte next April.
  9. @Don65Stang. Thanks for the award, it's much appreciated.
  10. Actually, to tell you the truth wearing a "skirt" has it's advantages, particularly if you're going "Regimental". I beleive it's the American equivalent of going "Commando". ;)
  11. Retired from the Canadian Navy in '09 with 26 years 286 days of service as a Hull Tech (Shipwright) attaining the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class (US equivalent of Sgt 1st Class/Master Sergeant). Served/sailed on 6 Destroyers/Frigates and 2 Tankers. Spent about 7 years total (multiple postings) at the Damage Control Division as a Nuclear Biological and Chemical Instructor, Damage Control Instructor and Fire Fighting Lighter/Instructor. I spent a further 4 years at the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School (East) as the Hull Section Regulating PO/DC Console instructor as well as an instructor for miscellaneous trade related courses (woodworking, fibreglass repair etc...). Deployments of note include Gulf War '91 and again in '01, Adriatic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) '94. Currrently employed as a civilian Environment and Safety Inspector in HMC Dockyard, Halifax. PS. I dodged being posted as a recruiter by a hair. I would have been terrible at is as I'm not a very good liar (from my own experience when I joined). I also forgot to mention that my first military experience was the three years I spent in my hometown Highland Army Reserve Unit (called Militia in Canada). As an english speaking francophone it was strange wearing the dress uniform of a Scottish Regiment (kilt) I've got pictures to prove it.
  12. You've hit the nail on the head, the front of the car (thread starter) is too thick which throws the rest of the car out of proportion..
  13. Just a quick note to let you all know that a second '71-'73 Mustang from our club will be attending the Charlotte show, in this case it's a 302 '72 coupe in orange and argent. I don't have any photos of it yet, but I'll post them when I get them.
  14. Well, I'm retired but still employed, I can afford it, I certainly have enough vacation time accrued, as an ex-Canadian serviceman (Navy) I've been to various US ports on both coasts but I've never seen the Heartland of America so this is my opportunity. And I'm not taking 2 weeks off, I'm taking 5 in order to visit my relatives on my way back home. I suppose you could call it my belated retirement road cruise (It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever go to sea again so ocean "Cruises" are out of the question). Besides it gives me a chance to meet other Mustang enthusiasts such as yourself, as well as others that I have met online, face to face. The weather does concern me, but I have no control over that and will prepare as best I can (tires in particular).
  15. That's too bad, I was hoping on meeting some you guys on the road. But I guess I'll make make sure to see you all in Charlotte, I know my wife (Mach 1 Mama) will be searching for you.
  16. As I've previously stated in another thread our Club is heading to Charlotte next year. However myself and another of our members decided to leave early, take a slight detour, turn right somewhere south and head over to Las Angeles to start the Mustangs Across America Cruise. From LA we'll do a six day cruise where we'll meet up with the rest of our club in Charlotte in time for the anniversary celebrations. After the festivities are complete, Myself and the wife (in her '73 Q code Mach 1) will be heading straigt north to visit my family in Ontario Canada and finally back home to Nova Scotia. Total time, about 5 weeks, total mileage, about 8 - 9K miles. Anyways I was wondering if anyone from the 7173 Mustangs are also taking part in this cruise.
  17. I'm glad you've got a good rate on your reservations, if I had known about the free/cheap booze I'd have pushed for the Hampton Inns myself.
  18. We booked 20 rooms, but I don't know what the minimum required to get a rate discount. That's something that you'll have to negotiate with the Hotel/Motel.
  19. Just to give you all a heads up, approximately 20+ cars from the Nova Scotia Mustang Club (NSMC) are planning to attend next year’s 50th anniversary. Because of the distances involved the NSMC will be going to the Charlotte event. At this point we only have two 71-73 Mustangs going (the only two in a Club of about 150 members), one of them is Mach1 Mama. The tentative schedule for our trip to North Carolina is as follows: 1) Depart Halifax NS on the 12th of April 2014 stopping in Portsmouth, NH (route and hotel to be determined). 2) Depart Portsmouth on the 13th and stopping just south of Harrisburg, PA (route and hotel to be determined). 3) Depart Harrisburg on the 14th and arriving our hotel: Country Inn & Suites 580 Dicken's Place Concord, NC 28025 Tel: 1-704-793-6777 We have made a group booking and got a substantial rate reduction from $300 down to $90 a night (FOR NSMC MEMBERS ONLY). Most of us are already booked in from the 14th to the 21st of April. We'll finalize our actual route and remaining stop over hotels as time progresses. If anyone wants to join us in this historic event you're more than welcome, but you'll have to arrange your own accomodations. I should have more info after we have our nexr planning meeting in May.
  20. [align=left] Thank you. However I didn't do the actual work. My wife's trusty mechanic (who builds and races his own drag cars) completed the work for her.[/align]
  21. My wife used a set of Competition Engineering weld-in steel sub-frame connectors, 2” thin wall steel tubing. Mocking up for cutting and welding. Sub-frame connector welded in place. You can see where they intrude into the passenger compartment.
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