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  1. How does the saying go about an ounce of prevention, well a pound of cure on your high end engine doesn;t sound so bad.
  2. Thanks, will get a few pix and post. All absolutely clean as never run and no leaks etc. Jenny:D
  3. 1971 Mach 1 Resto Mod $40K invested all top of the line. 429 Cobra Jet and C6 built by race engine shop in CA. Media blasted completely and then all body work done by old school professional. Painted with Sikkens top of the line paint in a Boss 302 motif. Everything done top of the line. March billet track system, alum rad and dual electric fans, all AN braided lines, Wilwood brakes x4 9 inch 3.91 posi TCP torque arm, 17" 9.5 and 8 inch wheels with BFG G Force tires, Nu Vintage dash, Classic Auto Air perfect fit system, American Autowire Hiway 22 wiring, billet alum rear honey comb and new lites stainless exhaust. Needs AC hi and lo pressure hoses, wiring installed and interior installed (professionally rebuilt seats done) Have everything. My personal dream car but we are building our dream retirement home in N. Idaho and won't have time to complete for 2 years and could use the money as our build is all cash. Many more things done not listed. Looking for offers in the low $20 K range. Truly all done top of the line not just a prettyed up car. Email me thru here or call 775-240-7255. Car located in Reno, NV. Has never been fired. Guys I am selling my dream car to help fund my dream retirement home. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  4. :D i have used raam mat is for soun deadening for audio wors great cheaper than the high priced stuff
  5. :) Replaced mine same problem. took hair dryer to it heped but stiil no good. Took a sharp utility knife to out of view inside trunk edge. Does't leak but fits now.
  6. My painter shot sikkens its top of the line $1399 for paint materials, Glasurit is anothr hi quality I've had applied tocars.
  7. This is a filler neck from a 1972 mustang fastback. Fits all 71-73 mustangs. Used good condition. Will cost 10-15 to ship.PM me with interest and zip I'll let u know what shipping would be. Jenny
  8. GOOD USED 2 SPOKE FORD OEM CENTER PAD BLACK CLEAN NO CRACKS SCRAPES OR SPLITS MUSTANG AND OTHERS. soft. Will cost 10-15 to ship. PM me with you interest and zip code
  9. :huh: Well I've gotten to the point of putting my side windows back in. The bigh pieces of the door mech I have in and they function. But there are stops and bumpers etc that I just don't know now. I've got the jim osborn books but it really leaves too many questions in this area. so.. Does anyone have their windows in but their door panels not installed, and would you take some detailed pictures of how it all looks. I'm especially intrigued to know how the window attaches to the mech so it can go up and down. Doesn't have a track system like the older cars. If someone who has roll up rear windows can take a pic of that it would help too. I supposedly have all the parts but its a mystery after that. I was referring someone with a 30000 mile original car to 7173 just earlier today, bragging how the collected knowledge here is a life saver. I hope that can be true again. Thanks all who read this and for any help. You're all great!!!:D
  10. :sWell I haven't tried it yet but a friend who has restored more than a few cars swears by 3m adhesive. Its a particular one (I bought a tube so if someone interested I can supply name anyway you put a coat on each side let it tack up 5-10 minutes shove them together and he swears they never move. Of course you miss out on the drilling holes and bending staples and painting. Check with some interior shops and see if anyone has heard of this. I figure I'll try and if it doesn't work I can still go the rivet or staple way. Just not there yet.
  11. I have read about the horrors of fitting reproduction delux door panel to a MACH1. We have Dashes Direct door panels. Don't know what Don at OMS sells and haven't been able to reach him. Now we see MustangMarket on ebay that is trumpeting their door panels. Anyone have experience. Help Jenny
  12. :)Hello and welcome to our blog. I have a 71 Mach1 that started as a 351. I now have a 70 mercury cyclone 429 cobra jet in it. I haven't started it yet but I have Hooker Super comps ceramic coated. Fit fine still have access to all plugs. I have PS with lines run. The big thing for me was getting ahold of the metal engine mounts both frame side and engine side. I wanted it in the original position. I have the dreaded Ford Racing Tall Valve covers. It didn't allow us to use the wilwood master cylinder but an explorer fit fine. The reason for the high valve covers is a stud girdle. Someone here already told you of the valve covers to use instead. We have a March Billet Track system with all accesssories mounted and lines run. We didn't have room for standard fan so have done some fiddling there. If you can get all the mounting brackets for acces froma donor car or truck with 429 460 and keep your life simpler. Only reason to modify your shock tower is if you want to modify suspension or steering. Otherwise leave them alone. everything fits. Hope this helps and welcome here. I have been saved many times by the good people here.
  13. :D I have listed on ebay a black Center Console Long very complete clock that when we hooked to 12v actually runs, pigtail and all and ashtray. The armrest top shows some wear but I will include new repop lid ($65 on ebay) all for $240 plus ship and pack. I have that on Ebay for $305 but will sell direct here for $240. My ebay user is jenny_rn and I have 12 pics there. I have put 1 here just to show it is complete but on ebay you can see lots of views and every screw hole. This is an unmolested console..
  14. :huh: Well we're at that stage. Got an American Autowire 22 circuit kit, 2 electric rad fans that can run on one 40 amp relay a Nu Vintage dash, a Classic auto air set up, single wire alternator. I have one mustang shop here in reno that can do the install but probably $1500-2000. What say you all. There are no wires connectors or anything in the car Dash is open. For those who have done it would u doit yourself or pay? About that same time I am getting windows installed including side windows. All roll up have parts but nothing in car. I've heard adjusting windows to run right is a real difficulty. I'm looking for advice, links to others videos that have done. Any feedback (other than u poor shit) I can get. I didn't take it apart so am unfamiliar and that always intimidates me, Thanks, Jenny
  15. :D I have always loved the look of your stang. That said I would have sold tires and wheels and bought new tires for you bright wheels. Just me. My restmod is the same color as yours, have AR polished aluminum 1 piece wheels. Jenny
  16. Thanks to everyone. I didn't have my new grill out of the box so hadn't tried that. You are exactly correct. I knew this forum wouldn't let me down. Thanks to Chuck, Eric, Doug Travis and all the others who spent their time trying to help. You all are the bomb.
  17. That is your heater box, which contains the heater core and A/C evaporator. the piece on the right is the defroster duct. both attach to the firewall on the inside of the car. The little duct in the lower right of the picture is the air intake tube for the engine. it mounts below the battery tray. Hope this helps. -Travis
  18. :huh: I need to tap the collective knowledge of the board. I am reassembling my 71 (2.5 yrs so far) and I have these 2 parts I can't identify. They are 1 for each side and 1 has very slight damage suggesting it came from the drivers front fender area as I had replacement to do in that area. But alas I can't fit them anywhere, nor do they show up in the body assembly manual. It's a real puzzle. I am attaching pictures and any help would be appreciated. My 71 does have the double support for the hood latch.:D POSTED THE WRONG PIC AT FIRST. IT'S THE METAL PARTS NOW SHOW. THANKS TO ALL WHO REVIEWED AND DOUG FOR RESPONSE
  19. Craigslist parts mach1 has some good looking parts http://reno.craigslist.org/cto/4527342602.html
  20. Just for what its worth, as soon as all is not stock forget stock lines. and stainless doesn't bend for s---. Everything or our car is not stock so we went for ss flex lines custom measured and made. Still kinda a pita but easy compared to solid lines.
  21. Just FWIW using SIKKENS bc/cc on my 71 with all others materials for paint , primer all mixers reducers etc was $3250. It would seem like a single stage matte black should be less for materials. Jenny
  22. First Alabama loses to Auburn and gets ranked 3rd. Now playing their bowl game against #11 Oklahoma, down 31-17 at half time. I keep thinking Nick Sabans head is gonna explode. Then sweet revenge, Stanford kept the Ducks out of the Rose Bowl only to be soundly defeated by Michigan Spartans. I love it. What a great bowl season so far.
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