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  1. this car has a million miles on it, the i.d has a step worn in it. wouldn't it be nice to have sealed bearing hubs? I'm looking into mods to fit. thanks
  2. this car has a million miles on it, the i.d has a step worn in it. wouldn't it be nice to have sealed bearing hubs? I'm looking into mods to fit. thanks
  3. while doing maintenance on front bearings, found that my outer race is spinning in the hub and has at least .005 slop. 70-73 large bearing hubs are not available. I was told 64-67 hubs can work by using their race and using the larger i.d. 71 bearing. can anyone confirm this? don't see need to go disc swap in my 6 cyl cruiser. the 10"x2 1/2" shoes stop straight after I ditched the self adjuster set up and went to the 64" manual adjust spring.
  4. you may still need to lean out idle circuit, insert a strand of copper wire about .010 dia. 1/2" long bent like letter J and slide long end into idle feed jet in the metering block. this will have a noticeable effect on idle and cruise mix. i remember on my 429 that .013 wire dia. was too lean and caused surging at cruising speed. i did this on a 3310-2 750 cfm vac sec. and a 850 dp w/4 corner idle, only on the prim metering block
  5. the new carb may need a metering rod or jet change to richen up idle. any surging on freeway? stumble flat spot during accell?
  6. i have had a door glass issue since i bought the 71 vert. roll up and it hits upper part of windshield frame, this leaves gap in corner by mirror. tried to tilt adjust but then doesn't match up to rear glass. can a glass company grind to fit on the car?
  7. my 71 6cyl aod swap went well. cant say i noticed a drain on power compared to c4 but you know how unrelated coincidents happen. I changed my master cyl. and didnt adjust the rod right and it felt like i was towing a trailer! brake drag bad. i installed a TCI constant psi valvebody for firmer shifts and to protect trans from melt down. tci says it fixes factory shift flaws. maybe you need higher shift points on all 3 shifts?
  8. both sets of hooker headers have poor fit. im very happy with hedman hustler headers 1 3/4 x 3" nice ground clearance but interferes with z bar. had to hyd. clutch swap. twice as happy!
  9. i recently bought a dark horse racing hood that has the naca ducts with a cowl on top. planning to cut a hole inside to let the air filter go to top of cowl. hoping to use a 5" element with stock air cleaner and ram air plate. it cost me 750.00
  10. fuel psi was a culprit for me, dont know what edel carbs max psi spec is but if its too high it will start flooding when it gets up to temp. a bad pcv valve has stumped me before with similar symptoms.
  11. I completed an american powertrain hyd. clutch kit in my 71 429 toploader mach. i will be posting it when finished. had to install fox body booster to make room for MC. i used a willwood puller slave pulling from the trans crossmember bolt. lighter pedal than stock z bar.
  12. get a long tailshaft toploader from a galaxy. you will have a better suited shifter position, farther back and you can use a straight shifter.
  13. remember, "the big guy stands behind the little guy". all drum brakes are this way.
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