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    1971 mach 1 auto, 507 bbf, alum heads ect.


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    corona ca

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  1. Once I seen them in the car, they look just like they where born there! Very classy upgrade, props to your dad`s initials.
  2. My cardboard protector under the door sill trim is shot, what is a good alternative to protect our carpet?
    ford used brass studs and nuts instead of wood screws?
  3. Very interesting notes, I am comparing efficiency from factory box. For 1,000$ old air sells "front end" kit, but utilizes stock box internals, stage II includes upgraded evap, full system from c.a.a. or old air products 1600$ but new box. Thank you for the reach out, I have rebuilt entire dash a/c box, flushed out evap/core, ect. I think of going with original air firewall forward upgrade kit.
  4. Vintage Air 112002-SUA - Vintage Air Replacement Slide Pot Assemblies ( 8 ) Part Number: VTA-112002-SUA
  5. Vintage air has ez sliders.
  6. WTF? somebody used straight water??
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