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  1. I went to the local classic Ford part house in Oklahoma City looking for a fan shroud. I was shown their fan shrouds, previous years looked fine but the 71-73 shrouds looked like something less than what I expected. I talked to Don at Ohio Mustang and placed the order for the fan shroud he was selling -- received it at my door an it looks great. I just wanted to share my experience.
  2. Welcome from Oklahoma City, nice car.
  3. Welcome from Oklahoma City
  4. I am using the Duraspark, runs great and you have parts availability at local auto part stores.
  5. He really enjoyed driving it, he has seen this car in the garage since he was a boy so it was an exciting experience to put it back together. He did most of the work, it drives nice following the alignment and new shocks :-D He also drives a 78 Ford F-250 with a 460. This car was saved. I was thinking about it earlier today how bad the car looked after it was wrecked, i.e, I would visit the salvage yards and find cars that were in better shape than my car. The next task is body work and paint.
  6. The power front disc brake work is complete so I let my son (Super-Mustang) drive it to school.
  7. Welcome from Oklahoma City!
  8. Hello from Oklahoma City, nice car.
  9. Welcome from Oklahoma City!
  10. Welcome from Oklahoma City.
  11. Welcome from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!
  12. Replaced distributor, are you sure the distributor is not 180 degrees off?
  13. Wow, TN, Florida --this car is getting around. I see what appears to be the same car on Craigslist ad from Georgia. http://columbusga.craigslist.org/cto/5358412552.html
  14. Also check vacuum lines for any leaks, holes in old rubber lines or disconnected.
  15. If it was running before swapping the parts then this should be easy. It could be due to a poor electrical connection causing low voltage, have you checked the volts at both terminals on the ignition coil (when ignition is in the run position)?
  16. Yes! Condenser for me twice! Who could think something so simple can make such a big difference. And recently with short/poor connection at ignition coil causing voltage drop.
  17. Are you certain it is a carb problem? An ignition problem could cause similar symptoms (backfire carb) -- odd that it was running fine and then all of a sudden not. I would check your electrical connections, verify voltage is correct.
  18. Check the oil level, see if is 100 percent oil.
  19. My son's 78 Ford was running poorly, voltage going from 11 to 6 volts in a very short duration at the starter solenoid 'I' terminal -- it was a loose connection at the ignition coil. At one point we also thought it was the carb because it was backfiring but we were able to rule it out by swapping with a known good carb.
  20. How well is your engine running? I have seen shorts/poor connections in ignition circuit, (i.e., ignition coil), show Alternator is not charging.
  21. Sweet! The movie Bounty Killer is streaming on Netflix.
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