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  1. I have drum brakes and recall that my pedal is not great until the shoes are adjusted to fit against the drum -- the rear brakes in your case. The self-adjusting screws expand when putting car in Reverse and hitting the brakes a few times. If the self-adjusting screws are siezed (or on wrong side -- it does matter if it is Left or Right) then they will not adjust correctly.
  2. Great. My car had cooper tires on it when it spun out and hit a concrete retaining wall. I am still repairing my car. I currently have BF Goodrich Radial T/As.
  3. Hmm, what if your girlfriend liked you because of the car? reconsider?
  4. Greetings from Oklahoma City, I am sure you will get great advice from this website.
  5. I had the same symptoms and found a short in red wires with blue and green stripes -- my harness appears to have gotten hot at one time and melted the insulation off. I ran new wire for my ignition.
  6. I had a couple of experiences, also due to brakes. This was after I upgraded my suspension: new coil and leaf springs, front (1 1/8") and rear (3/4") sway bars and I was confident in turns. The car was running and handling great! I was on the interstate one day heading east and taking an exit to merge onto another interstate heading north -- so it was one of the 270 degree exits (nice tight turn). I was going the expected speed into this turn and came upon another car going 10 mph -- no other traffic slowing him down?!?!. The excitement begins when I brake and my 71 Mustang goes into a spin down the ramp. Incredible I didn't hit him and when I stopped spinning I was pointing the opposite direction; the car driver behind me had their mouth open -- must have been in awe of my driving. It was good to find a grass field and low curbs to my left so I just pulled off road to turn around to return to exit ramp in the right direction. No damage! and more respect/desire for better brakes.
  7. I agree, you don't need the resistor. Yes, 3.73 will give you better acceleration than 2.75. (I used to have 2.75 until I swapped to 3.50.)
  8. Looks like you already have a Duraspark. Yes, you should see close to 12 volts going to the coil, from red wire with green stripe. If you have less then it seems that you may have a short, mine was due to damaged insulation on this wire. I had to do some rewiring, you should look at wiring schematic and trace this wire and look for any indications of a short, e.g., melted wires. Also check red wire with blue stripe (power only when ignition is at start position).
  9. Reliability? When I rebuilt my 302 I put a Duraspark II distributor with the big cap, see the engine compartment picture in my photo album. This was done in 1991 -- no problems since. My brother had a Mallory Unilite on his 351 C and I wasn't too impressed, they are overpriced too. He later used a Ford Duraspark II. I got my distributor (76 302 mustang) and TFI module at auto parts store (you could still use the MSD box), replaced the gear to match the material on camshaft, and got small section of wiring harness at salvage yard to connect the distributor and module. This is one of the best upgrades I have done to my Mustang.
  10. If I was going non original paint I would go Black with Argent stripe kit.
  11. Congratulations from Oklahoma City.
  12. One of the best things I did to my Mustang was to replace the 8" open-differential 2.75 gears for 9" with Auburn differential and 3.5 gears. I would have preferred a Traction-Lok. I bought the 9" at a salvage yard, bought new gears and differential and had the gears setup by an expert. It was easy to swap out -- everything bolted up fine.
  13. I have a non-tach instrument cluster that came out of a 73 Mach I -- it is not being used. I wouldn't have the backing plate. MotorCity Mustang has been very helpful -- have you contacted him already?
  14. Greetings from Oklahoma City!
  15. Wow, great looking fan shrouds -- I need one for a 71 302 with AC.
  16. I took my car to my local track, it was fun. I also learned how poorly the 8" conventional differential with 3.0 gears performed following my engine rebuild, i.e., one wheel was doing all the work and the quarter panel and wheel well were coated in tire rubber. (At times when my C4 was shifting gears it was like I was on ice. -- no traction!) I have since put a 9" with 3.50 with Auburn differential and I know it would be perform better at track -- but haven't made it back yet. Once I get my transmission fixed/replaced I will have it timed again.
  17. Welcome from Oklahoma City, a great find.
  18. Welcome from Oklahoma City, I used to live in Shrewsbury.
  19. My 71 sounds like your description, it has Deluxe seats but standard door panels. The window sticker is posted in my Photo Album, it lists Decor Group. It has been this way since purchased in 76.
  20. Wow, I was looking at the specs on the Pistons: 720 HP and 795 Ft-lbs torque.
  21. As Luke pointed out -- the compression is unknown, has your engine builder told you the compression ratio?
  22. I also went to the Ford Duraspark II distributor, I like the large cap and it is easy to mount the module out of view -- mine is under the windshield washer reservoir. It should also be easy to find parts in the future, e.g., I should be able to go to any auto-parts store to get parts -- if necessary.
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