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  1. Fold Down Parts These are the for 71 72 or 73 Mustang fastbacks and can be used to convert your car to fold downs or to bring yours back to original. I bought these parts here but never used them. They have been just collecting dust so I might as well get them to someone who can use them. They are used original and need restoring. I don't have the trap door, seat bottom, side panels, or hardware - only have the parts you see in the pics. $250 obo plus shipping from Texas I d $250 obo
  2. Hello, What condition is the seat belt light? Have any pics? Thanks, Keven
  3. Hi Greg, I added a different system from Classic Air to my 71 conv. which also never had a/c. I went with the Perfect Fit and the mechanical water control valve but I used as much of the factory a/c ducts as I could which really helped the air flow. I did have Classic Air make a custom plenum to attach the corrugated hoses to so I could get the air to the factory ducts. That was the flat plate with the 3 pass thru connectors. I added the foam trim and L brackets to secure it to the center factory a/c plenum. Use the hard factory a/c ducts that run from the center factory a/c plenum to the factory a/c side dash outlets. Now you can use the factory a/c vents in the center console and on each side of the dash and it looks like factory a/c. Use corrugated hose cautiously, the ribbing creates turbulence, slowing flow - big time. I haven't had mine installed long enough to work it very hard yet and the airflow is great, it isn't loud, and no big drain on the motor. Here are a few pics and will be happy to take more pics if you would like. I did almost all of the work myself since at the last minute I accepted an offer from my mechanic neighbor to evacuate and fill the system at a new car dealership. He didn't even have the car running when he did it....seems disrespectful... haha!
  4. Wow! That brings back memories of how mine looked. I posted pics in the 71 Mustang Gallery. Mine was also taken apart totally for the body and paint. Then I bought a complete of set of fasteners which was all new nuts, screws, bolts, and rubber bushings for the entire car. It is not all you need but a great way to start. Searching for the right nuts and bolts or screws is way too time consuming when these are around. I did the suspension first, then worked from the back to the front. That way by the time I got it running it would already have the seats, windows, lights, gauges, etc. in so I could drive it. Too bad you aren't closer, I would enjoy helping. Good luck and enjoy the challenge.
  5. Hi, Best AND Easiest? Pay someone. They will have to tape off the woodgrain, use metal polish on the exposed metal removing most of the black paint and the nicks, wipe it down with prepsol, tape off the shiny trim, use a few light coats of Dupli-Color Trim Paint (TP70) and done. I got a great looking new pair from Don at Ohio Mustang since my wood grain wasn't the best. Good luck on your decision.
  6. Do those hood hinges have oval springs? How much are you asking for those?
  7. :s Still looking... Still looking... I promise to give these parts a very good home, keep them clean and dry.
  8. I need a couple of things for my 71 Mustang convertible single groove water pump pulley (d0se 8509 a) for the 429 cj motor I put in it an original seat back in excellent condition with the hole for the center release. Black if I can choose the color but I can probably paint it. This is the solid piece that clips and screws onto the back of the front seats. I have a pair to trade if you need a pair but mine consist of one nice one and one that is very used. Thanks!
  9. I have a 71 Mustang convertible and am looking for the latch that the chrome door handle attaches to. Driver side, deluxe interior, bolts to inside of door... mine is going out and don't want to get stuck inside the car... well not that it would be bad. If you have one let me know how much you want for it. Thanks! I'm in Texas 78664
  10. Hi, I am looking for the door latch that the inside chrome door handle screws to. On a 71 Mustang, drivers side with deluxe interior. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! That makes sense. I really appreciate the help!
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