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  1. Hey Everyone, I am building a 351W for Luxstang. Unfortunately I am a little colorblind. Can you guys please tell me which of these is a close match for Ford Blue?
  2. Very very very sorry to see this. Hope everyone is okay. At least the damage is in the rear...most people will think someone ran into you, as opposed to you running into a fixed immovable object.
  3. I am wondering whether the pair of 1971 351 4V Exhaust manifolds I have(tranny type/power steering option not known) will fit in my 1973 Mustang. If you are in possession of a pair of 1973 351 4V Auto Trans with Power Steering Exhaust manifolds and could provide me with some photos, I would be much obliged. In exchange, I can tell you a location where you can get a bottle of Duff beer in Luxembourg.
  4. Crummy 2 spoke steering wheel. The wheels don't look original to me because of they hump on them. The BOSS 351 on the trunk is scratched, the Pony Gas Tank cap isn't straight. LOSE THAT DISGUSTING DEALER EMBLEM ON THE TRUNK. Rear bumper looks chinese. The stripes on both sides are no where near straight. The drivers side door looks like the hinges have worn out. NO RIGHT SIDE MIRROR...are you kidding me? Didn't every Boss come with a right side mirror? And what is the chain thingy hanging under the car, kind of beneath the drivers seat? I would be curious to know if the buyer actually looked at the car.
  5. Hey Daniel, Did you get the information you are looking for? You will find the guys here very knowledgeable, and most often correct. The Dan Jones link is very good. Do you have to worry about smog control, or keeping your engine stock in Austria? Do you have your motor apart? Also, post a few pictures, either here or the introduction section. What type of experience do you have rebuilding motors?
  6. When I recommend this site to anyone, I make sure to direct them to the Mustang Babe thread. Are there any women on this site yet, or are you guys still scaring them all away?
  7. Well, when I made the statement, "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse," I didn't think you would take me literally. You need to polish up your interpretation of the English language. And for those wondering, YES, I was served and did eat horse in Luxembourg. (looking for photo now). Actually, I understand in Luxembourg this is a delicacy, which tells you a lot about Luxembourg. By the way, Lux, what was the name of that old run down place anyway? Remember, this is the place where they didn't have enough money to paint or insulate over the stone wall, and we got stuffed into that crummy table in the corner?
  8. Well, you asked for photos, here are a few...more will be on the way. First, if you are in Luxembourg and you ask any bartender to give you the best beer on hand, this is what he will get: Notice the Luxembourg beer on the right to attest to the veracity of this photo. If you ask Lux to give you a tour of Luxembourg, this is one of the sites you will see: Wait...that one is out of a book....but we did see that. Here is one from the passenger seat of a car Lux is driving, screaming around Luxembourgs well paved 2 line highway: Wait....that one is out of a book too. The real story is the wife and I had been gifted a Luxembourg travel guide. Prior to our trip, we took a bunch of photos from the guide and asked Lux to show us everything we picked out...basically ever photo on the book. It worked out really well. You see, what Lux lacks in musical talent, he makes up for in his amazing recollection of useless historical facts in regards to anything Luxembourg. More photos coming....mostly of gravesites.
  9. Well....I google myself to assure my reputation isn't being tarnished and what happens? I am being smeared by Lux...again. First, let me say about 10 things: 1. I travel, literally, halfway around the world to share my precious embodiment with this guy(actually his wife, but don't tell him) and you think he could get a decent haircut and a shave. 2. He spends so much time hugging us upon our first meeting(more like feeling us up, but what the heck, we were in France) that we LITERALLY, I KID YOU NOT missed the train from Paris to Luxembourg by 30 seconds. That was the ONLY TRAIN on our whole trip which left the station on time. 3. So, not sure anyone knows this, but Lux is a bigwig in Euro TRAINsportation. You think this guy could either call back that train or order us up a new one pronto. Noooo....we have to sit around and drink beer for like 3 hours waiting for the next train....and of course, this is Lux we are talking about(he tells me they don't except Lux-Euros in France), so guess who gets stuck with the bar bill??? Do you guys know how much a BUD LIGHT costs at the Paris Train Station???? Neither do I because I wouldn't be caught with my pants down drinking a Bud Light, except that one time...but do you know how much a HEINEKEN costs? Actually, Lux had a cafe(pronounced calf-ay in Paris) which is like coffee except the portion size is like shot of bourbon at the Ritz...but not cheaper. 4-9....another time....really. I could go on forever....but #10 is a killer...literally. image sharing sites 10. We aren't in Luxembourg more than 1 hour and Lux, REALLY REALLY did this, runs over AN ENDANGERED SPECIES!!!! Flatter than Pamela Anderson's back..not back side, just back. I think he got it with both front and back tires. How could he not see this YELLOW AND BLACK 8 inch creature with those vibrant spots in the dark of night. The only time Lux was more depressed was when we were running to the train...and the train was just leaving the station ahead of us....it was a classic. All I can say is, the only saving grace to the whole trip was Mrs. Luxstang. And, my wife agrees wholeheartedly....which is the first thing we have agreed on in 36 years..... And actually, everything is 100% true except the bit about my wife and I agreeing.
  10. There is a Craigslist seller in Murrietta, CA. He won't ship me the item, so I am looking for someone to help with the purchase. I would send you the shipping box, the shipping label, the cash for the buyer, plus $10 for yourself. You goto the buyer, stick the item in the box, and deliver to shipper(you decide- USPS, FEDEX or UPS). You would bear no responsibility for the fitness of the product. If you can help, please send me a PM. Thanks.
  11. Can't a moderator jump in here and castigate these users for taking this thread off topic? Especially on one of MY posts?
  12. I am in the Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe area until Tuesday. If there are any members looking to increase their meetup points, either PM me here witha date/time/bar or, if you want, goto my website investbook.com and click on the live support button and we can chat. Make sure to reference JAMES in your chat subject so one of our techs doesn't pickup. James investbook.com
  13. Thanks for all the nice info guys. Definitely like the lighting. And I do have an air compressor. Your right, I should tie it down. I was thinking of putting it outside my garage. But, it is 10+years old so maybe I should worry about the tank. And I have a 3/8 Husky Air Ratchet. How does the Milwaukee go clock/counterclock with that....double check that spelling. ...yeah...clock/counterclock. Any great SOUND SYSTEM ideas? I mounted an Pioneer auto AM/FM radio to a box I made. I keep a pair of auto batteries charged with a trickle charger(8+ years now) that I use to run it. Upgrading speakers shortly. And, no, the shelf is not THAT off horizontal. Fisheye phone camera lense.
  14. Bendix. Look online. Very inexpensive, very quiet. NEVER BUY AUTO STORE BRANDS or RAYBESTOS. SBC34 STOP by Bendix Ceramic; OE Pad Material Is Semi-Metallic or D34 (Disc Brake Pad) for front disc. Front/Rear Drum, depends on your car. Here is a list of part#'s 169 152 R169 RS169 151 152 R151 RS151 RS152 R152 http://www.bendix-brakes.com/product_catalog.php?type=vin
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