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  1. Well, as eveyone knows, Luxstang was back wreaking havoc here on the west coast. This is what transpired, more or less. The story begins after my wife and I departed from Luxstang and his "crew". It was about 11 PM in Santa Monica. No sooner had Luxstang turned the corner and disappeared out of sight, a police car pulls along side of us and out of the car is the general manager of the restaurant we just left. He informs me the credit card used to pay for the meal had bounced, and he was going to hold me responsible for the charges. Are you kidding me? You know, when I saw Lux I could tell not only was his hair long, but it was LONGER. Could it be that Lux has been down on his luck and was so poor he couldn't even afford to buy a pair of scissor to keep the hair off of his back. Not wanting to cause I scene, I quickly agreed to pay. I mean, based on the last visit I fully expected to get stuck with the bill anyway, so this was no surprise. What was a surprise was that when I was presented with the bill, Lux had only tipped the waitress 3%!!!! That was the real crime. As I am waiting for the transaction to go through, I couldn't help but notice there is now a second police car watching us closely. The officer inside is interviewing several people, including the bartenders. Just as we are getting ready to leave, the officer prevents our departure and asks if I know anything about some stolen license plates. He also notices my bag, a "gift" from Luxstang and asks to examine it. When he pulls the item from the bag, he looks extremely confused. The book is titled LUXEMBOURG, is about 24" x 24" and is unusually heavy. He remarks how could a book about Luxembourg be bigger than the country itself. I laugh out loud with him to try to break the tension. But then he asks me sternly what I know about the license plates. I explain how we are simply acquaintances, and how I had gifted him the license plates in the bar. Everyone in the bar saw what and happended. I gifted Lux these license plates(which he was OVERZEALOUSLY happy to receive), and he gifted me this enormous and outrageously heavy book. At that time the officer dropped the book and the bar. Odd. There was this metallic sound...kind of like metal plates bumping up against each other. We closely examine the book and the book is bound by a false cover. Inside the book are 6 pairs of license plates. When asked, I inform the officer these are NOT the plates I gifted. I have no idea where these plates came from. Then when asked if I know where Lux might have been this morning. At that point, it occurred to me. Him and his crew had gone to the annual Queen Mary Mustang rally. He had stolen the plates while at the show, and thought he would frame me for the theft while he got away with the license plates I gifted him. In fact, pthe plates he was given came from forum members representing the best American had to offer...and Ohio.!!! After unveiling this framing scheme, a grey suited man walked in. Definitely Interpol. People don't realize this but the pol in interpol is actually for POLISH. No one can deceive, or catch deceivers like the Polish. Being of Polish decent, I was briefed on Lux and his crew. They were being closely watched due to Lux's desire for anything Mustang. It seems that part of his cover was to bring not only his wife, but a couple of other relations. As I understood the situation, this was a MAFIA CREW. Again, it all made sense. Here were these people from LUXEMBOURG, all speaking Italian, lifting licese plates and trying to frame me. When asked if I knew where they were going, again everything made perfect sense. They were going to Las Vegas. And what do you see in Las Vegas? Cars from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. And here is Lux with licenses plates from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. He has the perfect cover. There is a lot more to the story, but for now, to restore faith in our government, I asked how they had trailed Mike to Los Angeles. As it turns out they lost him at Heathrow...something about there being a couple of tons of heroine on a flight from Valenzuela that took them off of Luxstangs trail...another distraction? Perhaps. But, they got lucky, because when they were going through the credit card records, Lux had left his fingerprint on the credit card charges....that 3% tip. Once they saw that tip, they knew Lux wasn't far behind. Hopefully, he will try to tip again, and they will catch up to him. In the meantime, be on your watch. We all have seen how he drives his own personal car. I can't imagine what he is capable of doing with that SUV...with 1969 Arkansas plates...
  2. Crap...is that this weekend? Crap. That is usually a nice show. And it has been overcast here the past couple of days, so the temp might not be too bad.
  3. I would sure like one of these puppies... http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/engine/hrdp_0908_ford_427_cammer_build/viewall.html
  4. Huh??? He's kidding right? Perhaps my sense of humor was misunderstood(again)?
  5. Exhaust out the rear...the way God intended. Fumes- The farther the better. And, if you tune your car in a garage, it is a lot easier to direct the fumes out. Noise- There is plenty of noise, at least if you planned your motor right. Heat- Get the heat away from you and your lucky passenger. You don't want your old lady burning her precious thigh on one of those pipes. Not only won't it look good, she may never want to go for a ride with you again. Wait...that's a bad thing, right? Road Clearance- Anyone say speed bump...unless you have a high suspension.
  6. You think we all have time to burn here in America? We don't get 6 weeks vacation a year like you Luxembourgerians. I also have a key chain that is a duplicate of one posted here...however mine is much prettier and shinier, and more importantly, a virgin key chain. So to help maintain the perception I am a humble member of this forum, I am declining to post a picture of it.
  7. OOh...OOh...OOh....me....me....me..... Never in a million years. A just barely did an acceptable job with my water pump. Not too many drip spots. Not sure I would sandblast the valve covers. CO2 blast? Did you take off the emission stickers, if present?
  8. What is the definition of normal...these days. I buy NOS parts because they are typically far superior to REPRO parts. Fit and finish were much better because the parts were made in the millions and the capital cost to produce a better fit and finish was spread over those millions of parts. That being said, is $2k for a BOSS 351 Holley carb worth it when you can get a new one for $400? Depends on the size of your wallet.
  9. I was fortunate enough to do testing with a BLACK PAINTED RADIATOR, painted at the factory, and a brand new unpainted radiator. I invite you to do the same: 1. Filled them both to capacity with boiling water. 2. Cap them. 3. Took a fan and blow it through the radiators while they were sitting in the shade. 4. Measure the time it takes to get them to ambient temperature. For me there was no difference. They both got down to ambient temperature (78F) in like 20 minutes. I thought that was pretty fast. I have concluded the radiators are painted black to hide them from view and the affect on dissipating heat is minimal. Of course, I wouldn't even know where to begin in how to paint my radiators.
  10. Wow...you mean all I had to do to get some cash out of this site was to run my car into some K RAIL? How did I not think of that. If you guys get $1000 worth of commitments, I will be in for $20. But when he is done, that thing had better be loud.
  11. GO ELECTRONIC!!!! Unless you never drive. I tried to stay original, but the points these days are garbage....and $$$$, I am thinking like $12 but the time required to change them out. If you are not a daily driver, you might be okay. But when you put 1200 miles a month on your car, you could be was swapping them out every 2 months...unless you like crappy acceleration, bad idle and crummy fuel mileage when compared to new. (Yeah, I know people will say I didn't set them up right, my distributor was wacked, blah blah blah. But, one little Pertronix module and 40k miles convinced me to step up to the 20th Century.) Now...setting up your vacuum advance and mechanical advance, that is a whole different can of worms. Anyone know where you can buy a can of worms? Are they dead or alive?
  12. I think between the people who I have confirmed as guinea pigs, and a few who may be guinea pigs, I am in good shape. Thanks for all the views. James
  13. Wow....thanks for sharing. Makes my day look pretty good by comparison. But, there are many a man here who have repaired cars much worse by an exponential factor. In fact, many of them would say 'tis but a scratch. And, I bet there were a lot of guys driving by and shedding tears as they saw your car in the k-rail. Hope you are good. And if worse comes to worse, be thankful for the time you had together. james (You were the one driving, right? Wasn't Lux was it? Although he probably drives pretty good on no tread tires in the rain)
  14. Does the wife know about the greased nipples? Maybe that's why you had to do all that driving? In regards to reliability, how is the Alpha?
  15. Just a warning. Headers are very low, probably decrease ground clearance 1.5". If ground clearance is important to you, take this into consideration.
  16. I am always suspicious when someone paints an origina, garaged car with 25k miles on it, replace the motor, rebuild the trans. $25k. No Takers. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Ford-Mustang-original-and-oem-1973-ford-mustang-convertible-351-c-2-v-cleveland-auto-2-cond-19-k-/200957989077?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item2eca0790d5&vxp=mtr
  17. I had a similar issue 5 years ago. Was stuck 40 miles from home without headlights. It ended up being the HIGH BEAM foot switch. Got one at Auto Zone for $10. Kick the switch from side to side, should be able to get it to stay on, then off. Even if that isn't the problem, would not be a bad idea to replace it.
  18. Anyone have any idea which way is forward? You win...
  19. I think you are experiencing a miss on cylinder #2,4,6 and 8...and maybe also 3, 5 and 7. #1 sounds pretty good though.
  20. Had one...73 Convertible. Long gone. Good Riddance. Adios. Happy it was gone when I got the car as I am unhindered in my restomod project.
  21. 1. You can bypass the heater core as a SHORT TERM fix. Think about fixing your dog. Which is better for him/you in the long run. Fixing him or keeping him chained up in the backyard. 2. However, the heater core is part of the cooling system, believe it or not. Basically, the heater core is a small radiator in a housing, and as air passes through it, the water temperature decreases slightly. That is why if your car is over heating it helps to TURN ON THE HEATER to blow more air past the heat core/small radiator housing. 3. Whatever you do, DO NOT put any of that RADIATOR FIX LEAK into your radiator. 4. For help, I am pretty sure there is at least 1 video of changing out the heater core with the AC option. Probably done by Q. The replacement IS A PAIN. BUT, not changing out the heater core on your Mustang is like going to the prom with Pam Anderson and not making it to second base. Not only will you regret not getting to second...you'll regret getting not getting to home...and EVERYONE is going to know you didn't make it to 2nd. In fact, I propose a new HEATER CORE symbol for those of us who have braved the inner annals of our automobiles and actually manned up to change the God forsaken heater core.
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