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  1. Can't believe no one called me out on this....a Ford 351 BOSS or 4V intake would not work on a 351C with 2V heads because the ports don't match...DON'T DO THIS. IMHO, putting the intake manifold and 4v carb on your car without changing the cam should/may lead to the same result- an engine that may sound better, but is actually not running very well. Your 351 2V heads and cam were made for the 2V manifold and 2V carb you are running. If I were you...and I understand wanting to put that beautiful new, shiny, clean manifold and 4c carb on your car...I would not do this swap until I could also at least swap the cam....and if I were going to swap the cam, if the heads had not yet been rebuilt, I would take off the heads and have them redone as well....and then you should think about recurving your distributor. But, that is why I can't get anything done. I just don't know when to stop. Also, I can't speak for the Holley fuel line rerouting kit, or throttle. I can tell you the one for the Eldebrock was garbage. I ended up making my own(I just can't stop).
  2. BTW are you a native Michigander? Where did you grow up? East Detroit High School. Laid a lot of rubber on Gratiot and Lakeshore drive. First Mustang I had was the medium brown. That was actually one of the best paints....maybe not one of the best colors, but it was an outstanding paint. Saw the video. Car looks and sounds great. The hood scoop looks good on your car(I am sure that is controversial). How did it get to Luxembourg? Don't you have Greenpeace people in Luxembourg? I would think they would have tagged your car by now. My family did the Baltic cruise trip last year, our first time overseas. I felt so sorry for all these people not knowing what a real car looked, felt, smelled like.
  3. I think it was the yellow boss. Here is an engine shot of the 351Boss I spent a lot of time with last year. Never saw the owner as I recall. Maybe this year. Are you bringing the Boss? I would really like to know where you got that beatiful radiator and shroud. If the rest would have stayed home then there would have only been 3 from the 71-73 era. Personally I enjoy checking out the "drivers" and talking to the owners over the trailer queens; they're there to enjoy the experience rather than trying to win just a trohpy based upon their wallets...I can relate :D I am fairly prudish when it comes to car shows. I want to look at "works of art" or innovation...sometimes a sign of originality. Not something with bird droppings on it from a couple of weeks ago. Maybe there weren't any of these last year, but their sure were a year ago. Let's ENJOY the show!!!
  4. The car was born and raised just outside of Detroit. It was stolen off the street while my brother was sleeping about 40' away. Most of the pieces were there, color was the same. But the windshield was cracked, a door had been replaced, a dent here and there. Car filled with garbage. The woman said she bought it off of a car lot years earlier. I am pretty sure AAA took it away from her, which had I known they weren't going to pay me my reward, I would have let her keep it. I am in the thick of things near Angel Stadium, Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland. No...I am an arrogant asshole, class of 1980. Took my degree and interviewed with GM, Ford, Holley in Michigan. Not one bought me lunch, not one would pay me 90% of what I was worth. Then got a call from Rockwell in Newport Beach California. They put me up for 7 days with a car in a honeymoon suite 2 blocks from the beach (in February) where the weather was 78 degrees every day. The choice was easy, and now I make my home in the land that once built Stealth Fighters, and Stealth Bombers...that built Chevy's and Pontiac's and Buicks...(pardon me, throwing up)...We made c17, DC10, F16. We made the space shuttle and rocket and warheads...now we make satellites...and aerospace fasteners...It is amazing how fast this state sucked the blood out of all the companies here. Still, nicer here then Detroit.
  5. Wow...that is a nice convertible. Pictures will be here shortly, and if you talk to my engine machinist, shortly means a few months.
  6. Problems you can expect to have with an aftermarket manifold/carb. 1. Gas line hose is on opposite side of carburetor. Fuel line running across manifold always looks like crap. Can someone explain to me why they can't make a carburetor with a driver side fuel line? 2. Throttle linkage won't match. I spent way to much time making sure I had a good, safe throttle linkage. I would go to ebay, get a cloned aluminum 351 Boss intake manifold for a few hundred bucks, mount a decent Autolite which will match your linkage and keep the fuel line off your manifold. I know, I am old and crusty. Read my intro.
  7. I prefer zgw...short for z great white. You guys can call me anything but A**H****...that is reserved for the lovely wife.
  8. When Dan O'Reilly says: "Add me to the Monroe fans. An excellent reference when I did my 351C a year ago. Combine it with the Ford Shop manuals, and you have everything you need for a quality rebuild" he should be saying, "Monroe doesn't tell you everything you need to know, and neither does the Ford Shop Manual." When I did my first rebuild, I had a good friend holding my hand through the process. His help was more valuable than anything in the Monroe book. Find a friend or a neighbor who can help you. Do the work yourself. Take your time...and take pride in your work. The last thing you want is to spend 80 hours, a couple of g's and 2 months building a motor only to put it in and have it run like a Chevy(yukkk) because you did not torque down a crankshaft bearing properly.
  9. April 22, Sunday 2012 Knott's Berry Farm All Ford's Show http://fabulousfordsforever.org/ Almost 2000 fords of every shape, size and color. Unfortunately, only about 20 Mustangs from the 71-73 era. There was one 71 BOSS last year that was Concourse in every way. A couple were very nice, the rest could have stayed home. LOTS of Shelby's. Several OUTSTANDING 50 & 60 TBirds. Probably the best cars at the show are the mature ladies showing off their old TBirds. Lots of New Mustangs....NO Mustang II's!!!! NO Vendors, just a few tents with Roush, Ford and couple of clubs. I spend 90 minutes there. It is on the blacktop, so if it is sunny it will be warm after noon. Giddy Up.
  10. I was asked to introduce myself...be careful what you ask for. Cars Owned/Currently Owned 73-91 73 Mustang Fastback 351C 2V Auto...Stolen 200k+ miles on original motor, trans, paint and interior. Looked and ran brand new. Never ever misfired, sucked oil, or missed a shift. Just changed oil every 3k, tuned every 10k and trans fluid every 100k. Found in 2003. Reported to AAA for the $1000 reward...they didn't pay me anything. 78-80 70 Cougar XR7 Convertible 351C 4v 4 Speed Toploader 9" Posi. Stock. Purchased for $200 with 80K on the motor. It was rust bucket that was dead as a doornail. Changed battery, put in freeze plugs so it would hold water and it fired right up. Changed the clutch once, used a couple of 1 x 4's to keep the driver bucket from falling through the nonexistent floor pan, and replaced the front and rear springs because one of the rear springs rusted through and started coming up through the floorpan in the rear seat....The top was tight though. Scary fast for how scary rusty it was. Sold because some "idiot" offered me $1500 for it...what I would give for that motor/trans/rear end today. 85-Now 70 XR7 Vinyl Top 351W 2V Auto. 180k miles. Fully rebuilt drive train, front end and interior. Great daily driver...yes the rear end turn signal lights work(it is just WRONG for the new Mustangs to have sequential turn signals...just wrong). Sounds like a Mercury should. 88-Now 73 Mustang Convertible Auto Born an Yellow Paint/Black Int I6. Spent its teen years as Red/Black 302 pig Died 2 years ago(Thank you lord), and will be resurrected as a 351 4V daily driver...tame but with an attitude. I can all my own mechanical/maintenance work. Cannot paint worth a darn, so the body shop will get a ton of my money. I hate posers, and by poser I mean a guy who: 1. Buys a used classic. 2. Runs it over to the mechanic and drops in a crate engine. 3. Runs it over to the body shop to bump and paint. 4. Runs it over to the upholstery shop to custom fabricate interior. 5. Shows of his car like he spilled his blood all over the car, dirtied his wife's bathroom sink with grease, and left motor oil and tranny fluid on the bed sheets. I am tired of getting crap parts from the auto store or some not yet named Mustang Specialty Parts Suppliers. I prefer to find OEM parts or rebuild those pieces that I can by myself. But, I don't mind sharing my opinion...imagine that. Just don't give me crap because I spent enough time on a farm to know BS when I smell it, see it or taste it. Keep hoofing. Hope I can be of help to the community.
  11. Thank you for the quick replies. Cobra3073, Machman To be clear, I will be rebuilding this distributor on my own to suit my engine application. As a result, it does not matter if the distributor is installed in a 2V, 4V, auto, stick, Comet, Fairlane, etc. I am strictly interested in the shaft, housing and plates, and will tune the springs and vacuum advance with my own chosen items. TommyK This is the information I was looking for. I think my best chances are finding van or truck with a 351M or 400. Is there any restriction on the years I should be looking for? To be more clear, I would prefer a distributor that has not been previously rebuilt. In the past I have found screw holes stripped, shafts that have been hammered, OEM items replaced with cheap stamped garbage, etc. DanOreilly I am really kind of anal about these things. Although I can't fabricate parts(most parts anyway), I do as much assembly on my own as I can with parts of my choosing. And, I have to justify all my tools and equipment to the wife somehow. I am sure there are great guys out there that do great work...but when someone asks me who did my distributor, carb, trans, etc., I like to respond ME. Keep hoofin' I think my best bet is to find a truck/van with a 351M or 400. Are there certain years I should be looking at? Are there any differences I should note? Thanks.
  12. I am piecing together a '71 351C, and one of the final pieces to the puzzle is a distributor. I have been unable to find a 71-73 351C distributor at the boneyard. So I need to know what other motors/autos/years would have a distributor I can use. I am using a stock 351 Boss Manifold and probably a stock air cleaner. So, I need to be sure the height of any donor matches the height of a stock 351C. Thanks for the help.
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