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  1. I found some pictures of it ,now I just need to figure out how to post them!
  2. Jim- You must have been the guy I purchased it from in the mid 2000s. I purchased it from someone near the Tucson area it was sitting on a old rusty super heavy duty trailer of some sort possibly for construction equipment. IT was light blue with a white stripe left to rot in the Arizona sun. It was a dirt car that I needed to convert to a pavement car because I was moving to California and all tracks are paved in So. Cal.. Let me try to describe some items on the car and then I will try to post some pictures you will get a kick out of them. The roll cage was built by what looked like heavy gauge water pipe and stick welded the corners protruded the windshield area in the top corners making running a windshield difficult because I had to run one on the pavement, as a dirt track car it didn't matter because it ran a steel mesh which I cut out. The battery box is located behind the driver seat and is what appears to have been a large AMMO box and was painted white. The center stripe was changed to yellow and there is a patch panel to the upper drivers side quarter panel where a guys bumper actually got into the car missing my shoulder by inches. I sold it to a family of racers that were three generations kid,dad gramps. KId crashed it in Tucson and must of rebuilt it. I live in Scottsdale so I know it left the state with me for approc 6-7 years. I can fill in some of its timeline, and I still own the carb! Dennis
  3. I still have the internally modified 2v cast iron intake that we had to run,with a SPECIAL 500 cfm 2v carb that made 45 hp more than any other 2v carb at the time. It was the ONLY Ford in the bunch, and left the CHEBBIES in the dust lollerz No one would protest because they didn't know what they were looking at! :angel:
  4. I wanted to respond to your post of looking for headers for your car. It warmed my heart to see my trusty old race car still alive! I spent a few years behind the wheel of that car, last I heard it had hit a wall and was totaled. Great to see its still alive. I drove it mostly at Irwindale now Toyota speedway could let go of the steering wheel at almost 80 mph in the corners and it would track like it was on rails. I will see if I still have some headers that came with it when I purchased the car. I was not allowed to run headers because it ran in what was called Classic Stock supposed to be stock, 351 c power, it was and a little more. The car is actually a 72 COUGAR... I will let you know.
  5. I found a few left over parts from my 71 m code build. Blue plastic door handle cups were blue now painted black, Mach 1 door center trim needs woodgrain appliqué don't remember which side its for has a couple tangs broken on backside rest are good,and a ignition switch still in box from auto parts house. 50.00 plus the ride.
  6. I have a complete engine 429 scj Call me at 661 670 9195 Dennis
  7. If any one is looking for a complete J or C code 429 scj engine that has all the best parts available for its build in both performance and 80 percent originality, with a whole lot more uumph this one is available. I posted this in the wtb section must of had a senior moment. Real deal 500 plus horsepower 472 inch scj. 7500.00 CAN TAKE TO REPUTABLE engine shop for specifics! 661 670 9195 west coast.
  8. 1971 429 scj complete engine. This is a 4 bolt main engine with all the best parts used in its build. Not exactly a stock type engine but if you have a J code or C code requiring a correct engine this is one to consider. You could be that guy that lays down 100 yard tire shredding burnouts for your friends and neighbors.::thumb:: Now 472 inches of true early mustang HP. Ask any questions or call 661 670 9195 located on west coast- 7500.00 also have a few leftover 71 mach parts for sale. Must have been tired, sorry for posting to the wrong section could someone please put in for sale section thanks.
  9. Selling an original unmolested 1966 Mustang coupe that is in very good condition from Arizona so it has no rust issues. All sheet metal is in great cond. all doors, decklid, hood, open and close with little effort. Interior is original and in pretty good shape. Car starts,runs,drives, very good.Original color is silver blue with dark blue interior. Use as a daily driver with a gas sipping 200 six or turn into a fire breathing street beast with a potent small block. 6500.00
  10. 427heaven


    1971 mach 1 deluxe inner door panel passenger side still has all of its bend over tabs the woodgrain applique is coming off in places 20.00 plus shipping.
  11. I've got a request in with Don at OMS for these same items but he hasn't gotten back with me yet. If I don't hear from him soon I can use them. Let me know- Thanks Parts are sold, going to finish a Boss 351 car.
  12. summer clearance 250.00 for parts mentioned above. I've got a request in with Don at OMS for these same items but he hasn't gotten back with me yet. If I don't hear from him soon I can use them. Let me know- Thanks
  13. summer clearance 250.00 for parts mentioned above.
  14. Selling some factory 4 speed linkage parts out of a 1971 Mach 1.... Zbar, engine bracket with pivot roller,frame brackets. Zbar has the large center hole for the performance cars c- m- j -r code cars. 500.00 or possible performance parts trade.
  15. Sold Thanks;) Hope it was a member? No- but it is going to have a very lucky 16 year old owner! Maybe future 7173er:)
  16. Big boy Holley 500 cfm 2v carb #4412 with performance build from Bolduc performance.250.00 plus the ride.:)
  17. 302-2v cars that are drivable in good condition are in the 2500-3500 range not needing COMPLETE assembly. Unless you are quite the mechanic and have a bunch of spare parts my recommendation would be to keep looking. Just my 2 cents.:(
  18. I dont know if you want to keep your car original, if so you need to change the cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, exhaust system to fit the 4v manifolds ,gaskets specific for those parts, carb. If you dont want to go that route you can buy an aluminun intake paint it engine color that is a four v capable and has 2v intake runners. You can get these all over for about 150 dollars plus carb:)
  19. Maybe warmer weather and a tax refund will get this big inch 429 SCJ a new home. You would pay double to replicate this engine anywhere in the states and more abroad.
  20. Maybe when this damned cold weather subsides peoples fancies turn to performance cars? Like my serious Mach1 offered at 12K a true labor of love.If you want a rare M code factory 4 gear car with VERY LOW MILES and stout looks and performance this is it!
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