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  1. Okay finally sold the mustang and could not be happier about the family that has it. Tony was very friendly and I am turning him on to the site. I hope you guys will fill his head with as much information as you for me. Thank you to everyone and wish you all the best.
  2. I have a cheese grater in my box, just waiting on the snow to melt, so I can get this going. I cannot wait to report, and I hope others continue to help my knowledge. Thanks gentlemen.
  3. There are spots I know it is too high but you can clearly see the low spot I am trying to work up in the front and back of fender, really hard to get a good hold on it. I did get me some skids or baseplates that I can use to remove all the excess from here forward. I am thinking about working it down with a 50 grit and trying to focus on the harder areas.
  4. I started to work it again only allowing it to set up a little then hitting the hard stuff with a light 60 grit scrub, I am worried that I will continue to add way to much and not take it off but you can tell the front on the drive side and back on the pass side is still low, I will try that blade method I was looking around everywhere for something that would contour easy enough, and walked passed it about 12 times. I was a little afraid to hit it with anything harder than 80 but I think it will take a lot more of course grit and re lay in order to build those up enough. I might have a soft block that will help me and I heard those flex blocks are really good but again not sure it will help with the actual curve. Note, if anyone could take a few shots of your rear fenders around the same angle I have for the front, back, and on top, that way I might beable to help form since I am working blind, bad idea but I have to work with what I got.
  5. I was not a big fan of only this section of the fender but seemed to work out better than I thought. It has come a long way, but a normal flex sand should help me. It looks like I still have a few coats to even get it where it needs to be sanded. So I am putting it on and sanding it right back off,
  6. Jeff thank you very much, may I ask what you used a flex board, hand, or? I refuse to let the car just sit with nothing done on it, even if I sale it once completed, I have worked other areas without worry, but I am going to make a video so you guys can show it as what not to do in the future. I am really thinking that maybe the way I am putting it down is not allowing it to build up where it need to maybe, who knows. There is no reason to short change the car now,
  7. Alright gentlemen it is time I stop messing around and get the back quarters finished. Now as many know I had them put on quite awhile back and now for the first time it has been sitting in my possession for almost a year, owed it for nine. I will show the pics of the weld when I had the fenders done and the work I have gotten to it today at the bottom. I have spent over four hours just looking for the proper way to sand these fenders down with the proper curve, and nothing at all, just long straight pieces which does me no good. I am using evercoat, and it is epoxy primer everything is being prepped correctly with grit and g&W remover just as Q instructed me before. I have tried many different methods to get a smooth coat over these bad boys, but for some reason I am leaving high marks or even when I start sanding I am just not doing it right. I know I have a massive challenge with making them look equal, and Q I did make the template like you said, but movers lost three boxes for my garage and they have to be in there. I know I should have left them in my car. So now I have two fenders that are being built up and you can see in the photos where the naked eye, in bad light, can see. Do I need to just suck it up with the long flexboard sanders, because I have a short block but I cannot figure out how to work it and people say it can be done but show me a video, please. I have been removing the big chunck with da on low and 80, again knock off, but then I switch to 120 to start molding or reducing the highshpots. I think I am working backwards, and Q when I typed in body work your video showed up number on front page, congrats. This is no doubt the low spot from the weld is still there in certain areas, but I know you guys on here have never let me down, and I just want to make it right. I am working on them each warm day I have, only high 40 todays so don’t think I will be putting it on their today. Maybe I need to sand harder with hand x’s rather than using anything, but again you will set me straight.
  8. Welcome from Colorado Springs, CO. Let me state that the guys one here are very informative and always willing to lend a hand, they have help plenty of us so please keep us updated and again welcome to the site.
  9. Well it is the brothers on here that helped me out. I have built plenty and when I simply jacked up my break in, I was baffled on what went wrong. The guys on here through all my crying stepped up and helped me out. I want to say I am not against a roller system but they are meant to be used with more HP not some little old beater, but some people are so stuck on the roller systems. I have one in my strip car and works like a charm, but other than that it is a waste in my eyes, no offense to anyone who has them in there cars, and some of you are rocking the big boy motors and that is correct as you know. Thanks again for everything guys I cannot tell you how much you helped, car sounds great still only 2.5 miles on her, just wish I could had sold her in 20 years, but oh well too many years not enjoying it so no hold able memories, just receipts.
  10. Motor was not a challenge until I made it one. I am a big enough person to state when I need help, had plenty of builds prior too but sometimes others can help you see your error.
  11. Thanks Ray, it is sad and my wife cannot actually believe I would still sale it after driving it, but it happens, oh well I can say that I am selling something I truly took care of. This car has not seen ice, snow, or even a road for the last 8 years, it kind of makes me sick but holding on to something I have got no enjoyment out of is silly, sure I can go out now but it just does not excite me, and that is scary. This should be compared to a survivor because I almost set it on fire,lol.
  12. Brother I thought it would but took it out twice to make sure it was ready for sunday, I have a couple guys coming over to look at it. Just trying to make sure all the small crap is taken care of. I noticed that my speedo was not working which bothers me but sure it is something small. I know it seems dumb to walk away but I am sure the next guy will enjoy it way more than I will ever. Today is the longest I have ever drove it. 2.3 miles in 9 years, not to shabby, lol.
  13. Okay most of you know the history on the car and I will be sure to drag it over from the other threads if you don't. Quick run down, wife bought in 05 from the original owner in Wichita ks. Marti report shows it was shipped right down the street from his house where he told me he bought it, so that matched. Everything when I got it was factory minus spark plugs, oil, and brakes, even got that old ugly spare,lol, I love it but ugly. Due to deployments I was only given x amount of time to complete it every year and now due to putting another brand new motor in her, it is time to walk away. All records show I have 11,382.92 in in right now, and I have it appraised at 22K. I know some would say roll it over the bridge and collect, but it is a shame to waste this car. I know there is someone on here that knows someone who would like one. Every single drivetrain component is brand new, I mean I don't have to go through all this with you someone will get on here and help me out on linking my first post explaining her.
  14. I would like to say that I put it back together ran the oil for the time and of course no issues. So I will get the hood put back on her this weekend and a for sale sign short to follow. I have a total of 11,382.92 dollars and very glad I take a slight chance of breaking even. All in all not a bad car
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