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  1. I'd go big block.I'm building a Boss 429 powered 71 Trans Am Mach1.So yes,big blocks can go round corners too.
  2. Hi, just to drive home the fact I am using the staggered shocks.Here is a pic of a 71 Penske Trans Am Javelin.
  3. I put a blown hemi in the bed of an A100 that does wheelies.I can make staggered shocks and a watts work on a Mustang to go round corners
  4. Hello again.Spring plates are done.I ''based'' them on the KK blue prints.I made them out of 1/4 inch plate.You will notice they are for the staggered shocks. None of the Trans Am cars used staggered shocks that I could find.So here we are,blazing new territory.The shock set up will make me redesign the Watts link,shouldn't be that big of an issue.The plates also include the mount for the rear sway bar which I ordered today.I found a new 5/8'' Stam Bar kit on ebay,so now I have a bar that is straight across like the KK bar so I can mount it to the back of the Watts box.
  5. The first set of brackets I made,i was damned and determined to make them bolt in using the factory holes.Try as I might,it was never going to work.Maybe with a 1 inch drop,but not 2 inch.We'll see how it dose with a big aluminum radiator with all the aluminum ducting.
  6. Hello. I've said it before 85 to 90% of welding is being comfortable and relaxed.Everything you see on the car you think is over head welded,is.Just a car on 4 jack stands. When doing over head stuff,comfort and planning the track of your welds are very important. Also don't turn down the heat.You use more heat welding overhead then you would think,you're working against gravity.You need to be able to sink the first weld to get it to stick,then follow and pay very close attention to the heat bloom as you go and adjust your speed and weld time as you go........................
  7. Hello,it only took 4 weeks to install the radiator,but at least it's done. I made the mounts using the KK blue prints for 69/70,and modified it for a 71.The radiator is a high as I could get it. The upper hold downs are about 3/8ish from the bottom of the hood,and I was able to get the outlet about 3/8ths above the drivers frame rail.I also moved the top of it as close to the support as possible.I had to bend ,tweek and shorten the upper brackets.Hinchcliffs and Topes car both used Vette radiators.I had thought about it,but decided to fight with Henry's 4 core,as thats what i assume they woul
  8. The past 2 weeks there has been 40+ inches of snow in my driveway. I would leave PA in a heartbeat if I could. What's the job situation in Oklahoma?
  9. Hi,I finally have my rear end housing and parts.So I will get started on that as soon as I finish my radiator brackets which are not winning the war anymore.But winter is mentally and physically.I absolutely hate everything about Pennsylvania.
  10. Hello everyone,I'm still waiting for my rear axle ,so I have been working on the radiator mounts.The first set was a fail,the nose drop is too radical of a modification to use the factory mounting holes with mounts that bolt in.So I will be making mounts that weld in.Anyway I found some neat pictures of Ed Hinchcliffs car in its current state,and the blue and white Mustang is the car is how it originally looked in the late 70s,enjoy........
  11. Hi,I'm sorry I forgot I posted this,Yes I still have it.Anything you'd like to know?
  12. Hello again,I hate waiting for parts.So while I am I decided to make some 1'' lower blocks like the cars ran.I used 6061,they are 5''x1.75''x1''. I also made them pretty much by hand since I do not have any access to a mill.I also install the locker in the center section.I am currently working on the spring perches and the lower spring plates.I should have my axle housing next week..........fingers crossed
  13. Hello,while I'm waiting on parts,new rear axle housing, bearings to rebuild the center section and install the locker,I finally finished the ends of the rockers. I had thought about running the wheel flares to the bottom of the rockers. A while ago I decided to build the flares just as KK would have. Just large enough to cover the top of the tire. And tall enough to have the tire go up in body without hitting anything. So I finished the rocker ends back to factory.
  14. Hi.............another quick update.I have been talking with Borgeson steering.I took apart the manual box I have and sent them pictures of the parts.To which the person confirmed that the internals are indeed Saginaw parts.The box is a Ford copy of a Saginaw 525 box.They will sell me a new worm rack assembly to convert the box to 16:1 with no modifications needed. But they are currently out of stock on them,but are right now in process of producing more and will be available in 8 to 10 weeks.
  15. Hello.I don't know if anybody here has ever seen this.I found this on the good old interweb.It's about taking Vette steering box parts and with a couple modifications you can put them into the Ford manual box for a 16:1 ratio.Which is the ratio that where in the 69/70 TA boxes.I did check out the part numbers and they are legit,actually you can by kits with all the parts in them to rebuild a Vette box.I also believe that KK would have figured this out and used it.This is the new steering box plan.
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