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  1. If you have one.I'll take it.
  2. Hi. I need a passenger side seat platform for my Mach1.I have had no luck with the aftermarket ones that look handmade.Simply they aren't right. I tried ordering a factory looking one from CJs and they sent me the handmade looking one.I returned it and they told me that's the one they carry.I also have read the factory looking ones may be taller?. I have a nice original for the drivers side but need a match for the pass side. And since I am building a TA car,the car will not have carpet.so I want it to look correct. I am totally fine with a used one,or if you have the factory repo as long as
  3. Greetings.......These are the over rider traction bar mounts for the chassis and the axle.I made them out of 1/8'' and patterned them from a Shelby team car.They tie into the chassis at the rear torque boxes,The frame rails,and into the inner rockers.The holes are for 5/8'' heims.Next will be relocating the axle bump stops to the inside of the frame rails and notching the frame for the axle mounted traction bar mount.
  4. What tail pipes?????...........................................or mufflers???
  5. I'm really glad that people like what I am doing. It's just me in a small workshop striving to put out the best possible end product.I really am trying very hard to have an end product that looks like Kar Kraft built it.That being said I have bushings.Rear sway bar bushings that you can't buy.I have a friend that is a machinist and works on turn of the century gas engines.I asked him if would like to make the bushings.So a week later I have nylon bushings for a 5/8 rear sway bar.
  6. Hello,thanks for the compliment. Yes,the car is going vintage racing. I'm building for group 6 A/P, which is lots of big block cars, Camaros,Vettes,Cobras, that sort of stuff. My car is being built as a early 70s factory Trans Am Mustang, but with a Boss 429. I do also have most of the parts to build a Boss 302 engine which could easily be swapped in for the Trans Am class. They are still limited to 305 cid.
  7. So here's the finished watts link.I have loved these cars my whole life,but in building this one I am learning more and more about just how different these cars are from the 70 and earlier cars.They pretty much just share the Mustang name and the control arms pretty much nothing else Mustang applies.When they redesigned the car that included the rear suspension also.It might not look it but it is different.The rear of the springs are mounted higher in the chassis thus lowering the rear of the car as compared to earlier Mustangs. This changes where the roll center is as compared to a 69/70 TA c
  8. Hello.Yes,the pivot shaft will mount low on the box.I just figured out where this evening.It will be 2 9/16'' from the bottom of the box to the center of the pivot.You have to find the roll center of the suspension to mount the pivot.Then transfer that measurement straight back to the box.The roll center determines the pivot point.
  9. The pivot bar gets mounted to the front of the box,facing the rear end.
  10. The Watts box is now welded to the car,6 1/2 hours later.And it's still as straight as it was before I welded in.I had to shrink back down the sides of the frame a bit after.I might leave those as is or fuss with them more.I also welded the watts brackets to the rear,Now its ready to go back in the car to locate the pivot shaft.
  11. Yes,all of the above.It's also to keep the top of the shock body from hitting the mount.Not so much increased travel as restoring some of the lost travel.Moore also used spacers in 1/4'' and 3/8''.
  12. I decided to pic a battle that I could win in one shot.So I built the front shock spacers.They are 3/4'' ,6061 and a copy of the Bud Moore spacers.I'm going to use the stock mounts for now and see how they do.If It starts to eat the bushings I have a set of the 67-70 mounts and a set of the tall Maverick mounts.The longer bolts are grade 5 carriage bolts from Tractor Supply.
  13. Hello.So here are the rest of the Watts parts minus the heim joints and bars.The bracket with the bolt is the drivers side and the longer bracket is the passenger side. The part with the holes is the propeller.On the prints it's called a wiffle.The picture with them taped to the rear is how I'm going to try my damnedest to make those parts work with the staggered shocks,by switching the sides they were designed for,which is why I didn't install the stud in the longer mt yet.So I will be experimenting on making this work.If I'm not happy with it,I will convert the the car to a standard shock se
  14. Hi again.Here's the completed Watts box,I just finished all the edges and taking the warp out of it today. By some stroke of luck it even still fits where is should. it's ready to install,so I have to prep the car and put the axle back in.It's all 1/8'' and weighs in at 25.2 lbs.The lower front side is for the staggerd shock mount.The mounting hole for the pivot bar will be put in after the box is welded to the car.Building the axle brackets and the wiffle bar(pivot) will be next,i think,maybe the traction bars,or maybe the rear sway bar mounts.
  15. Hello once again.I have some Watts progress.Building this is a slow,tedious process,because the prints are for a 69/70 and I assume would fit a 67 or 68 also.But since the rear floor is way different I have to fit all the parts to car,so there is a ton of back and forth.So here is what I have so far.This is the back plate to the Watts box.The entire assembly will be made from 1/8''.You are looking at the inside of the box. The threaded blocks are the rear sway bar mounts.I made them from 1/2'' and the bolt holes are 5/16x18.I now have it under the car so I can fit the front panel to the floor.
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