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  1. The vacuum port coming off the passenger side of the throttle plate on you Holley should go to trans modulator and the port coming off of the metering block(also on the passenger side) should go to your vacuum advance on your distributor. PCV to the back of the carb, and powerbooster to the back port on you Performer. Everything else can be removed and plugged off.
  2. - It could be the gas is boiling out of the carb when warm, it's a consideration. - Yep the Edelbrock Thunder Series carb 650CFM really woke the engine up over the Autolite 4300D I had on it. Only issue was percolation issues I didn't have with the Autolite, I installed a heat insulator under it that appeared to take care of it. I have a a ram air filter that holds in more heat so it may not be an issue if you're not using one. When I was having percolation issues it just wouldn't start and take along time to start, never had back firing. - When cold I start the car by turning the key to the on position, pump it slowly once then start it. When warm I just hold the pedal about 1/4 of the way down with no pumping...that's the way it always started best in the past. - The builder left the turkey pan off he said it didn't need it. - the distributor only has one vacuum line Here's a few pictures, maybe someone will see something out of place I'm missing. Wolv...Except if the floats were low, it wouldn't be getting enough fuel and would just fail to fire. The backfire would indicate too much fuel and excess fuel is sitting in the exhaust port. Not a big Edelbrock carb fan myself. Reminds me too much of a Carter AFB. Consistant perfomance, but not does not have the peak performance I want and you a re limited on tunning the carb to fit your engine. Plus lots of parts inside...but that's just me. I digress.. Sooooo, what do the primary butterlys look like when it's hot? I am thinking that maybe when you shut the car off, they are closing. Then when you go to start, the choke is stuck closed and it's not getting enough air. Maybe the first crank and throttle jiggle loosens it up?? I dunno, hard to see without seeing! Maybe, after it's warmed up and you shut it down, pull the air cleaner and look at the butterflys before you try and start it again. They should be open. If they are closed, it's a choke issue. Starting to get a headache!! Must.....have........beer.........stat!
  3. I put the Hella replacement lenses on mine and not only are they "hella" bright, but the look cool too. They have the flat face, so you can tell that they are not the cheap throw aways. Summit sells them for $40each. Here's the link--http://www.summitracing.com/parts/HLA-002395301/ They also offer the offroad lights if you want to really light it up. Those are not DOT approved though, too bright.
  4. (Warm engine requires cranking several times doesn't start, then starts right up on second cranking attempt) This is when you need to try the WOT(wide open throttle). If you hold your foot to the floor and crank it and it fires right up, then you know it's is being flooded. If that changes nothing, then I would move on from the carb. The one side backfire is odd. As Wolverine said after he moved the ladies in the red dresses out of the way, put his stogy on the ashtry and sipped some scotch, maybe a valve is torqued improperly and not closing all they way. Those should be no more then 22ft lbs, and you should be able to just spin the pushrod with your fingers after it's torqued down with both valves closed. Let us know, we are all interested in the solution. Although, I'm sure you are more intersted in it then us!
  5. I have always relocated my batteries to my trunk in my Mustangs. That would be years 66, 67 and 77. Didn't do it on the 72 for some reason, but I have always liked the clean engine compartment look, plus it hooks up quicker with that weight over the axle. That's alot of weight distribution taken from the very front of the car and moving it back over the rear wheel. You want to run atleast 1/0 cable, and you can run a shorty to the frame for the ground. You want to use a battery box and vent it out through the bottom of the quarter. An open battery emits gas, and that's no good sitting in your trunk. You can pick up a real nice box, or just an inexpensive, marine type, both do the same thing. Summit or Jegs have nice kits for a good price.
  6. No reading on your temp gauge is a dead give away that there is air in the system. Did you replace your radiator cap? What kind of radiator cap do you have? You might try a cap with a pressurized vent release and then when it heats up a little, carefully(with gloves) slightly lift the lever and release some pressure. Be very careful cause it wil burn you quick! Maybe even have a towel between your gloves and the cap. This will get any air out of the system, if that's the issue. Be careful!
  7. If it's been sitting for more then a year, it's for sure the carb. If your rebuild doesn't go well, slap an Holley 0-1850 on it and be done with it. It's a 600cfm, vacuum secondary 4 barrell and they bolt right on. When the time comes, they are so easy to rebuild it ain't even funny. Not very many parts and they run killer on 302's. You can pick up a rebuilt one from Clist that needs to be reubuilt for $50-75, then a rebuild kit runs you about $35-50. Just make sure that it doesn't look like it's been sitting at the bottom of the ocean, otherwise it may just be a paper weight. The cleaner the outside, the cleaner the inside, typically. A rebuilt one for $100-150 is a decent price, but unless you know the builder, you don't know how well it was built. Or you can pick up a new one for $259 from Summit and be done with it.
  8. What level do you get if you can watch the guy do it all while you drink his six pack in the shade?? :cool:
  9. aww figured being a 1971-73 owner you would be a little more open {grins} jk It's one of the deeply ingrained things...I can only compare it to being a die hard Raider fan...like when someone says 49ers, and there I go, off thinking about beer, or crankin donuts, or hamburgers....mmmmmm hamburgers. See, it even happens when I say it! hehe...Yes..wish it was my cleveland i was finishing instead:( Putting this one in a 67 camaro drag car..Other big block he building going in a nice 1970 camaro
  10. Welcome from Norcal..it's your car brother, do with it what you please! I would give a little free useless advice, if you decide to yank the motor and trans for something bigger, make sure that you keep the original powerplant set aside somewhere out of the weather. There may come a day when you want to put it back to OE.
  11. I shift just before it sounds like a piston is going to come through the hood! I like to win...:D I use my tach for setting my idle.
  12. Of course they started up again...after my car is all done! Doggers!!! Foose is the man though, he has great style and doesn't stray to far from the way the car was intended to look.
  13. Did you just say that with three chics flanking you while wearing a smoking jacket and sipping some 30 yr old scotch??
  14. The plot thickens...my experience would say you got some bad fuel and your carb ain't liking it. Does it backfire everytime(the second start like you described) or just every now and then? What kind of fuel pump, electric or manual? If electric, then you got a few things to check. The regulator would be first on my list. if you don't have one, you need one. If your running a manual pump, back to the carb. Sound's like it's dumping too much fuel in the first crank and flooding it. Then when you crank it over the second time, it sparks, starts and ignites the unburnt fuel sitting in the exhaust port. BOOOM! If your float is stuck, this would cause that scenario. You sure that it's only coming out on side?? You could try this. Before cranking, put your foot to the floor so you open the primary butterlfy's all the way. Hold your foot there and see if it fires the first time you crank it. If it does, you may want to start it like this for a while, put some good gas in it and some additive to clean the ports, change the filter and put some miles on it. If it cleans up, your ok. If it keeps backfiring, I'd stop driving it and pull the carb off, gets some Berrymans and clean out the port ands valleys, then blow it out with some compressed air. That would be my approach anyway. Hope you get it licked , good luck Jim!
  15. Very nice...Welcome aboard for the west coast!
  16. Out the back is definetly fuel. Timing would be back through the carb. Sounds like maybe the float is stuck, or maybe something dirty got in your carb and is clogging a port. What kind of carb is it?
  17. Welcome from the Wild Wild West!! Very clean looking vert!
  18. I have never been a real big car show guy myself, although I did attended a hometown one last week, it was low key though. Big ones like Good Guys, nah....I'll roll through on my way to, or from the swap meet, just to see if there are any nasty Mustangs that catch my eye. But the thing that keeps me away is the competition part of it. There are a lot of politics involved, a lot of, he has this, that one doesn't have that...Whatever??? It's a car, drive it, beat the hell out of it, enjoy it, let other people enjoy it.... it's a car, meant to be driven. When they start giving awards, I think that's a travesty. Except for maybe people's choice, that's kind of cool. Here in Cali, I get tired of seeing $140,000 muscle cars. That's a joke to me, because I know how to build a car and think that's ridiculous. But a lot of people don't, or don't have the time, but do have the money. So if some dude more fortunate then myself in the wallet, finds a car he likes and pays someone else to build it, what's the big deal? I have a problem with the builder that charges $140K and can still sleep at night, but people pay it and he makes a living here in the good ole US of A. So what's the harm? I have issue when that buyer then takes the car and puts it on a trailer, then shows it and get's all competitive with the show circuit like it's Mrs America or something... If I were king of car shows, I would abolish all trailer queens and only allow cars that are driven regardless if who built it. Shown and judged by how many miles it has on it, how well it runs, how big of a smoke show it puts on and most important, how cool the owner is..end of story! Man, now I'm all riled?????
  19. If it backfired through the carb, it would either be timing or a fuel issue. Possible blown power valve if it's a Holley wih the older style valve, without the backfire protection. If it was out the exhaust, then that means raw fuel got past the cylinder. If you did nothing different, then I'd say you have a fuel issue. If it cranks right over and doesn't role slow when you crank it, kind of a similar crank to when a starter solenoid is going out, then it's probably not timing. Maybe you got some bad fuel and it just didn't lie it. I'd change the fuel filter and add some Chevron super unleaded and maybe some Redline SI-I Injector Cleaner if you can get your hands on a bottle. If you do all that, and it does it again, I'd say you illiminated fuel.
  20. Yah, I hear you. I have gotten the" I had one just like that, is it a 69???? A few times? I just kinda smile and say, "no, it's a 72." But I'm thinking, how could you have had one just like it and think it's a 69? So I started looking for the old school Ford license plate frames. The ones that say 1972 FORD MUSTANG. I couldn't find them anywhere so I called Sacramento Mustang and asked if they had them? He said they were discontinued and didn't have any, but then told me to hold on and went and double checked for me. They had two left, 9.99 each! So they sent those out, got them next day and was all stoked to put them on before the show, when I noticed that the mounting flanges were only on the top! So I had to drill a couple holes through the bottom of the frame to get it to mount. Maybe that's why they are discontinued?? I like it, but the writing part is pretty large and crowds the letters on the plate. But, it says 72, and people don't have to ask anymore..Will do for now!
  21. Thanks.. love the six nine with the Halibrands. One of my all time favorite cars with fav wheels. Very nice!
  22. Thought the car was all good, but then the night before I was looking at the front bumper and couldn't take the front bumper sticking out so far anymore. I had already adjusted it as far in as it would go. So, I pulled the bumper off, then then mounting brackets to the frame and then cut the adjustment slots a little deeper. Put it back on and got the front bumper nice and snug. Got to bed about 11, then up at 7 to wash it and head to the show. Small show all cars about 20 Mustangs, one 71 Converible, affew 65's and 66's, then a bunch of newer Shelby's. Cool to see so many people gathering around the car I built, appreciating and taking pictures. Just kinda watched from a far. It was cool.
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