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  1. I have a 1973 Mach 1 w/429 and C6. Hands down, the big cars look best in tuxedo Black with peweter accents. I left the front and rear spoiler black as well. Just the hockey stick stripe, no peweter on the lower half. A slight rake with tire stagger on 15x8 Maginums, clean and simple. More awards than you can believe, it's almost embarassing...
  2. For those of you on the left coast, in particular So. Cal...There are three worth while shows to see/attend. The first is this week end at the Queen Mary in Long Beach put on by the Orange County Mustang Club. Meet and greet Saturday night with show Sunday 9/19. Mustang show with approx 350 cars. Only two cars in the 71-73 class. The second is the Crusin 4 a Cure (prostate) show Sat 9/24 at the Orange Co fair grounds, approx 2500 cars all makes. Third but not last a Mustang show in San Diego (10/03) on the Bay put on by the SDMC. Usually 300 Mustangs, beautiful setting in a park, on the
  3. _________________________________________________________ Thanks to all for the sentiments. I need to reduce the size of some photo's as the ones I have are too large for the site...I'm workin on it... Ron
  4. Regarding MM... I read some months back where M&M had merged with one of their sister magazines. I knew something was up as I wasn't receiving one of their magazine and wondered what happened. The editor wrote an article stating they had heard their subscribers making the same point that's been made here; The readership wanted more articles on the Classics. I believe if we did some research, we've seen more articles on 71-73's than in years past...could it be more, you bet. Most of the articles are more pictorial than technical. I believe our big cars are making a resurgence in t
  5. Greetings one and all... Thanks to the assistance of Rocket, I was finally able to register and have access to your site, glad to do so and participate in the fun. I own several Mustangs but my pride and joy is a black (formly peweter) 1973 Mach 1 with a 429cj and C6 (the 429cj came from a 71 Ranchero). I've owned the car for 17 years just finishing it in 2005. Well, we all know they're never finished. The car was bought new at Coberly Ford by the original owner and driven back to Taft CA, just 35 miles west of Bakersfield CA. It's an original Q code which was replaced by a subseque
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