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  1. - you are right about the price... - it can friendly - NOT satisfied about this family/web site... MOVE Price Posted Thank you! Brad
  2. SOLD 1971 H code Mustang for sale, in Dallas, TX. Car was originally sold in Dallas TX. Very original car. About the only thing not obviously correct are the front seat covers, which are vermillion without the black contrast...which they should have, but I left them in because they are brand new as to condition. Bright Red, Vermillion Interior. Paint is very nice. Mach 1 decals placed a bit higher from the stainless trim than they should be, but that is minor. Matching 351 2v and FMX transmission. NO rust, anywhere. PS, Front PD brakes, A/C (not working, has original compressor, worked re
  3. Spike- Thanks for your comments. I have left the intake and carb alone for now.....I do have a good dual exhaust, that flows just fine and is not loud at all. Your suggestion (and that of some others) as to possibly going a little shorter on the gears would make more difference than almost anything. It is for sure the most bang for the buck. You can feel every incremental change. Since I am 3.00 now, I might just go to 3.25. I have ran 3.50's before also. Not a bad choice for the way this car is used, which in reality, is not very much!! In any event, to use more fuel, it needs to
  4. Thanks Geoff. I am curious about one thing: Would the AM radio only strong enough to run a pair of rear speakers? If so, I could always try to connect my AM unit to the door speakers, instead of just the dash speaker, as an experiment. I would certainly not try all three together, and I would need to see if the door speakers were of the correct resistance for the older style radio. Thanks! Brad
  5. David- Thanks so much. I would still consider a correct AM FM unit, as my car has correct style speakers and grills installed in the doors. And the wiring is intact. Car was originally AM, so those were added by the previous owner. I have learned that our AM only cars had a dash speaker only (like mine in High School) and my dash speaker still works just fine. When I pulled out the modern head unit, the pigtail for the dash speaker was hanging there ready to be used again thankfully. The modern unit was only hooked to the front door speakers. Thankfully none were added in back. The
  6. Thanks Geoff. After looking at my bracket, and then yours, it appears as if yours is correct for the AM application.....and mine is probably for the AM / FM unit. Isn't it odd that the AM unit is larger? Must be because it was used in lots of applications.....and quite possibly as the AM /FM units were no doubt a newer design and possibly more compact as a result. I worry not about the ground as the unit is working perfectly. I may add a hidden adapter to use for FM, or auxiliary input. Even found on that is battery operated on Ebay with no connections necessary, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fm
  7. After having installed my original style antenna, I installed my Ebay acquired original AM radio went very smoothly with help from our site! This thread was EXTREMELY helpful! https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-stock-radio-install-question?highlight=radio+install My radio was purchased on Ebay, http://www.ebay.com/itm/322565019624 Works perfectly, all good. The only problem I encountered in the install, was with the bracket, pictured below. I also purchased it on Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1973-Mustang-Mach1-Cougar-AM-FM-radio-support-bracket-71-72-73-Torino-Ford/272840304769?ssPageNa
  8. Markus- Congratulations and enjoy! Have fun with your car. I love it when our German friends, (and their are many!) enjoy Mustangs! You might get a kick out of this video also! Best, Brad
  9. Jeff- Agreed! I have never seen a factory 1971 or 1972 with a fixed mast! Thanks, Brad
  10. Earlier, factory antenna equipped cars did not have a fixed one piece antenna mast....they came out LATER i.e. 1973. So early, or late, for 1971, you need a telescoping unit. Sorry about that! The good news is that solid, high quality replacements are available, and if you wish, you can leave your existing antenna cover and gasket if you want more of a vintage look. And the full installation is easy now that you can learn the whole process here!
  11. I am not the original owner Mark, but this car is a LOT more original than most. Antenna was original to the car, (ford markings on the cable, etc.) I believe, just not the mast. It had a "stub" of the original where it was broken close to the base. A replacement mast was placed over the stub and was then secured by set screws. It was built in December of 1970. I had a 1972 Mach 1 back in 1975, and it had a whip style antenna, common and correct for 1973's. Most likely it had been replaced before I bought the car in 1975, but it sure was original, clean and correct car. The previously owne
  12. I have heard VERY good things about these guys....will be installing their compressor soon. https://originalair.com/ford-air-conditioning-parts#/specFilters=5!#-!1350!-#!6!#-!1374!-#!7m!#-!1433 Good Luck!
  13. Here is a pic of where the antenna goes through and you can also see the clip right below. So the little white plastic clip in this photo is broken off, right?....that helps a lot! I might be able to snap it in with the door open. I will try, anyway! thanks again. Epilogue: The plastic clip in the photo above is not broken. It is correct. There are two metal sleeves on the factory antenna cable that are installed by Ford prior to the cable ends being secured to the antenna and the male end which goes into the radio. The Male plastic fastener which is shown here in t
  14. Thanks BKdunha!! I will give it a try and post my findings! Best, Brad Here is a pic of where the antenna goes through and you can also see the clip right below. So the little white plastic clip in this photo is broken off, right?....that helps a lot! I might be able to snap it in with the door open. I will try, anyway! thanks again.
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