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  1. After 50 years it could be a million things causing the height to be slightly different side to side…..if you get it close, like 1/2” (your number may be different)or so or less no one will know save for yourself :) Some say that after 50 years the torque that is applied from one side of the car vs another will cause the chassis or other suspension related parts to take “a set” or bend a bit……so it can and could be a myriad of things. Agreed that air shocks are really a last resort as they really throw something of a wrench 🔧 into the works as to how your springs actually do their job. My rear springs came from EATON. The front springs were on back order for months….so I went with some 600 pound springs from Scott Drake which have worked wonderfully on a bunch of cars for me (springs for this year model but NOT as specific as they would have been via Eaton to be sure:)) I will post pics when completed. Also my front springs needed new perches which I replaced. Best, Brad
  2. T This is exactly that: an AMK concours Starter Solenoid, NIB, I had lying around from a 65' build. Your reply is EXACTLY the perfect explanation. NEVER dreamed that could happen. Now it makes sense. Car kind of acts like it cooked either my ignition switch, or the battery is just that gone. I will attempt to charge the battery, and replace the solenoid, AGAIN, tomorrow. Thank you so much for the help!
  3. Well, took the old Mach 1 out for a late night spin and, well, not good. Car died while approaching an intersection. Kind of like all at once. Felt electrical in nature. Engine would NOT turn over. Dead. Headlights on. Interior lights on. After a tow (never fun) I got her home. I had a new quality Solenoid, which I had been meaning to install, and just did so. I didn't think that would fix it, but it needed doing. Voltage regulator is waiting for me at parts shop. That is next. Car does not turn over...just click click click. Battery is a Duralast from 5/18. Interior lights are bright. Just took my battery tester / charger to another place, so I placed a slow charger on it just to make sure it is at full charge. Battery terminals exceptionally clean. Now after charging, plenty of juice at starter....it started right up, but starter continued running after i returned the key to the off position, along with the engine. I can't believe i didn't install the Solenoid EXACTLY as before, so I will check again. Any suggestions much appreciated! I will be updating the terrible looking battery cables and alternator harness soon! I just want to get running in the interim.... Brad
  4. Thanks Tim. I now see that the diameter of the hole in the Shock tower cap is less than the 1.25" OD of the bushings, so I will remove them as you describe to get both upper bushings installed for each side for the front shocks. Thanks again, Brad
  5. Thank you again for the link, as my auto parts stores, being autozone who said they could order them, but O'Reilly's said they did not have them were no help. I will pick them up at Summit tomorrow. Great price. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH FOR THE LINK TO THE RIGHT PRODUCT AT THE RIGHT PRICE! Any tips on how to install these anybody?? Do I have to pull the shock tower caps? Best, Brad
  6. I need them for a fastback.....I bought a pair on eBay but let me know if you have them and if so how much. Thanks so much! I would much prefer to buy from you again. Best, Brad
  7. thanks for the repsonse, the suggestion and the link. I am glad these are black. If my new shocks are delayed these are cheap enough to use as a stop gap until the new ones arrive. Best, Brad
  8. it is not at all urgent...i was curious as to price, and shipping, but mine really doesn't look that bad. the holes won't get wet as it is always garaged, and I will repair it when i do other body work...but i thought it might be a good option as you suggested. Best, Brad
  9. Thanks David...I sent you a note as to the Deck lid also! I alway liked the 14" forged aluminum wheels which were available on the 73's!
  10. I have new shocks and springs on the way.....I have been trying to defeat some rattles, which are too numerous today. I think I found another. The Rubber isolators on the front shocks have decayed and the driver's side does not actually seem to be supported at this point! When I push on the fender, I can see the shock is no longer secured to set shock tower cap. I guess the rubber cracks out, and the diameter reduces to the point that it simply passes up and down through the hole in the shock tower cap. Just curious, are the rubber bushings / shock hardware available without shocks by any vendors? I am glad those springs and shocks are on the way....Some shocks do not seem to have rubber nearly so large as were these originally....After looking at this some more, I think I much prefer the way Shocks on 65-70' Mustangs attach at the top. Seems much more secure? Thanks!
  11. Like any little job, it would be easier the second time! But not much to it. Was lucky Motor City Mustang had the pieces I needed! Little by Little, My High School Mach 1 is coming along! Brad
  12. Thanks for the tip! I will try that next time on similar situations. Best, Brad
  13. Thanks Geoff, you are of course correct. It is not an original Mach 1 lid. Script was dead giveaway.
  14. I took your advice, thank you!, and pried the Mustang script emblem off with a plastic putty knife, carefully, as I did not have a trim removal tool. While I do have three little holes, I think I will patch temporarily with grey silicone and address when more body work is done a bit later. Thanks for the tip! Brad
  15. WTB: The above Passenger A pillar interior Trim Piece, and Passenger side rear quarter window interior trim piece. A picture of the latter is attached below: Thanks for your help! Brad
  16. Motorcity Mustang fixed me up on the trim pieces! Shipped promptly, packed carefully, perfect fit! Thanks Mike! Brad
  17. David- I am in Dallas, TX 75209. How much for the deckled and for the shipping in total? Thanks! Brad
  18. Thanks. Your observation as to painting difficulty is correct, and I hate metallic paint for that reason especially! But I have also removed the trunk mounted spoiler (not for me now, but it was in high school when I added it in 1976!) so I will have to probably re-paint the whole deck lid.
  19. On my newly reacquired car from High School, it appears as if I have a Mustang script logo on the right side of the trunk lid which is not correct for Mach 1 cars. (or at least I do not think it is correct). It appears to be plastic and is held in place by retainers on the back of the posts that protrude through the deck lid itself. Said rentainers are VERY difficult to access though....Any tips for removing this emblem? Many Thanks! Brad
  20. Geoff- I had the urethane set, but your advice mirrors that of Eaton Detroit Springs....I could make it too harsh, and squeaks, well, I can do without those also. I had the poly stuff in the garage from another car or some such, as I don't ever remember buying them....but best to stick with rubber as you say. Thanks! Brad
  21. Geoff- I always order new Shackles when I buy springs from Eaton. Stock ride will be fine, thanks. I don't want much space above the tire to show, which is why I went as tall as I easily could with my tires. I COULD gain a bit of stance by going to 215/70-15's but that would necessitate a wheel change from my 14" magnums. I am dying to look over and try out some 15" magnum Legendary Wheel reproductions that are aluminum. I am a bit over zealous as to less weight, but it gives me something to think about :) Being an H code, I do not think my shocks are staggered. I think? it took at least an M level engine code, or CJ in 1972, to get those staggered shocks. I have a bunch of urethane / nylon bushings in a 1973 kit left over from another car (either an M code or a 429 car can't remember which). I am a big fan of Moog's quality. I may buy the QA1's that are featured by Eaton.....we will see. I DID watch the video. While I have bought piles of springs from Eaton, they are even better than I thought, and I DEFINITELY learned a bit more. Like you, I learn something new every day, because I unfortunately make mistakes every day.! :) Maybe this time I will get the lesson first and the lesson afterwards. It is usually the reverse unfortunately! :) Best, Brad
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