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    73 mustang grande with a 351 cleveland engine


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  1. the reason im asking is cause i don't know if my grandfather chopped up the wiring harness to the 351 to fit his other engine
  2. I swapped out my 302 for a 351 ceveland would the 302 wiring harness work with the 351. Or do i need to use a 351 wiring harness.
  3. kmichaud


    you might want to check the cowlings to. those are common for rusting and its nice to have another member
  4. its my first time posting pics on the forum Fine job keep posting them I haven't worked on it in a couple of months
  5. its my first time posting pics on the forum
  6. No i didn't get it all out there is still some in the engine brace
  7. front end of the car the old 302 some of the concrete rear end gears
  8. Welcome hope to see pictures of your car threw the stages of get it restored or what ever your going to do to it
  9. Tell him to have his guys come with him so he see what they say about it. But i wouldn't let him let him take it 65+ miles. he could crash the car. If he REALLY wants the car he can make the trip with his people.
  10. That oughta do it ;) I don't want to brake it. i just want to take it out and fix it
  11. Thanks i didn't know it was that BIG of a job just to get the heater box out
  12. I have a 73 grande and i want to remove the heater box. But i don't know how to. So can you guys point me to a website, video or just tell me how to remove it
  13. where would i get a mardi report. Just got it running today after a carb rebuild so its running not to good but I think just needs a to be calibrated any idea where i can find some good info on how to do that. If you go to were it says search and type in how to calibrate a carb. Or you can type in how to calibrate a carb and find how to do it if you can't find it on here. but your probably going to want a video so it shows you what to do
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