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    1972 Mustang Coupe Hard Top w/ 69,000 original miles.
    Bright Red w/ Black Interior
    Standard 6 cylinder 250 CI 1V
    3 speed Manual Tranny
    This Mustang has been in my family since my dad purchased it for my Mom in 72 form the local Ford dealership in Ft Collins, CO. My dad had it painted once (same as original) and had the dash pad replaced. other then that it is all original. I am in a quandry as to whether I want to keep it original or upgrade the engine and tranny. Just don't know yet. A nice powerful Mustang sounds really tempting.


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    Temecula, CA
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  1. Well, I hate to sell the Mustang but I gave it to my son a while back and he has been driving it some (but not as a daily driver) keeping it up and in good shape and in a garage under a car cover. Now he wants to sell it, so I told him I'd put it up here. It has been in the family since my dad bought it in 1972 new. It has the original inline 6 with original 3 speed manual. The interior is all original except for the dash-pad (the interior is in immaculate shape). It has had one re-spray on the paint (bright red). It runs great. He's asking $13,000. Please PM me for more info or if you wish to make an offer. We live in the Temecula, CA area (SoCal). I hate to see it go, but it's his car and he's going to use the proceeds to help with school. Oh yeah... It has 71,700 original miles on it. SOLD
  2. Welcome from Southern California. I used to live in Maputo, but I did all of my vacations in SA.
  3. Welcome from Temecula. I also have an inline 6 in my 72 Coupe. It has been in the family since 72. There is a web site called classic inlines and it specializes in the ford inlines. There is a ton of great info on that site if you have not seen it. Once again welcome.
  4. I saw this commercial while I was in a Diner while down in San Diego last week. It was oon one of the may finance channels. Damn near fell out of my seat.
  5. I am up in Temecula area, what is cruising grand?
  6. Welcome, and that is a nice look ride!
  7. My 72 Coupe has factory retractable seat belts that came with it when my dad puchased it in 72.
  8. Less than four hours away. I am definately up for it.
  9. I need to check this more often, I would have been there. Sounds like a great time.
  10. Ah! Perth/Fremantle, Good People, Good Times!
  11. Welcome from Southern Califonia!
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