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    1972 Mustang Convertible slightly modified 351 Cleveland, White body Black roof, Ginger interior. magnum 500's


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    Fraser Valley BC Canada
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  1. 72 Rear need to have holes drilled I have a set of on my car and have a set of NOS in the Ford Box with a mounting diagram that shows where to drill the holes, Front are clipped.
  2. Get The MR Gasket Spring Kit 925D change them in to get mechanical advance in earlier.
  3. I busy with life and honestly forgot LOL lost my hard drive and all my shortcuts 2 times LOL
  4. us white ragtop men need to stick together
  5. been awhile but I'm back missed a lot will need to catch up but good to be back
  6. Hey guys been awhile but in back good reading as always. keep em coming. :D
  7. 600 to 700 to install your stuff at $75(high end of the scale) that's 9 hours for 2 seats, come on an experienced guy should do it at 2 hours a seat max that would be $300 labor.
  8. Welcome from up the valley in Chilliwack
  9. I had a 1972 convertible with Blue Comfortweave and standard door panels with power windows once
  10. just scuff it with scotch brite and wipe it with wax & greaser remover, read the can for when to recoat instruction.
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